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Success Of The Shade Room


Success Of The Shade Room


The Shade Room


On my Facebook timeline, I ran across this interview of Angie Nwandu, owner of the gossip blog, The Shade Room.

Although I’m not a fan of celebrity gossip, it was worth watching. After all, I love stories from people who’ve been successful in earning an income from the Internet:

As you may know, I’m a strong advocated of blogging. It’s a powerful tool used to attracted large audiences of every niche. There’s also monetization benefits too!

I’m also a proponent of social media. Working towards growing a dedicated following on popular social platforms may prove to pay off.

For many new comers attempting to drive traffic to their websites, they may face the challenge of competing against more established sites with high Domain Authority.

With social media, this gives users a chance to build an audience.

By the way, check out my cool tips on coming up with brand-able names from hashtags.

Things To Consider

Some things I got from The Shade Room interview:

  • She went with celebrity blogging in spite of the naysayers. Several  opportunities for bloggers are becoming competitive. Find creative ways to stand out.
  • Angie harnessed the power of Instagram.  Incidentally,  HappyGreyLucky gives advice on organically growing Instagram followers.
  • The founder posted content regularly. Post frequency matters.
  • She valued her first 3,500 followers and engaged with them as a way to connect with them.
  • She leveraged her following base by selling advertising space on her website.
  • Her audience were more interested in what THEY wanted as opposed to her blogging opinions. Give the people what they want.
  • Diversify topics as the audience grows


While I’m not a fan of gossip blogs, it’s always nice to hear of their success stories. The Shade Room offers another example of how the Internet is a benefit to hard work and a great idea.

8 Inspiring Affiliate Marketing Success Stories

8 Inspiring Affiliate Marketing Success StoriesAffiliate Marketing Success Stories





Several businesses use the internet since it’s so advanced and most people have it, so what better way to advertise than online. There are so many businesses marketing their sites online, however, that if you don’t take the steps to market your business for the online world, your business may blend into the void of businesses on the internet.


Affiliate marketing can help by showing you how to utilize how people search online and how to successfully market your products. In affiliate marketing, the business rewards its affiliates for any customer or visitor that’s brought by the affiliate. There have been many well-known affiliate marketers who started from nothing and are now extremely successful, and here are some of their stories.

Meet The Successful Internet Entrepreneurs

In previous blog posts, we’ve discussed opportunities in affiliate marketing as well other ways to make money online. This entry on the other hand focuses on affiliate marketing success stories.

Many people wonder if they’re cut out for affiliate marketing. While it’s possible to achieve passive income from your laptop, it’s obviously a goal that requires hard work, the right up to date information and focus.

Of course, making money online, like other entrepreneurial endeavors, takes time before actually growing a stream of income. Just be mindful of any mistakes potential affiliate marketers make.

That’s why it’s refreshing to discover names of those who’ve succeeded in this highly competitive industry.


Kelly Felix

Kelly Felix has over 15 years of online marketing experience and has become one of the most influential affiliate marketers since his beginnings in 1997 when the internet was newer and less advanced. While pursuing an acting career in LA, Felix started to learn HTML to learn how to create things people can see online. His acting career wasn’t successful, so he focused all his efforts on his internet experience.

He started making money on a credit repair technique based on consumer law, which he sold online, until a marketing company found it and offered him a 50/50 split of the profits he made. His success made him realize that he could market his own knowledge, so he created The Rich Jerk, which is an affiliate marketing program that teaches the best ways to optimize search engines and make affiliate relationships to increase online revenue.

He eventually sold his website for several million dollars to create and sell other popular web properties, including his previous website Bring the Fresh, which offered updated affiliate marketing techniques to make money from affiliate sales for products online. Felix is responsible for teaching several successful online marketing experts and is still held in high esteem today.


Affiliate Marketing Success Stories 2
Don’t worry, success is within your reach. Learn from those who’ve made it and stick to the right plan.

Jubril Agoro

Imagine living on your mother’s couch one day, and being able to afford first class the next. It seems hard to imagine, but Jubril Agoro did just that when he got involved in pay-per-click (PPC) marketing ads and Facebook advertising. He started by watching Oprah around the time Obama became president.

Agoro was living in Chicago and realized with Oprah praising The Chicago Sun Times with Obama on the cover, there would be more searches like “Obama newspaper on Oprah,” so he went to a gas station, bought copies of the newspaper and ended up selling 100 copies online and made around $1400.

You may read the interview here.

Agoro has a PPC Marketing company and a video production company, and his companies are what fund his love of travel. Agoro has found a way to market his ideas as “Mr. Think Outside The Box” to be able to afford traveling 10 to 11 months out of the year. His original way of thinking and getting involved in online marketing with his two companies has taken him from the couch to the world.

