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The Popularity of YouTube in India

The Popularity of YouTube in India


The popularity of YouTube in India

The most popular YouTube videos in India get hundreds of thousands of views every week, attesting to the popularity of the video sharing service in India. Like in the Hollywood-dominated West the popular YouTube videos in India are the latest trailers of new Bollywood releases or the hottest songs from Indian rock stars or musicians.

Tamil actor/singer Dhanush’s “Why this Kolaveri” was perhaps one of the most popular YouTube videos in India and had an impact similar to the one created by the incredibly famous and record breaking YouTube sensation, Gangnam Style by South Korean pop start PSY.

Browsing through YouTube, along with Facebook, is what a majority of Indians do on their mobile phones. India is the fastest growing smartphone market in the world, and most Indian buyers use their ultra-cheap smartphones to watch videos on YouTube.

The Importance of Mobile

Indeed, mobile is the most important part of YouTube’s India strategy, as the company owned by Google focuses on non-PC devices in countries with relatively lower PC and internet penetration such as India. Worldwide, mobile accounts for 25% of YouTube’s daily views, 1 billion in all, and this percentage is much higher in lower income countries such as India, or for that matter, in Africa.

Udemy- Online Courses

India is one of YouTube’s top five markets in the world and hence quite significant. YouTube’s primary focus is to keep growing alongside, as the penetration of smartphones, internet and “smart” DTH television grows in India. The primary focus, as discussed earlier, is on mobile penetration. YouTube plans to take advantage of the rising popularity of YouTube videos in India by integrating YouTube videos with direct-to-home (DTH) television subscriptions provided by Indian companies such as with Airtel, Tata Sky and Dish TV.

Not Just A Bollywood Thing

While the most popular YouTube videos in India have related to Bollywood, it is not necessarily the case that all top content providers in India for YouTube have links to movies to India’s “City of Dreams”.

Harsh Agrawal, of ShoutMeLoud, offers SEO lesson:

There are a plenty of content providers for YouTube in the country who have done remarkably well with their educational videos – such as, “how to change your hard drive”, product review videos – “New Google Nexus 6 Review” or “iPhone 6 Review” or some thrilling videos such as the video of stuntmen in Mumbai performing dangerous acrobatics on a moving train, which became viral, and eventually created a huge political storm, leading to stricter monitoring of Indian trains.

Point is, there is a great hunger in India for new and original videos, interesting videos, and they may have nothing whatsoever to do with Bollywood.

Video Tutorial in Hindi:

YouTube Popularity For Politics

Even politicians in India have taken to YouTube in a big way for their campaigning, none more so than India’s popular prime minister, Narendra Modi. Mr. Modi made YouTube and other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook the corner stones of his campaigning in the recently concluded election, which he won by a landslide victory. Mr. Modi has been a pioneer in Indian politics and very good with technology – which makes him very popular among India’s young voters. Any YouTube video of the new Indian prime minister’s speeches, was likely to get hundreds of thousands of views. Indeed, fans of the Indian prime minister have a dedicated YouTube channel where his speeches were broadcasted. Hence, it’s not outlandish to suggest that YouTube could claim a small but significant role in Mr. Modi being the prime minister of India today!

YouTube-India Partnerships

Some of the most popular YouTube videos in India have been partnerships. YouTube has had highly successful partnerships with content creators such as the India Comedy Week a few years back, during which over 400 hours of comedy content were hosted by YouTube that featured originals and some all-time favorite TV comedy shows such as Mamman Bhai, Dilli Ki Billi and Shit People Say.

YouTube’s Diverse Language Options

Another important thing done by YouTube is not to cater to India’s most popular languages – Hindi and English – alone. YouTube has made a concerted effort to target speakers of other major Indian languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada, Bengali, Malyalam, Gujarati, Punjabi as well as various dialects of Hindi such as Bhojpuri and Rajasthani.

Moving Forward

While doing business in India, YouTube has been smarter than many other multinational companies. The big reason for YouTube’s great success in India is how well the US based company has “Indianized” itself and adapted to Indian tastes and sensibilities. And the best part is that, we have seen nothing yet – YouTube will only get stronger and more popular in India over the next few years.

10 Top Day Trading Tips

10 Top Day Trading Tips

Day Trading Tips


If you’re looking for some day trading tips, we’ve come up with some great ideas. While it has it’s fair share of risks, there’s certainly a lot of potential.

Day trading has become more popular as a way to make money by stock trading, especially after Timothy Sykes’ story hit the media.  Many people got the idea that trading was an easy way to make money working at home in their pajamas.

This idea turned out to be a misconception.  Day trading takes a little time to learn, and it can be lucrative from where ever you’re located, but you need to learn the basics before you start.

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The first lesson is to understand that investment trading comes with risks and it’s important that you do your homework before committing.

First, What is Day Trading?

Day trading is the process of buying and selling securities, or a financial instrument, during the same day or more than once over the course of a day.   Because many brokerages have moved to online trading, you can conduct your business from your location.

