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Watch TV Online How Technologies Challenges Cable Bills

Watch TV Online How Technologies Challenges Cable Bills

Who would have imagined we would be able to watch TV online? Or better yet, stream movies online for free without downloading? Many of us know the feeling of ducking out of the sharp sunlight of a bright October day and into the warm, mahogany colors, enlivening aroma of roasted coffee beans, and the clacking and clanking cacophony of the dishes and tools in the back of a bustling coffee shop.


These often cozy and relaxing spaces are an unremarkable sight in the modern world, and it is also unremarkable to see many people wearing headphones, gathered up in a chairs alternately sipping a steaming beverage and tapping the keys of a laptop. This modern anomaly, wireless internet, has indeed changed the global landscape. Indeed, since the onset of mass internet connectivity, the global landscape of entertainment has experienced dramatic changes.

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Online Media Offers More Options

It is no secret that the presence of online media providers have led to a general decline in the consumption of cable television programming in areas where the internet is easily accessible. This pattern is especially evident when we look at specific case studies.

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For example, the rise of Netflix has no doubt led to a decline in cable television subscriptions. According to the National Cable & Telecommunications Association, a one time there were 42.3 million subscribers to Netflix, compared with 26 million subscribers to DIRECTV, and 22.3 million for Comcast (Industry Data). Of course, the reasons for this pattern are obvious. Netflix offers a tremendously extensive television and movie library collection win constant circulation, and with a monthly subscription costing almost half that of a matinee movie theatre ticket. Moreover, considering the time, energy, and money spent on driving to the closest movie theatre cannot compete with Netflix, which is accessible anywhere with an internet connection, and this makes online media the logical choice.

stream movies online for free without downloading
Fire your cable guy, toss the remote and go Internet!

What’s more, perhaps there is not better example of a successful online media provider than internet juggernaut, YouTube. With over one billion users, according to the corporation’s website, which it also reports as almost one third of the world’s internet user population, it is clearly evident that YouTube may very well have also contributed to a pervasive and global decline of cable television subscriptions (Statistics).

The combination of accessibility, affordability, quality, and dependability that the company offers has fosters its exponential success. This organization appeals to individuals as well as various social, economic, and political organizations. For better of worse, YouTube has an enormous and loyal consumer base that encircles the globe, this giant online content provider far surpasses the number of users compared with the twentieth century’s cable television. Additionally, this pattern has even led to the development of media created solely for online consumption, also known as webisodes.

This third example of television shows created solely for internet users, or webisodes, have no doubt also contributed to a general departure from the previous century’s main entertainment technology. One obvious example which comes to mind is the success of the hit web series in recent years, “Funny or Die.” This online media studio organization has made a fierce competitor for cable-based comedy networks by offering the same combination of accessibility, affordability, quality, and dependability. Indeed, according this organization’s official website, one of the most popular videos has received more than 82 million views.


Streaming Service

Many emerging streaming providers are gaining steam among a new generation of web browsers. One such example goes by the name FilmOn TVFounded by Alki David, this internet -based platform was created in 2006 for free streaming content, as well as on demand videos. Additionally, the site includes premium programming. Members are also encouraged to create their own social channels to reach an audience in their niches.



And then there’s Viki TV, most known for content catering to Korean programming, as well as drama from, China, Japan, Taiwan and Thailand. And best of all, the site features English subtitles for an international audience.

Viki TV



For all of these reasons, it is clear that the internet is the future of entertainment technology. And with this in mind, the question becomes how to succeed on a global online media platform. In order to answer this question, we can look to these same case studies to find out what has led their success. Netflix, for instance, succeeds in part because of its affordability, accessibility, wide selection of films, dependability, and speed. YouTube has the same fundamental strengths obtained from the integration of creative advertising, and even “Funny or Die” has followed suit. An enterprising online video producer will take notes on this approach and make sure to maximize foundational concepts of accessibility, dependability, speed, and so on. In this way, online media producers can maximize their consumer base.

Furthermore, there are numerous resources available to potential content providers. For instance, there are many online and printed publications which elaborate business and economic marketing techniques. In this way, the landscape of online media production is a rapidly growing and promising frontier.




Watch TV Online How Technologies Challenges Cable Bills
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Watch TV Online How Technologies Challenges Cable Bills
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