Twitter page

YouTube page

Facebook page

John Crestani

Crestani started out making $200 a week at his theater job to making $1000 a day selling PDF files online. His education finished in 2010 after studying business at Southern Methodist University and marketing at California State University-Northridge. His post college life consisted of working for several companies as an internet marketing consultant, director of online advertising, and a search engine marketing analyst.

He is proficient at online business and marketing is knowledgeable in PPC advertising, Google AdWords, social media marketing, and search engine optimization. From cleaning up popcorn under seats to becoming the CEO of Nutryst, a private nutraceutical affiliate marketing network and making millions of dollars a year, Crestani is a prime example of a successful affiliate marketer.

Twitter page

Facebook page

YouTube page


John’s Internet JetSet free instructional webinar.



Affiliate Marketing Success Stories 3
Success from internet marketing is possible.
Chris Record

Chris Record was motivated to make money but struggled to do so when he failed to learn anything from the programs and programs he bought. In his search for knowledge, he ended up with barely any money in his bank account and was evicted from his apartment.


He had the option to move back home with his parents, but he was determined to become an entrepreneur. Just as he was about to give up, one of Record’s friends found an opportunity to sell products online, where he worked with a company to generate leads online and sold over a million dollars’ worth of the company’s products, which gave him almost $500,000 in commissions.

Tecademics: How To Rank Your Website On Google  Video Training

Now, Record is the CEO of his own company. Tecademics provides ways of learning and exploring digital marketing, through online courses and live seminars from experts in the field. Record proves that when nothing else works, you need to try harder.

Oh, by the way, did I forget to mention Chris has a Shopify Rap video. Check it out:

Twitter page

Facebook page

Mark Ling

Ling got his start from a squash tournament when a friend of his showed him his strategies for poster selling. His friend, Charles, was making $50 in a week through a banner advertisement on his poster sales website. Ling learned from his friend and started selling posters online, where he eventually learned how to create sites quickly that targeted larger audiences.

Ling stopped delivering pizzas and began recruiting some of his friends to help him raise his business. He spent his free time on the internet and figured out how to use search engine optimization for his poster sales site, which brought in more customers.

Ling used his knowledge to start more affiliate sites on various topics like learning a language, saving a marriage, dog training, and video games. He created Affilorama where he posts a blog, presentations, free tools, and webinars for those who want to follow in his footsteps.

He’s also responsible for AffiloBlueprint, which is a membership product comprised of 12 weekly guides to teach those interested in online marketing, and Affilojetpack which is made up of ready-made niche websites. What started as selling fan posters online turned into a business where he could easily double and triple his earnings.

If interested, you may read further about Affilorama or visit the website directly here.

Jamie Lewis

Jamie Lewis has been featured on ClickBank several times for having the number one affiliate product. He’s earned over $12 million dollars in online sales and has generated over a million views on YouTube. After getting sick of being ripped off by employers, Lewis dedicated his time to learning how to work from home.

He knew he wanted to create his own business, so he put his music on a website to start selling. He started using affiliates to promote his products.

After exploring different niches, he decided to start teaching what he learned from his years of affiliate marketing. The Singing Guru is his program to help beginning affiliate marketers become successful in the ever-changing online world. The program also has music incorporated into the presentations to make the learning entertaining.

If you’ve read the previous post in regards to selling domains, you’ll remember Lewis was featured throughout that entry. View the following for some of his home based ideas:


Anik Singal

Ever since Singal was a child, he felt pressure to follow in his family’s footsteps and work towards becoming a doctor, lawyer, or an engineer. He grew up trying to live up to his family’s legacy, but he wasn’t passionate about it. In college, he studied extremely hard to get a full scholarship and attain an Ivy League Pre-Med degree, but he realized he was working for the wrong dream.

His hard work didn’t feel right to him since he wasn’t passionate about, and he eventually listened to his heart. Singal focused his efforts to building a business online since he didn’t have much money.

After a lot of effort, Singal wound up making money online after growing his business which allowed him to travel the world to speak of his success in several countries and cities.

Singal was one of the Top 3 Business Entrepreneurs 25 and Under by BusinessWeek Magazine.  He was the CEO of Lurn, Inc. and VSS Mind, but went into debt and barely profited off making $10 million in sales one year. But he kept working hard and came back to his system of making money in the digital publishing world, proving that you can come back from losing it all.

Twitter page

Facebook page

Lisa Irby 

Starting out as an online entrepreneur since 1998, Lisa Irby has made a name for herself utilizing the internet to share and teach her various skills to others. This consists of premium courses, YouTube tutorials and website tips.

We’ve also featured Lisa in a list of Black female bloggers in a previous post.

Twitter page


How To Get Started On Your Affiliate Marketing Career

What one can gain from the above mentioned individuals is that they’ve learned from their mistakes and invested enough time and determination into the business, which has led to fruitful results.