Basically, a person involved in day trading is looking to make money by taking advantage of little price movements in individual assets (stocks) or indexes.  Day traders look for three different things in a stock: volatility, liquidity, and trading volume.  To explain these terms:

  • Volatility is the measure of expected daily price ranges, such as stocks from a corporation that experiences a higher rate of variance in its cash flow.  These situations can be capitalized on by a day trader.  The higher the volatility can mean higher profits or greater losses.
  • Liquidity in the financial market refers to the ease and price in which a security can be obtained.  Liquidity allows for easy entrance and exit from a stock at a good price.  The more liquid a stock is, the more easily it is for day trading.  Liquid stocks also tend to be cheaper than other stocks.  Stocks from a higher market capitalization corporation are generally more liquid because it’s easier to locate buyers and sellers.
  • Trading volume is an excellent indicator to a day trader to the stock’s volatility and liquidity because of the volume.  The volume is how many times the stock is bought sold within a particular period of time, which is usually averaged daily.  The more volume reflects the interest in a particular stock, but it does not indicate if that interest is positive or negative.  Often, when the trade volume increases it is indicative of price movements that are going to transpire.  One tool day traders use is the Trade Volume Index (TVI) to help decide whether to buy a stock or not because of the amount of money flow into and out of an asset.

Timothy Sykes

In 1999, Timothy Sykes seemed to be like most high school students, but he soon became famous with a story that impacted the world of day trading.  Sykes saved his gift money over the years and it to start day trading penny stocks.

His investment was approximately $12,500, and it earned him about $1.65 million by his 21st birthday.  He’s now part of the social trading platform Profit.ly, and regularly post live feeds to site members from a personal.

Many thought if a young person could do this without being an expert, then it must not be that complicated.  This is partially true, but Sykes spent hours studying before he started.

10 Day Trading Tips

To get you on your way day trading, here are some basic rules and tips:

1) While you’re learning, take advantage of free resources like Youtube videos and blog posts.  When you feel ready, set up a practice account online (some websites allow you to do this) and test a few trades.

2) Have an enter price, exit price, and an escape price.  Before you press the button to finalize the deal, you need to know when to get in, when to get out, and a strategy to get out if things are not going as expected.

3) Always set your price targets before you do it and stick with your decisions.  It will help you keep from being overly greedy if the price spikes and limit any losses.

4 ) When the market opens, avoid trading within the first 15 minutes, especially if you are a newbie to day trading.  Those 15 minutes of action are full of market orders placed the night before and panic trades.  It pays to wait until you’re able to see a rewarding opportunity.

5) To find an entry point, look for situations where supply and demand are drastically imbalanced.  If a supply is nearly gone and there are still buyers, then the price will go up, and if there is a surplus of supply and no buyers, the price will go down.

6) An important lesson is to set a proper risk-reward ratio.  At least 3:1 will allow you to win big and lose small and can help you come out ahead if you experience losses on several trades.

7) Be patient and don’t make a trade because you feel like you need to “just do something.”  Make your trade plan and trade according to your plan.  It takes discipline, and impulsive decisions can become your worst enemy if you’re working alone.

Timothy Sykes was mentioned in a previous blog post as a successful penny stock trader from the social trading site Profit.ly. Click image to read more.

8) Don’t risk too much capital on one trade and only trade with money you can afford to lose.  Budget your day trading and don’t exceed it thinking you are missing an unseen opportunity.

9) Don’t limit yourself to day trading stocks.  There are three other asset classes to keep in mind: forex, futures, and options.  Any of these can present an appealing opportunity.

10) As you go, you’ll learn from your experiences and as you’re learning don’t second guess yourself or your set rules established for getting in and out.  Every day trader losses at times, so don’t be too rough on yourself when things don’t go as planned.

day trading tip 3
Day trading comes with its fair share of risks. Be sure to exercise discipline, patience, practice and smart study habits.

Pros of Day Trading

The biggest pro of day trading is that you can earn some serious money if you can afford to take the risk.  As you learn the inner workings of the marketplace and create your enter and exit plans, you can increase the returns on your money. If you enjoy cliffhanger moments, you can enjoy them regularly.  If day trading becomes your job, then you can gain freedom from punching a clock.  You can set your schedule, work from anywhere, and earn an unlimited amount of income versus a salary.

Cons of Day Trading

Day trading carries a high risk because there are no guarantees that you will make any money and you can lose the money you have.  There is some expense involved outside of having a current computer, and you may need to purchase software to help spot price variations and access financial information.

You will need some capital to get started, and the money could be lost.  Day trading can be stressful and time-consuming, especially when you begin, so pace yourself.

10 day trading tips
Timothy Sykes, a popular day trader, is an active member of Profit.ly. Click image to view website.


The Final Verdict

Day trading is risky, but it can also be rewarding.  As a beginner, spend the time to learn the ins and outs of trading and spend time watching the marketplace.  Initially, you may want to get a mentor to help you.  You will learn from a seasoned person that will help you avoid pitfalls and will help reinforce what you have learned.

The Emergence of the Social Trader

The Emergence of the Social Trader

Social Trader


A lot of the previous blog posts have dealt with investing and how technology and the internet have made things easier for the common woman and man. So it’s no surprise to introduce another concept: The Social Trader.

Social trading is a practice online investors employ to make financial decisions, in which they utilize user-generated financial content from sites such as Profit.ly and Etoro.com. Sites like these help the social trader to analyze financial data by supplying a common ground for copying and comparing trades, strategies, and techniques. Before social trading was possible, copy traders and investors had to rely solely on technical analysis to make investment decisions.  Today’s social trading investors are able to trade data-feeds of social indicators online with other traders.

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Social or copy trading allows online trading with the assistance of others. Many social traders claim that this ability greatly shortens the time necessary to move from being a novice to becoming an experienced Forex (Foreign Exchange Market) trader. All foreign currencies are traded in this over-the-counter market, which is the most liquid and biggest world market today. Social traders can watch others take trades, interact with other traders, and then copy, or duplicate, the most successful trades, and in the process learn why top performers choose the trades they do. By using copy trades, a new trader can learn what strategies work or what strategies don’t work.