Now we can honestly state there are no guarantees in any entrepreneurial endeavor, much less affiliate marketing. Even with hard work and the right information, one can still find themselves frustrated at attempting to make their first affiliate sale. However, it’s recommended to read and study every and all tips if you feel this highly competitive market is for you.

Perhaps you too can have your own affiliate marketing success story, and here are some tips for getting started.

Find a niche

Before you jump right into things, you need to find out what your site will target to get sales. Think about topics you’re passionate about and what there might be money in. You may have to choose between money and passion, but if you can find a niche you enjoy and make money off of, it will make your online marketing more successful.

Research affiliate programs

This is probably going to be the biggest chunk of your research to begin as an affiliate marketer. You need to dig deeper and find out what products you’re going to promote. Make sure you want to be associated with the products you’re promoting. It’s important to believe in your niche and the products. If there are certain advertisements, you may not want to be associated with, make sure you look up that information beforehand.

Build a site

You can utilize different site-builders like Wix, WordPress, or Weebly to build your site with little to no knowledge of coding. It’s relatively easy to pick themes and make your site easy to navigate. You’ll also want to buy a domain name, and think of several in case it’s already been taken. It’s a good idea to purchase hosting as well to house your files on the internet. Make sure the content on your website is creative and relevant to your niche.

If you’re interested in working from home, being an entrepreneur, and being your own boss to make money, affiliate marketing might be right for you. You can make money through the online, ever-changing markets that exist online. If you follow these tips, do your research, and believe in yourself, you could be on your way to making millions like these successful affiliate marketers.

MaxBounty Review And Reasons To Join

MaxBounty Review And Reasons To Join


MaxBounty Review


If you have a product, a service, a website or any sort of company then you probably know that one of the main pillars that holds your item together is marketing  and advertising.

The problem with these two factors is the lack of structure, resources and the unaffordable rates that people would charge you. If you are an affiliate marketer who can’t find a platform to connect you to the advertisers and their campaigns then this read is the one for you. One of the leading services out there that should definitely be your choice whether you’re an affiliate or an advertiser is MaxBounty.

MaxBounty is an online platform that connects well-trained affiliates with advertisers who are willing to pay large amounts of money. It is classified as the number one CPA network worldwide which shows how serious they are about their work. Let’s not get lost in the words and start learning more about the different features they provide.

[JOSIC: Free CPA Marketing Step by Step Guide]

The Connection Between Advertisers and Affiliates


Max Bounty Review
Typical MaxBounty banner. Image leads to website.



MaxBounty relies on providing the best features for your company’s  marketing needs. A set of features on the website can help reach a level of exposure you never knew existed together with raising funds to a whole new level. Here we are going to discuss the different features that are provided to MaxBounty’s clients.


With MaxBounty’s very strong advertisers program exist that will help in growing your business profitability. As a start, they possess a system of pay on results, which states that advertisers will pay per every new user. This ensures the safety of the advertisers money and shows that you get exactly what you pay for. Not to mention the huge network of MaxBounty which consists of almost 18,000 affiliates which help create even bigger network to help expose the content of the advertisers. At MaxBounty, affiliates alway try their best to deliver high quality leads that are worth your money. All the different opportunities out there will be directed to your choice and only picked when you agree fully with it.


If you are an affiliate then waste no time and start by joining MaxBounty’s team! The name MaxBounty shows exactly a fair image on their rate and how you will benefit from them. MaxBounty provides you with tons of different campaigns and opportunities to pick from which is a thing you will only find here. Another incentive for the new affiliates is the $1000 bonus.

This is a rule which claims that if you receive ratings higher than $1000 for your first three months, then a bonus of $1000 will be added to your fourth month. Imagine all of this money piling in your bank account weekly! Yes I said weekly, as MaxBounty provide weekly payments for the affiliates that works there. They ensure on providing you with everything that will keep you away from their competitors and working hard.


If you fell in love with MaxBounty too much, then here’s the part for you. MaxBounty’s very open for new applying candidates to join their team. Not to mention the different perks you will get by working in a company like MaxBounty. As stated explicitly on their website, you will get full benefits when you’re hired together with a total of 3 weeks of holidays. Furthermore, there are no skills needed for you to join the team, but actually they will be investing in you through trainings to help you learn what you need to know. Last but not least, are the different trade shows that happen worldwide which you will be a part off. Get your passport ready to visit the cities of your dream.


One of the best features on the website is the trainings section. This section is created for the affiliates which helps by providing them with trainings that are needed in order to succeed in their work. Through a partnership done with LeadGadget, a database of online video based training programs is available for all the affiliates signed up with MaxBounty for free. These videos contain content that’s tailored for the affiliates of MaxBounty with just the enough resources for you to start a successful career.