What are some of the key features of social trading?

Transparency – By using trading platforms like InvestFeed or eToro, a social trader can find out the performance statistics of other traders, past and present positions, plus current market sentiment, which allows members all the information they need in order to appraise the site contributor’s credibility

Monetization -The ability to convert an object or asset into legal tender or money. It is possible for copy traders to learn a great variety of data about other users which will benefit them in the long run.

Cooperative trading – Through these online sites newer traders have the chance to work cooperatively in trading teams, pool funds, share information, and divide research up collaboratively.

Information flow – Social traders can benefit greatly by studying information exchanges that flow freely between financial investors. Freely exchanged information is valuable to individual investors.

How does copy trading compare to social trading?

Copy trading capabilities are available with assorted financial trading operators as one part of a bigger social trading platform. Copy trading permits financial market traders to automatically copy any positions that are managed or opened by a particular investor inside the social trading network. A portion of the funds of a copy trader is linked to a copied investor’s account. This means that all trades initiated by the investor being copied, like opening or closing positions, or assigning Take Profit and Stop Loss orders, will then be executed in the account of the copying trader, depending upon the allotted trading funds of the copier and the proportion of the investor’s account that is being copied. Copy traders usually have the right to disconnect from any copied trades and begin to manage these trades themselves.


A study of copy trades in 2012 demonstrated that traders who did copy trades on eToro with a “suggested investor” were 6 to 10% more successful than manual traders, and four percent more successful than copy traders of random investors. Research is on-going to fine tune a trader’s capacity to benefit sustainably from copy trading.

Social trading has become increasingly popular. Here is a listing of the most popular social trading networks available today:

  • eToro – This site is a social trading network as well as a broker and focuses on novice investors. New investors like this site’s simple mobile friendly interface A review of eToro can be found toward the end of this article
  • ZuluTrade – This site currently has the greatest number of investors and traders online. They provide complete trade copying plus social interaction capabilities
  • Ayondo – This German based site was the first to offer auto trading to UK customers in order to “spreadbetForex accounts. They offer stocks, indices, fx, bonds, interest rates, and commodities
  • Copyop – This is the most advanced and leading trading network for social binary options
  • CM Trading CopyKat – On this site you can copy and follow traders through a special “CopyKatSIRIX trading platform. Members can mirror trades from everybody on SIRIX
  • Profit.ly – This huge website deals specifically with instructing people on penny trading ins and outs. This site offers email stock-pick alerts, SMS, plus a private chat-room where users can find help. A review of this copy trading site can be found immediately below.

InstaForex Review

Because they’ve become slightly more popular compared to the rest, we shall examine Profit.ly and eToro further:

Social Trading With Profit.ly

Profit.ly was created to introduce accountability, data-driven optimization, transparency and measurement into the world of online trading. Copy trades exist in abundance. However, concerns about stock manipulation as well as industry regulations sometimes prevent affiliates and members from being able to share information openly all the time. For this reason Profit.ly allows investors and traders to make private profiles where they can enjoy total account privacy.

Check the interview below:

This online site has advanced analytic tools which allow social traders to measure their performance, and at the same time make a knowledgeable analysis of which trade setups work the best for them. Traders can choose from various different products that include the capability to track profits, verify trades, get on leaderboards, message and follow other traders, plus view the stats of other traders for $29.95 a month. $49.95 a month allows a copy trader to make a private profile (but you won’t have access to other traders’ stats). The Pro level costs $74.95 a month and includes a private profile, as well as access to the statistics of other traders.

Profit.ly founder Timothy Sykes has made a career of exposing misinformation and fraud in the online guru and penny stock industries. A new feature of Profit.ly is called the “Bernie Madoff“, which allows community members to weed out and expose those traders that are possible liars.

Click image to visit Profit.ly, the Social Trading Platform

Social Trading With eToro

Founded by Jonathan Assia, eToro.com, “the Facebook of trading”, is currently the leading social trade network in the world (excluding the US). More than 5 million investors are using this social investment network. Opening an account with eToro gives you immediate access to CopyTrader, which advertises that members can choose to copy from more than 3 million traders. Once you open an account you can utilize their OpenBook platform for searching top social investors. When a potential trader to be copied is spotted, a user can allocate a part of their funds and begin copy trading. Any information that the copy trader submits is immediately protected by state-of-the-art encryption technology to ensure that your information won’t be shared with any third parties. A new account can be funded with PayPal, Moneygram, or credit card.

etoro forex
Click image to visit eToro, the world’s leading social trading network

One interesting feature of eToro is that if “popular traders” are copied, they’ll be rewarded. Depending on how many copiers a Popular Trader has, they’ll receive monthly fixed commission payments. The topmost “Elite” traders will receive annually 2% of all funds that are under their management, as well as totally commission free trading. In July of 2016 eToro updated their “Popular Investor Dashboard” to include a CRM (Customer Relationship Management System) which enables more interactions between copiers and Popular Investors. There’s currently more than 5 million users on eToro, which appeals to professional traders that are interested in making some extra cash for their trading skills.

To discover more details on the popular Social Trading platform, consider reading the full blog post review on eToro.

On Mobile Usage in India – All the Facts

On Mobile Usage in India – All the Facts

Mobile Usage in India

What is not so well known about the long running war between iPhone and Android is that India is where the battle between Apple, Google and Samsung is being played out, with frantic intensity. India is the world’s fastest growing smartphone market, according to Gartner, with smartphone sales growing by 166.8% this year and accounting for 53.6% of the new mobile devices sold this year.