Below, a YouTube user demonstrates how he runs an ad promotion on Facebook:


As an affiliate or an advertiser you have the feature to visit the campaigns page. This page shows you the different projects posted by advertisers and the tons of work that the affiliates has performed on each project. It shows exactly where you would be in a few hours after signing up to MaxBounty. This page divides the projects according to categories (example: Automotive, Biz Opp, Dating, download, etc…) and in each categories shows the project that lies under it. Furthermore, it gives you the rate per lead set by the advertisers which varies from a project to the other. For advertisers, this section shows you all the different things you can add to your campaign regarding allowed traffic types, countries allowed and even a description or extra notes for your affiliates.

MaxBounty Review 2
Sign up to become part of MaxBounty.

Pros and Cons

Now that you have read and learned about all the amazing features that MaxBounty provides, it ‘s time for the pros and cons table. This is a table of all the advantages and disadvantages of using MaxBounty. You need to think these bullet points through as this balance is probably what will make up your decision on using this service.

Pros (Advertiser)

  • Payment per result
  • A huge network of affiliates
  • In control of your decisions and leads
  • Project stays on till you remove it

Cons (Advertiser)

  • There are no guarantees
  • No affiliates are directly assigned to your projects

Pros (Affiliates)

  • High payment rates
  • Weekly payments
  • $1000 bonus
  • 3 weeks of holiday
  • Free training sessions

Cons (Affiliates)

  • A certain amount should be delivered weekly
  • No guarantees


In conclusion, MaxBounty is truly an outstanding website for both advertisers or affiliates. If you are an advertiser, you will receive professional help from trained affiliates who have dedicate their whole time providing you with the users and leads you deserve. Not to mention the fact that you will get what you paid for with full control over leads which are of high quality.

You will receive a huge network of affiliates and their circles which will create a huge traffic towards your service with optimal exposure. On the other hand, if you are an affiliate you will get the chance to work on a platform that provides you with high rates and free trainings thus helping you excel in this career.

You will have a lot of motivation and incentives from the MaxBounty team that will help keep you going. Not to mention the weekly payments which will help you forget what it’s like to be at the end of the month. Do not hesitate anymore and take your life towards success in the field of advertising and marketing. Sign up for MaxBounty and don’t miss the chance to meet all your needs and demands.

How to Start a Food Blog and Make Money

How to Start a Food Blog and Make Money


How to Start a Food Blog and Make Money


Food blogs have become hugely popular in recent times. But is it really possible to give up your usual 9-to-5 grind, start a food blog and make money from writing about your favorite dishes? Yes! As previously stated, there’s power in blogging for income. Read on to find out how to start a food blog and make money.

Step #1: Start The Blog.

It’s time to start the blog. Get a domain name (GoDaddy sells the cheapest domain names) and sign up for web hosting (HostGator is a good option). Once that’s done, you can go ahead and install WordPress for free. Now, look for premium WordPress themes for food blogs. You will find many at Theme Forest.

[See this post for a domain name idea]

Step #2: Plan The Content

Start planning your content. You will have to do a fair bit of reading and do your research on healthy and sumptuous dishes that people love and want to know more about.

People generally want to have great food, but don’t want to spend too much time on its preparation and would like the ingredients to be reasonably priced and easily available. Those are the dishes you should cover with your blog.

You can have your own specialty or cover a range of cuisines, and create a special weekly recipe for the blog. You will need to learn to take great photographs of the dishes with your iPhone or with an advanced camera.

Step #3: Driving Traffic to Your Food Blog

Attract your audience with a Facebook page. Additionally, you should use a combination of social media advertising and Google AdWords to drive traffic to your blog. You should start by sharing photos of your dishes on photo sharing sites Instagram and Pinterest to drive traffic from them.

You should shoot videos of yourself cooking special dishes and share them on YouTube, with a detailed explanation of the whole process. Writing eBooks and selling them on Amazon is another great way to drive traffic to your site.

Step #4: Monetize The Food Blog

There are several different ways to monetize a food blog. You can try your hand at affiliate marketing, which means marketing products belonging to a different company on your blog, leading your visitors to the product page on the seller or manufacturer’s website where they can make the purchase, in return for a commission on every sale.

You can market the equipment or ingredients used to make your dishes for example. You can review various different types of blenders or write about the various health benefits of the ingredients. You could also review various cookbooks and diet books on ClickBank.

Don’t forget to lead your visitors to a link to an appropriate page on your affiliate network – which could be Amazon, ClickBank or something else. When they buy something, you make money. Your commission could be anything from 8% to 45% on each sale.
Other ways of making money from your food blog include selling advertising space on a pay-per-click network such as Google AdSense, or BuySellAds.

You can place ads from a local restaurant or food store on your blog for a fixed monthly fee.  Another popular technique is to sell an eBook with dozens of recipes for $5 or more on your blog.

Final Thoughts – How Much Money Can You Make as a Food Blogger?

The possibilities for making money from your food blog are limitless. There are many food bloggers that make $10,000/month or more from their blogs, just by following their passion, using some of the advice given here and developing a dedicated readership. Are you up to the challenge? Start a food blog, give it your best shot, you never know what could happen.


4 Of The Best Ad Networks for Publishers

Ad Networks for Publishers






Best Ad Networks for Publishers


Are you new to blogging and looking for information on the best ad networks for small publishers? Obviously, if you are looking to monetize your blog, you know you need to sign up to an ad network. Joining an ad network is relatively easy.

[See: Have A Blog And Want To Attract Customers?]

You will need to apply to the ad network, and if your application is accepted, you will be given a snippet of code, which you use copy and paste on the web pages where you want the ads to be displayed. Once the ads are in place, you can forget all about them and focus on growing your traffic by producing quality content. The ad network will make money for you for as long as you want it to.

So how much money can you make from an ad network? This depends on the traffic received by your blog. There are bloggers who get millions of page views per month, and they make a six-figure income very easily with an ad network. There are others who hardly get any page views and would be lucky to make a couple of hundred dollars a month from their ad network.

As you can see, there’s a huge disparity in how much money bloggers make from their ad networks, but this has more to do with the quality of their blog and their web traffic than with the ad network itself.

Ad networks pay you on a Pay Per Click (PPC) basis or Cost Per Thousand. PPC means you will get paid every time visitors to your website, click on your ads. Cost Per Thousand or CPM means you will get paid a certain amount for every thousand clicks received by the ad.

Before we tell you about the best ad networks for bloggers – here is something you should know. You should NEVER click on your own ads or ask your friends to do it for you. Ad networks have ways of finding out and when they do, they will not hesitate to ban your account.


ad network

Here are the best ad networks for small publishers…

1. Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the world’s preeminent pay per click ad network. A vast majority of bloggers around the world uses Google Adsense. Adsense offers one of the best CPC (cost per click) rates and shows highly targeted ads that are likely to earn you the highest revenue. The CPC rate on Adsense varies from $0.02 to $15, depending in the location of the visitor and the niche that the blog or website operates in. Google Adsense allows responsive Ads, text ads, display ads, link ads and match content ads. The minimum payout on Google Adsense is $100. Payments are made by check and wired transfer.

Why You May Want to Have a Look at an Alternative to Google Adsense?

While Google Adsense is the perfect ad network, it is not easy for new bloggers, especially from countries such as India or China to join Adsense. Google expects your blog to be at least 6 months old if you are from these countries before you are allowed to join. Also, Google has strict rules over the content – you are not allowed to post anything sexually graphic or controversial on your blog if you want to remain on Adsense. That’s why many new bloggers from emerging countries look for Adsense alternatives. We look at 3 of the best Google Adsense alternatives out there.

2. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is actually the oldest pay per click site, even older than Google Adsense. It is considered to be one of the top alternatives to Adsense because it is much easier to apply for and doesn’t really care too much about the nature of your content. Bidvertiser’s CPC rates vary from approx 0.02 to $10. It has a low minimum payout of $10 and pays via PayPal. The ad formats served by Bidvertiser include banner ads, domain parking, In-text ads, XML Feed ads and contextual ads.

3. RevenueHits

RevenueHits is a popular PPC ad network for bloggers who hope to generate more revenue with contextual and geo targeted ads. It is very easy to join RevenueHits, in fact, the processing of applications is automatic. The ad formats on this network include display ads, pop ups and text ads. The minimum payout is low, just $50. RevenueHits is a popular AdWords alternative as there no restrictions on bloggers of any sort, as long as they follow certain basic rules, such as not clicking on their own ads.

4. Chitika Ads

Chitika is perhaps the most popular alternative to Google Adsense. Chitika rewards clicks gained from organic search traffic only – which is a drawback – but offers very good CPC rates. Chitika serves search targeted ads, mobile ads and local search ads. However, you will need a minimum traffic on your blog in order to get accepted into Chitika’s network. Chitika also has an excellent referral program which allows you to make money by referring the ad network to your friends. The minimum payout on Chitika is $10 by PayPal and $50 by check.

5 Step Formula

Social Match Phrase and Domains From Hashtags

Social Match Phrase and Domains: The New Hope for the Future

social match phrase

Time was when a page filled with key-word-rich content, inundated with back links, and fitted nicely with an excellent domain name was all anyone needed to generate excellent rankings with Google. In the early days, such rankings were easily manipulated, and many website designers and content providers had found easy ways to rise above their competition for gold star hits. Those Googlers, though, are serious about their product and its effectiveness, though, and ever since those days, they have worked toward algorithms that nip rankings manipulation in the bud. Two of their most effective attempts to date have been Panda and Penguin.
When an algorithm causes your site to be flagged, the results can be devastating. For many businesses, professionals, and field experts, blog and site popularity is crucial to success, and so they will stop at nothing to ensure their sites are the first to be consulted in their realm of expertise.