Mobile Usage Challenges

India may have been slow at providing basic amenities for its people – still a large number of households in India, especially in rural Indian and in urban slums, do not have access to drinking water or proper toilets. Still, a significant percentage of Indian children suffer from malnutrition and in many ways, the country is still technologically backward, suffering from a creaking infrastructure. But if there is one area in which India shines, and shines really brightly, it is in the national mobile device usage.

There are 1.25 billion people in India and according to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), India’s premier telecom regulator, there are as many as 933 million mobile phone connections in the country. Which means that the mobile device usage in India is particularly high for what is still a very poor country.

Udemy- Online Courses

But that is not the full picture about the mobile device usage in India. The caveat here is that the number of unique mobile phone subscribers in India is actually less than half of the estimated number of 933 million total subscriptions. This is because Indian mobile phone users have an average of 2.5 sims registered in their names. While the sim penetration in India has reached almost 75% of the population, the mobile penetration has only reached 35%. There are more mobile phone subscriptions than mobile phone devices.

Promising Outlook For Mobile Usage

The anomaly is because the telecom market is highly competitive in the country, with half a dozen well established telecom companies battling it out for the attention of a vast population that grows richer and less poorer every year, and has more disposable income to spend, year after year. There is no question that many Indians are poor, but things are changing fast, and there is now no doubt that the country is on the right track. The fast growing mobile device usage in India is one of the biggest signs of a new wave of prosperity.

So to cater to the growing demands of a vast market, the big telecom companies in India, such as Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Reliance and Tata DoCoMo and to survive the tough competition try trick in the trade to attract new customers, offering freebies and great deals for subscribing to their connections. This, coupled with the really cheap smartphones available in the country has spurred the mobile phone usage in India like nowhere else in the world.

The smartphone market in India is another huge success story. While there were 113 smartphones sold in the country by 2013, and proceeding year – in 2014 – the smartphone sales have been estimated to have increased by 166.8% – a truly remarkable growth. While iPhones are getting increasingly popular in India, the real battle for the attention of the Indian consumer is being played out by the various makers of Android phones. While Samsung still lords over the smartphone sales in India, it is facing great competition – not from Apple, Nokia or Lenovo – but from Indian manufacturers such as Micromax, Lava and Karbonn. Micromax has been a great local success story and its great success against Samsung has been widely covered in business publications in the country.

Also interesting is the fact that more people in India use internet on their mobile phones than on their desktop. The internet penetration in the country (for desktop usage) is still quite low, which is being made up by increasing smartphone sales.

Mobile Usage For Social Media

Facebook and YouTube are hugely popular in India and account for bulk of the internet usage on mobile devices. Facebook claims to have 100 million users in the country, of which 84 million are said to use it only through their mobile phones.

Another interesting fact which suggests just why mobile phone usage in India is so critical is that over 90% of Indian mobile phone users claim to do research on a particular product on their mobile devices before placing an order for it online.

Lastly, an overwhelming majority of mobile phone subscriptions in the country are pre-paid connections (93%). Not just poor or middle class Indians, even the rich prefer to have pre-paid connections because of the mistrust associated with postpaid subscriptions, where the telecom companies are known to make frequent mistakes with the billing.

eToro Review The Social Trading Giant

eToro Review: The Social Trading Giant etoro review


Here, we’ll get into an eToro review of the largest social trading website in the world. But first, for the unaware, let’s start with the basics.

Social Trading Platform

Social trading is the process via which investors use online data and financial content sourced from a multitude of web applications as the main source to drive financial decisions. Etoro introduced a new way to trade on the internet. In 2010, the company launched OpenBook, which is a crowdsourced investment platform. Using this platform, it is possible for first-time or inexperienced traders to copy the transactions of top investors in the foreign exchange marketplace.


Comprehensive eToro Review Video


EToro Revolution

EToro is widely considered the first and most advanced social trading platform. Subscribers have an immediate in with a community of experienced traders, as well as a social network within the investment world. EToro provides all the tools needed to trade in the modern marketplace. The platform enables you to:

  • Perform retail trading on the open market
  • Observe the other traders and copy their transactions
  • Use Copy Trading feature on the platform to automatically duplicate all trades made by your selected traders you choose

How it Works

EToro compiles the activity of all users and shares it with the entire community. This works like a financial transaction social network. Users can even like, comment and share on a user-generated feed.

Every trader gets assigned a public profile, which is open for consultations. Your performance is public and everyone can follow everyone else and replicate them.

EToro’s Performance Data

Once you’ve found a Professional Investor you want to copy, just click on their name. This brings up their profile, portfolio, stats, open trades, even their history and investment friends. This screen displays live trading feed of the trader. You have access to each live trade and any comments from other social traders, some of whom openly discuss their own trades. This is a tremendous opportunity for newcomers to learn the lay of the land.

EToro is second to none when it comes to the ability to quickly share information. Every investor can follow selected traders without copying trades automatically.

Video Example of Copying Top Traders


Markets Section

EToro Markets displays all products, such as currency pairs and stocks, that can be traded via CFDs (contract for difference, a contract between a buyer and seller that pays the current value minus the value at contract time).

Copy Trading

Generally, CopyTrader is an eToro tool that allows subscribers to choose a trader to copy and select an amount to copy for investments. You can watch how your account performs using this strategy. Here is additional information to consider before trying out this feature:

  •  Minimum investment is $100. Maximum investment is $500,000.
  • You can follow a maximum of 100 traders.
  • Minimum amount for copying is $1.