For these people, like you, the effectiveness of these two algorithms is very important. In cases where the information supplied, the content provided, and the back links shared are of very good to excellent quality, Panda will have little effect. Such sites are written and maintained by providers who understand the nature of their own business and contribute to the ongoing and evolving discussions within their field. Their content is engaging, provocative, and extremely useful to those accessing it. Whenever and wherever these elements come into serious question and the answers seem dubious, site owners stand to fall in Google’s eyes and presentation.
Panda is designed to flag sites and pages that share thin, machine-created, duplicated, or otherwise questionable content.

Always working toward ensuring the highest quality results are returned to their searchers, Google has developed and honed this algorithm through many improvements. The effects are significant. Like Panda, Penguin determines which sites employ “black hat” or less-than-honest search engine optimization (SEO) methods. Specifically interested in pages that pad back links to garner undeserved attention, this algorithm serves some purpose but is not as effective as Panda.

Many niche site creators find that determining key words and generating exact match domains from those helps those searching for particular information or products to find them. Building their sites around the key words with relevant and valuable information, these providers stand to gain high Google rankings with Panda and Penguin approval, so long as they are respectful of the general integrity rules governing quality SEO.

Combining descriptive and accurate information with pointed domain names, the creators of valuable websites need not fear these algorithms. Instead of growing anxious that they may lose their optimum rankings, they should continue to work to provide content that is deserving of those rankings consistently and frequently. Additionally, they should remember that sites replete with duplicate or thin content will be sure to be noticed by Panda and those sharing numerous irrelevant or poor quality links will be flagged by Penguin.

See: Power Of Blogging

Social Match Domains: The Pearly Gates of Hashtags

It should come as no surprise that time is of the essence when it comes to making money from blogs, domain flipping, and web publishing overall. Every day, innumerable people come to the web to make their daily wage or small fortunes. Marketing information, entertainment, and social comprehension, these entrepreneurs have their thumbs on the pulse of today’s audiences. Among the most important tools for entering any social media conversation is the hashtag. First introduced on Twitter as a means by which to streamline referencing and discussion, this tag type is, indeed, one of the most useful tools for those who take their web savvy straight to the bank.

As these prove to be elemental to modern conversation, it makes sense that web content creators would be interested in addressing their usefulness as domain names. A sense of that usefulness may be gleaned from considering the value that star power generates. In cases where the hashtag addresses interest in a particular celebrity or hero, everyone searching for information on that person may have a personal curiosity about the hashtag. Furthermore, even if they are not completely aware of the force a popular tag generates, the people employing it can be excellent sources for information, lead others to various sources of the tag itself, and help to create frenzy around the notion. Nearly all sites with any social media presence acknowledge trending topics, and this is directly related to the usefulness of the hashtags involved.

Choosing domain names that match social media hashtags enables those hoping to generate income from domain flipping and blogging to ride waves of popular content that may last quite a while. Regardless of the duration of the topics significance, a domain flipper stands to make a lot of money if she or he strikes while the iron is hot, so to speak. Waiting too long will result in loss of interest in the topic at hand and a lost opportunity for bloggers and entrepreneurs.

Those who hope to turn a great topic into social match domain greatness must remember that content is key. Once you have secured the domain name as your own, building its value through quality content generation makes the best sense. Every valuable bit of content you add to the site stands to help increase its value, and that means a better price when it is time to pass it on to a buyer.

Social Match Hashtags For Facebook Fan pages

For people looking to use popular phrases or hashtags to generate revenue on a Facebook page, the most important step is to generate page views. In this manner, a business can build a customer base that could potentially purchase a product from the company. In addition, the fan page would generate revenue from people looking to advertise on the popular page. The biggest hurdle to overcome involves generating page views from the popular hashtag or phrase.

When generating interest from a hashtag or popular phrase, there are some important tips to keep in mind. First of all, do not flood your Facebook fan page with an inordinate amount of useless hashtags. Search engines will catch on to this strategy and rank the page lower, making it more difficult to generate visibility for the page. Instead, use your page only to generate a conversation or further the discussion. For example, if the Facebook fan page involved a company that was marketing an online dating app, the hashtag (and page name) might be #onlinedatingapp. Notice that this phrase is something that people might use a search engine to locate. When people enter the phrase into the search engine, this fan page is likely to appear high on the list.

Next, make sure the viral words are specific to whatever industry you’re a part of. This means that if the industry has specific jargon that is employed by its members, take advantage of this jargon and turn it into a page based on that term. Many industries employ terminology that is specific to that arena. When these people search for specific items in search engines using this jargon, the Facebook fan page will appear higher on the list and generate more page views. This is a great opportunity to sell products to people in the industry or generate more ad revenue due to the popularity of the page.