EToro Search Feature

This functionality lets you search for people or stock symbols and returns information on trades pertaining to the search criteria. The Top 100 traders, holding the most profits realized in the current week, are displayed. Here, you can review 10 instruments (indices, currency pairs and commodities) that they are trading at the moment.

EToro Advanced Search

Advanced Search filters on eToro help you figure out your favorite traders. The feature includes a risk level filter. You can search profiles by Average Position, Weekly Drawdown, Gain, Leverage, Winning Weeks, Win Ratio, Exposure and Min. # Trades.

social trading platform
Click image to browse eToro’s Social Trading Platform

Tips for Investing on eToro

  • Don’t always pick traders with the highest returns. Opt for frequent investors over “one hit wonders.”
  • Look for consistent, long-term returns, say 10-20% over the past six months.
  • To start, be conservative. Take advantage of the filtering tools to find traders with low-medium average risk
  • Diversify your investments over a bunch of traders; you can follow up to 100.
  • Etoro has real-time stock trading, and many investors who hedge and invest in forex and stocks simultaneously have more reliable long-term performance.

EToro Pros and Cons

Here are some great things about EToro:

  • Has tight fixed spreads
  • Guarantees stop losses and limit orders
  • Does not charge trade commissions
  • Available in four languages
  • Trade in Bitcoin currency
  • Price alerts
  • One click trades
  • Automated trading
  • Islamic and Arabic friendly

These are the cons:

  • Inactivity fee if not active in one year
  • Currently not available for United States citizens
  • No direct market access
  • No scalping
  • No VPS services
  • Charges fees to deposit and withdraw funds

Basically, eToro simplifies the amount of analysis that you have to do as an investor. This is a tool that lets you invest without siphoning through endless graphical performance data.

Some Attributes of Worthy Traders You Should Copy

  1. Their profile feed includes posts that demonstrate market knowledge
  2. Have low drawdowns (how much they’ve been down this week or month) under 10 percent.
  3. Consistent investment won’t have ridiculous returns in a short period of time. Look for long-term consistency, because these are sustainable without being reckless.

Islamic Trading Account

Islamic law forbids usurious interest rates in lending or borrowing money. This includes stock exchanges. The requirements to prevent Riba (usurious lending) include:

  • Stocks must be bought and sold without delay
  • Monies for each trade must be paid for upon the time of the transaction
  • Currencies should be directly moved from the seller’s account to the buyer’s
  • There can be no interest on any trades.
  • If any indication of usurious interest is detected, the contract is void as forbidden (Haram).
islamic forex account
Etoro – Available for opening an Islamic Forex Account. Click image to view site in Arabic

To resolve this issue, a trader can buy as much as his current balance allows or borrow from a broker, who cannot receive any usurious interest rates on the transaction. Also, no interest can be obtained from contracts ongoing for 24 hours or more, which means that the daily rollover of interest has to be zero on a consistent basis.

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The eToro website is dynamic and easier to use. Looking back through old reviews, it is easy to see how much they evolved and are still evolving. As the first and still premium social trading platform, they have set the bar high and rising. With easy to understand interfaces and constantly advancing tools, this site is an easy “Yes, please.” Starting risks are very low; you can join for $100 and, as long as you make one investment a year, there are no transaction fees.

It is great that they have an Islamic account that respects the Islamic culture in a very straight-forward way. That kind of forethought attracts diversity, which can only improve the social investing gene pool, in my opinion.

One thing I did not see anywhere was the risk of heavy investors manipulating trade. It seems to me that it would be easy enough to band together a with few super investors and create some real chaos. It apparently hasn’t happened yet, so, for now, I am going to enjoy my relatively new eToro count and see how well my performance tracks against my advice.

social trading
Click image to visit eToro, the largest social trading platform

Discover How to Make Money with Udemy

Discover How to Make Money with Udemy

How to Make Money with Udemy


One cool way of earning extra income is through learning how to make money with Udemy.

Udemy is perhaps one of the best opportunities out there for earning a decent online income. You can make money by teaching almost anything on Udemy. It’s an online community that makes it possible for people to post training programs on their website, for the benefit of learners all over the world.
The learning programs on Udemy are a mix of serious, educational, fun and entertaining. There’s a potential for a lot of money to be made for those posting in the educational segments.

Udemy was only introduced in 2010, which is not so long ago, but already, it has become the most well known names in online education. You will not only be able to pick up new skills on Udemy, you will also be able to make money by teaching other people the new skills that you’re good at. In this post, we discuss how to make money with Udemy.

 What are the popular courses for how to make money with Udemy?


You can teach just about anything on Udemy, but the most popular categories are Technology, Sports and Games, Crafts and Hobbies, Business, Health & Fitness, Design, Arts & Photography, Math & Science, Lifestyle, Music, Humanities, Social Sciences, Languages and Education.

Technology is by far the most popular category. There’s a lot of demand for programming languages such as C, C++, Python, Java, etc. There’s a lot of demand for algebra and calculus courses as well. There are also courses that teach you how to start a small business. In all, there are over 21,000 courses that students can choose from.

How to Make Money with Udemy

How to get started making money on Udemy

Anybody can start a course on Udemy. You don’t need any special training or degree as such, but you will need to be an authority in your chosen field. Otherwise, nobody would buy your course. Teachers generally do well here, as they have a lot of experience.
Udemy provides plenty of tools and resources to help you get going, such as:

  • A free online training program
  • Course design and development support
  • A round-the-clock support
  • Mobile App
  • Course Management Tools such as Course Tracking
  • An unlimited number of video uploads
  • Special discount coupons

How to create a course on Udemy

Creating a course on Udemy is quite easy. You will need to plan the course first, then create the content for it. Next step is to follow the instructions to publish the course online at Udemy.