5 Step Formula

In addition, try to incorporate the other aspects of social media and use this to drive traffic to the Facebook page. Perhaps the business already has an active twitter account with numerous followers. Anyone running this twitter page can easily tell what hashtags on the page generate more discussion from its followers than others. Take the most popular hashtag from the twitter account and use this to drive the Facebook fan page. People who enjoy the hashtag will likely flow directly to the Facebook fan page for more information. In addition, certain photos on Instagram receive more attention than others. This is easy to decipher based on the number of likes, comments, or shares a photo receives. Don’t be afraid to post these photos on the Facebook fan page either. This is a great way to increase traffic.

Furthermore, don’t be afraid to take advantage of other trends and use them on the Facebook page itself. For example, on Thursday popular hashtags are #ThirstyThursday or #ThrowbackThursday. Use these hashtags on the Facebook fan page as a way to increase the amount of traffic to a page on a given day. This will help to rope in readers who may read the rest of the content and decide to visit more frequently on other days

News and current events has also proven to be a hit for social match phrases. Below are a few terms that have been converted into Facebook pages and/or domains:




Instead of using the hashtags to join in on the discussion, these phrases have become actual pages to generate a large fan base with active engagement. By converting terms into pages, one has the opportunity to share content with their followers, which should include videos, photos, articles or content from a provider’s personal blog (preferably). Monetization may come from affiliate programs, products (Teespring, Zazzle, Shopify), or any service of a particular business.
While some might surmise that the death nail has been tapped on quick flipping domains, hashtag social match domains are a new twist on an excellent approach to web content generation.

5 Step Formula

Have a Blog and Want to Attract Customers?

Do You Have a Blog and Want to Attract Customers?


Want to attract customers? Attract CustomersThere is no doubt that internet has come up as a great resource of information, as a way to help us earn good money with various possibilities to start a home based business and something of the sort. One other opportunity comes in the form of creating a blog through which any business owner can depict their business along with the products or services they offer.

Thus, if you are in this category of bloggers, you will want to find ways to attract customers to the blog, hence your business. It makes no sense to initiate an enterprise and no customers knowing about it. Aside from this, your customers need to find your services and/or products as the ones that satisfy their needs.

Providing Value

Obviously, one way to attract customers to your blog is to display content that’s useful to them. These days, the way a customer weighs the professionalism of a business and its owner is very wise. You cannot simply fool them with poor information or a lack of it thereof. They have to feel that you care about them, about their needs, that everything your business contains and develops on, are for the sake of the customers. This can be done by always providing them reliable and credible content of everything that your business deals with. Besides, Google will give you credit for the extra effort!

In the same note you need to interact with your customers, answer all the questions to make them feel that they can depend on you and your business.

Image Is Everything

Create the blog in an interesting way and make sure that it’s readable for all the customers who land on your pages. Incorporating infrographics into your blog or videos is another way to draw attention since visuals are much easier to comprehend without needing the time and patience to read texts.

Credibility And Reputation

Your customers have to know that whenever there’s a complaint about your products or services, you’re always there to listen.  As such, you have to always be there to attend their needs regardless of what they are. Make them feel respected and that their opinion counts. They must know that they are important to the business you are conducting.

Finally, if there’s discussions on your blog related to the products, don’t overlook them. Instead, intervene with responsibility and gratitude. After all, this helps you to better in your business and the products or services belonging to it.

List of Online Business Ideas in India

Online Business Ideas for Aspiring Entrepreneurs in India


Are you looking for top online business ideas for aspiring entrepreneurs in India? With unemployment being such a massive problem in India, the young people in the country would do well to look beyond the conventional sources of employment and look for money making opportunities in the online world.
In the video below, Indian internet entrepreneur Vipul Kondal explains in Hindi the essential facts about starting an online business in India. I suggest taking a look at it.


You will find many valuable lessons on how to find the right online idea, one that’s unique and about which you are confident about. You will learn how to establish an online presence and start a website and also learn the basics of starting an e-commerce website.

Online Business Ideas In India
Vipul introduces essential topics for internet marketers such as SEO, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing and E-mail marketing. Admittedly, the sound quality of the video is rather poor, but I think it’s a great guide for aspiring Indian internet entrepreneurs, who’re just starting out. Once you’ve seen the video, read the rest of the article for the top online business ideas for aspiring entrepreneurs in India.

1) Blogging – Long time Bloggers will tell you that there’s no better or more profitable online business in India than blogging. Of course, you cannot hope to make a seven-figure income from blogging, but you can certainly hope to earn a respectable Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 100,000 per month from it. Indeed, there are thousands of bloggers in India and most of them make a decent living from it, either full-time or part-time. The great thing about blogging is that you can blog about anything you like- about your passions, hobbies or profession, and get paid for it. You can make money as a blogger by joining a pay-per-click advertising network such as AdSense or Chitika. The important thing is to be patient as it does take time, at least 12 to 18 months before your site becomes prominent enough to attract a high traffic. But your expenses are minimal.