Following that, you will need to invest time and effort on marketing the course. You can promote the course on the social media, on online forums, on authority blogs, video channels and by using pay-per-click advertising.

So, how much money can a trainer make on Udemy?

Udemy allows trainers to keep 70 percent of the revenue generated by them. The best way to make money on Udemy is to teach others what you’re really good at. You are allowed to set your own fees for your courses. You can set the course fees as high as you like, this is entirely up to you.

Most Udemy trainers make $7,000 per year on an average. This represents a continuous stream of income as students join the course at any time. There’s a lot of potential for big money to be made. Some of the popular trainers even make a six-figure or seven-figure income.

You can expect to make anything from $10 to $30 per hour on your courses.

List of IT Companies in India

List of IT Companies in India

List of IT Companies in India

The IT industry is huge in India, accounting for 7 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP) according to NASSCOM. This is up from 1.2 percent in 1998. The Indian IT industry is a massive job creator and employs 10 million people in the country, either directly or indirectly. It is one of the engines that drive the Indian economy.

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Here, we have a made a list of IT companies in India for you. For want of space, this list of IT companies in India has only the 10 biggest companies – as measured by their market capitalization or the number of IT personnel on their payrolls. You are probably very familiar with most of the names on this list.


TCS or the Tata Consultancy Services is not just the biggest IT company in India, but one of the top 5 IT and outsourcing companies in the world. TCS is a part of India’s largest conglomerate, the Tata Group of Companies, and was actually established way back in 1968. It has its headquarters in Mumbai and has its offices in over 40 countries around the world. TCS has a record 325,000 employees on its payroll and offers software services to the Banking, Healthcare, Travel, Telecom, Hospitality and Insurance sectors.


Infosys is India’s second biggest IT company and has over 195,000 employees on its payroll. Infosys had been on a decline for many years till the appointment of industry veteran, Vishal Sikka, as the CEO changed things around for the company. Infosys grew faster than any other IT company in India in 2015. Infosys offers the following services -Management Consulting, Software Testing, Business Process Outsourcing, Engineering Services, Business Applications and more.

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Wipro is the third biggest IT company in India, which was started by Azim Premji, who is today one of the richest men in the world. Wipro offers services across the breadth of the IT sector including Cloud Management Service, Data Integration, Human Resource Outsourcing, Testing Service and more. Wipro clients include some of the biggest names in Manufacturing, Automotive, Banking, Transportation and Retail in the world.


HCL Technologies is India’s fourth biggest IT company and the #1 challenger to the hegemony of the top three IT companies. HCL is headquartered in Noida and has offices in over 25 countries around the world. HCL offers services such as Network Services, Cloud Computing, Business Process Outsourcing, Testing Services etc. HCL serves some of the biggest names in the public sector, Telecom, Electronics, Retail, Manufacturing and more.


Tech Mahindra is India’s fastest growing IT company that was founded in 1986 and serves more than 50 countries around the world. Tech Mahindra offers services such as Software Testing, Web Content Management, Network Services, Business Applications, and more. Tech Mahindra serves some of the biggest names in Hospitality, Banking, Telecom, Insurance and Retail.


IBM needs no introduction – it is the biggest IT company in the world by far. IBM also has a huge operation in India, its biggest outside the United States. IBM hires 150,000 IT personnel across the country.


Accenture is an American IT company which has major operations in India, with a headcount of over 200,000 IT personnel in its offices across Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. Accenture is an ambitious company and plans to hire more than 95,000 IT personnel in India in 2016.


Cognizant Technology Solutions is another major American multinational corporation which offers custom IT, consulting, and business process outsourcing services and has a major operation in India. In fact, 66% of Cognizant’s 217,000 employees are based in India, which makes it one of the biggest employers in the country.


Mindtree is a young Indian company that makes the list of the top IT companies in India as well. Mindtree has its headquarters in Bangalore and has operations in more than 10 countries across the world. It serves the Banking, Retail, Manufacturing, Finance, Hospitality, Travel sectors.


Oracle Financial Services is a fast growing IT company owned by Oracle, one of the biggest software companies in the world. With a headcount of 15,000 engineers in India, Oracle Financial Services offers top-rated ERP solutions to businesses in emerging countries.

Finally, while nobody can doubt the contribution of IT and outsourcing to the Indian economy, it does seem that the growth of IT companies in India has stagnated a bit because of their failure to respond actively to the new business models in the industry. The future of Indian IT companies depends and their ability to provide more end to end technological solutions to customers across the business spectrum.

Top 5 Startup Automation and Robotics In India

Top 5 Startup Automation and Robotics In India

Robotics In India

The start-up scene is heating up in India with a lot of new companies doing exciting new things, including in robotics and automation. Robotics and industrial automation are used by companies around the world as they make manufacturing more efficient, reduce costs all-round and save time on almost every process.

The Importance Of Robotics In India

In India, some highly educated and talented engineers have caught the startup bug and are helping the country catch up with the developed world at robotics and industrial automation. India has a distinct advantage here as there’s no shortage of brilliant engineers in the country, looking to profit from their innovations by starting their own companies.

Here are the top 5 Indian startups in robotics and industrial automation to watch out for in 2017

High-Tech Robotics – Hi-Tech Robotics is a part of the Hi-Tech Group, which has been an important player in India’s tech industry for over 20 years. Hi-Tech Robotics specialized in artificial intelligence, automation, robotics and control technologies. It has over 15 patents to its credit and does everything from system integration to requirement analysis to concept development. The company aims to bring robotics to the masses. The automation solutions delivered by Hi-Tech Robotics help manufacturers boost productivity and efficiency in the factory. Hi-Tech Robotics has been working closely with the Indian Army to develop unmanned systems that minimize the risks faced by defense personnel.

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Grey Orange Robotics – Grey Orange Robotics is creates robots for warehousing and delivers advanced automation solutions.

The company focuses on creating disruptive technologies and delivers sophisticated solutions for logistics and distribution in warehouses. One of the most important products created by Grey Orange Robotics is the Butler System, which makes it easier for manufacturers to handle high-tech materials.

The Butler System improves speed, accuracy, flexibility and productivity at warehouses. Grey Orange Robotics operates from two innovation centers, one on Gurgaon in the Indian state of Haryana and one in Singapore.

Systemantics – Systemantics is a promising Bangalore based startup delivers highly sophisticated automation solutions that replace human labor and handle any tasks that are repetitive, boring and tiring, or even dangerous.  Systemantics has already done a great deal of original research and development on technologies related to the robotic arm, such as servo motion controllers, speed reducers, AC servomotors, joint angle encoders, etc. The company has received financing from top private equity companies such as Accel Partners as well as from many high net worth individuals. Systematics’ most important product is a pick and place robot called Scara, which is capable of performing tasks such as feeding, stamping and stacking – which makes it so useful to the FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) and the pharmaceutical industry.

Sastra Robotics – Sastra Robotics is a Kochi based start-up that develops some highly sophisticated robotic technologies and industrial automation systems targeted at the industry as well as for the purposes of academic research and entertainment.

Sastra Robotics’ best products include…

  • Genibo – Genibo is a robot dog with four legs which can walk on its own. Genibo is capable of recognizing its owner with its “eyes”, it can respond to your words and touch. It even has its own bag of cute little tricks and cuddle up to the owner.
  • Hovis – Hovis is a humanoid robot hit that can be used in 20 different forms, depending on the purpose for which you need it for.

Sastra Robotics offers advanced solutions in circuit design, simulation and verification. Bosch is one of the biggest industrial automation companies in the world and it is one of the biggest buyers of the products and technological solutions made by Sastra Robotics.

GridBots – Gridbots is an Ahmedabad based robotics company that develops products that are used in the nuclear and space industries. The robots and automation systems developed by Gridbots are used to perform inspection, welding and cutting operations in hard to reach spots. Gridbots robots are used by the Indian Army as well, for advanced battlefield tactics and smart reconnaissance missions. Gridbots is one of the most promising new players in the Indian robotics and automation industry.


7 Best Swap Free Forex Halal Sites

Best Swap Free Forex Halal Sites


forex halal

Traditionally, Muslims were not allowed to participate in Forex trading. Because they charge overnight swaps, the standard Forex trading sites tend not to be compliant with the Sharia Law. For this reason, and more, Islamic (or Halal) accounts are provided by some specific brokerage sites.

These accounts are specially designed for those unwilling to either pay or receive interest fees resulting from their trading activities on a daily basis. Aside from this, Halal accounts do not pay interest on their deposits into the Forex brokers. This is because some brokers offer bonuses and balance top-ups to their members whenever they make a deposit. Simply phrased, Halal accounts are the same as your standard Forex trading account, the only difference being that the Islamic accounts do not offer interest payments or interest fees. Detailed below is a list of Forex sites that offer the option of Halal accounts to their customers with no rollover charges.

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7 Websites For Forex Halal Islamic Accounts

Grand Capital – With allowed hedging, a minimum deposit of $100 and a leverage of up to 500:1, Grand Capital guarantees no losses to its traders when they transfer their positions through to midnight. This broker has more than 350 trading instruments for you to choose from. Grand Capital offers security for your funds by implementing a two-factor authentication after you open your account with them.

They have convenient and ranging deposit options for you to use. Once this is done, you can start making a profit which is available for withdrawal at any time. They are flexible, efficient, fast, and offer multicurrency accounts to their traders.

IQ Option – With a minimum deposit of $10, a 91 percent payout rate, and availability of a demo account; IQ option is a good choice, especially for binary options traders. In the past, this broker has been thought to be a scam, but this is far from the truth. They have a wonderful trading platform, but what makes them stand out is their robot builder feature. This broker, although great, offers fewer trading commodities and not for United States residents. They, however, have a full range of stocks including gold and oil.

XM – The XM forex account is considerably different from other accounts provided by other Forex brokers. As mentioned, most brokers look for alternative sources of revenue by widening the spread on Halal accounts (the XM spreads are at 1.9 pips). This is not the case with XM; this forex broker requires no additional charges on the part of their customers.

The logic behind this is that Muslim traders are forbidden by their religion to pay interest. This is swap-free trading. However, if the interest charge is simply transferred to another type of fee, then it is essentially still there and was never taken away at all. This is swap-free trading in disguise. XM is one of the few forex brokers that is fair and ethical in its ways.

In just three steps, you can open your account at XM and start trading. You will be able to hold your position with no time limit, no up-front commissions, and certainly no swap charges on your overnight positions. XM will offer you real-time market execution, a leverage ratio of up to 888:1, no hidden costs, a minimum deposit of $5, and no re-quotes. You will have access to multiple trading platforms and a dedicated customer support teams to help you in all your trades. The good news is, you will be able to do this within the bounds of Islam.

FX Primus – This broker requires that you deposit at least $100 to start trading with them. The leverage offered here goes up to 500:1. The broker allows hedging on its trades. They offer fast deposits and withdrawals with 0 percent fees, 24/5 live chat customer support, and spreads as low as 0 pips. This broker offers a safe and regulated place to trade. Here, you can be sure of deep liquidity, great trading conditions for you, and no requotes. There are also numerous options for depositing and withdrawing funds from your account.

Etoro This site has been rated among the top 50 brokers and was found to be one of the best by TheFXView.com. The minimum deposit of $1000 is a bit high, but Etoro is 100 percent compliant with Sharia law. There are no swap fees, and the thousands of Muslim clients can attest to the rest of its advantages. The broker trades in a wide selection of markets including but not limited to stocks, commodities, Indices, Currencies and cryptocurrencies.

With it, great spreads- 2 pips- Etoro has an even greater social trading platform dominated by thousands of successful traders. They even offer the site in Arabic for those traders that prefer it. You can open a demo account to try out the site before you decide to open a real one.

Ava Trade – The minimum deposit at Ava Trade is $1. With markets in FX & Commodity, bitcoin, stocks, and indices and bond CFDs, this Forex broker will offer you a leverage of up to 400:1 with a typical EUR/ USD spread of 3 pips. On request, you will get an Islamic account that permits scalping, hedging, trailing stops, and integrates expert advisors to help you make investment decisions.

Forex Islamic Account

The conditions here are decent with only a few limitations being imposed on the traders. So far, the wider spreads here is the only thing making this site lag behind; otherwise, Ava Trade deals in the most profitable instruments and gives all its customers a fair chance to make profits. If you wish to trade in a wider range of instruments from one place, then this is the broker for you. Their customer support is always alert and always helpful. You can start by opening a demo account to try out the site. With its solid license, the broker will ensure your trading is secure, but not easier.

InstaForex – On this site, you can convert a regular account into a Sharia compliant one as soon as you place a request. Even after switching from the standard account to a swap-free account, the trading terms remain. The least amount one can deposit is $1. The broker, aside from allowing hedging, also allows its traders unlimited time to carry their positions. The leverage here is up to 1000:1.

You get to trade on any currency pair without losing or gaining any amount of money despite the position volume you hold. InstaForex also offers you a chance to extend your swap-free account and open a live trading account. All you have to do is contact their customer care department. The trading instruments offered by this broker are wide- 107 currency pairs, 200 CFDs on U.S. shares and ECN broker services. The broker does not require its traders to have spread so as to trade in the money market. This more than doubles your opportunities to be a successful trader.

Things To Consider In Conclusion About Forex Halal…

Halal accounts have a lot of benefits, but this does not mean that they put you at an advantage over their traders. Additionally, it’s always important to note trading comes with its fair share of risks. Some brokers look for other ways to make revenue aside from charging interest. You may find that some accounts have marginally wider spreads, while others require their customers to make higher minimum deposits. Therefore, choose your broker carefully and ensure you select one that suits you perfectly.

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Selling Domain Names For a Living

Selling Domain Names For a Living


Selling Domain Names For a Living


Selling domain names for a living, or domain flipping, as it is called, is a surprisingly lucrative thing to do. But it’s not as easy as you might think. For sure, domain flipping is much easier than building a website from the scratch.

The idea is to buy domains and sell them at a higher price to make quick money. How much money, you ask? Well, luck plays a big role here, so there’s no way to tell.

Domain selling with Jamie Lewis of Domainer Elite

You can, for example, buy a domain name for $250 and later find out that there’s a company that wants it real bad, and are willing to pay you $30,000 for it. This is known to happen, so the possibilities are limitless.

Selling Domain Names For A Living Isn’t A Get Rich Quick Scheme

But you could also end up buying a domain name worth $500 and have no buyers at all. So it’s not as easy as you think – domain selling requires a fair bit of research and experience. It’s so easy for a newbie to get sucked into buying a domain that nobody wants.
As long as you stick to the principle of buying low and selling high, you should be okay. You should aim to make a 100 percent profit with every domain name you buy. So, if you buy a domain name for $500, you shouldn’t rest till you’re able to sell it for $1000, at least.
So where do you buy domain names? You can buy unregistered domain names on sites such as GoDaddy, NameCheap, Google Domains or Gandi.net.

Domainer Elite

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You can buy domain names on many online forums as well, where you will find a number of domain name sellers like yourself. But be careful here, there’s always a chance of getting sold a lemon here – the domain names available here could be really useless or it could be priced too high.

Online auctions at domain clearing houses such as Flippa are the best way to buy domain names. Here, you will find a lot of unwanted domains which people fail to renew for some reason. So they offer such domains to Flippa, which auctions them off for a reasonable price to the public.

Sell Your Domain


The best domain name flippers can be found here, and there’s always a chance that you could land your hands on a real multibagger. The bids start at $69 and can go up from there, depending on the level of competition.

You can also find the latest information on upcoming domain name auctions at http://www.tld.org.

Of course, the key to earning a hefty income from flipping domains is to find domains that are in demand. How do you do that? Once you identify a domain name, do your research on individuals or businesses that have similar domains and might be interested in that domain.

You will need to make educated guesses here, and if everything goes right, you will find a buyer almost immediately and will be able to flip the domain fast.

This is something that comes from experience. Every time you buy and sell a domain, you will develop a feel for it and will get better at it. There will be plenty of occasions when you will fail to make any money from a domain. In that case, don’t get disheartened, just move on to the next domain.

There are many domain name sellers who make a healthy six-figure income from this business, working their way up the food chain, having started from absolutely nothing. There’s no reason why you can’t make a decent living from selling domains as well. Go for it!