2) Sell Physical Goods On Amazon, eBay or Flipkart – One of the easiest online business ideas in India to do is sign up as a seller on Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and eBay. It is easier to sell stuff on these sites than to sell them on your own website as the top e-commerce marketplaces get a huge amount of traffic. So you will have many more people noticing your products on Amazon or on eBay than on your own website, which guarantees that you will sell more and make more money. If you already have a physical store, than selling goods online on these e-commerce platforms is the obvious thing to do. That would enhance your earning potential by a considerable extent.


  • [aff name="AzonAuthority" title="AzonAuthoritty"]

3) Become a Freelancer – Freelancing is one of the best ways of making money online. There are so many online marketplaces that you can join such as Upwork.com, Freelancer.com, Guru.com and 99Designs.com. There’s plenty of work available as long as you have marketable skills such as app development, writing, web design, graphic design, logo design, voice-overs, proofreading and so on. If you have specialized skills and are a SEO professional or a website developer, then you’ll have no trouble making money on these freelancing sites provided you have talent, offer great customer service and work hard. There are a number of Indian freelancers who make anything from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 200,000 per month.


4) Become a YouTube Marketer – YouTube marketing is a terrific online business opportunity. The trick is to open a YouTube channel and create compelling and attractive videos on a topic that you’re very good at, such as the one we talked about earlier. Solve a problem, provide quality information, deliver value and yes, subtly promote a product or service – that’s how you make money as a YouTube marketer.

[4 YouTube Marketing Tips]

5) Start an Online Course – One of the best business ideas for Indian entrepreneurs is to start an online course.  They provide consultancy and training on areas where they’re very good at, and for which there’s demand. There’s a lot of demand for online tutorials on body building, health and nutrition, internet marketing, laptop trouble shooting, popular programming languages such as Java, C# and Python, Vaastu and cooking. You can sell your online course on sites such as Udemy.


Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed the opportunities discussed here. The quest for online business ideas in India shouldn’t come with difficulty or confusion. There are a number of other online ideas out there for aspiring entrepreneurs, but we believe these are the easiest ideas that can be used by anyone to start making money ASAP!

Make Way for The Black Fashion Bloggers

Make Way for The Black Fashion Bloggers

Black Fashion Bloggers

The fashion scene is constantly changing and social media has made it possible to keep up with its every single move. Popular sites like Tumblr, YouTube, Facebook and IG have opened the floodgates to the new-age fashion scene, giving designers, models and fashion consultants access to unlimited exposure. The best part about all of this is the fact that Black Sistahs all across the globe have been able to show off their style and gain worldwide popularity, giving them a platform on which to grow and expand. In light of the diverse opportunities available online, we previously gave a recommended list of Black women blogs. Here are a few of some of the best black fashion bloggers to check out (and support):

Folake Kuye Huntoon
Founder of StylePantry.com, Folake Huntoon can be found plastered among the Tumblr blogs of many fashion hopefuls. Her seemingly effortless style is eye-catching and elegant, featuring everything from city-slick to Afrocentric.

Gabi Fresh
This curvy beauty is the primary face of online plus-sized fashion “inspo”. Her style extends to those of us who are looking for a way to look chic no matter what size we may be. GabiFresh.com features many different Lookbooks that extend from effortless and comfy to club attire.

J’adore Fashion
Uzoamaka, or “Stella,” is a Nigerian native who grew up with the burning desire for fashion. Her blog, Jadore-fashion.com, features looks that are perfect for the working professional. Her elegance is reminiscent of First Lady, offering some chic inspiration for an otherwise drab business attire. She also incorporates traditional African prints into her looks as an ode to her homeland.

Vintage Virgin
Jessica Virgin, founder of Ms. Vintage Virgin, is a stay at home mom with some bomb thrift finds. This blog is perfect for those who are looking for some street style inspo, as Jessica’s style is unparalleled. Since her finds are mostly thrifted, it’s hard to copy but can be used as motivation to form your own sort of street style.

Faintly Masculine
Ariel Sansaricq’s blog, Faintly Masculine, features looks that combines menswear with feminine staples that result in some uniquely perfect looks. Blazers, oxfords, trousers and ties, Ariel’s style is the perfect marriage of masculinity and femininity, remaining completely undefinable yet classic.

Although a brief list, it’s an example of diversity in the blogging community. The blog platform is no longer confined to any one demographic or niche.  And these bloggers have taken advantages of the many opportunities (See: The Power of Blogging).

The Power Blogging: Create a blog and Earn Money

The Power Blogging: Create a blog and Earn Money Create a blog and Earn Money





Within the past few years, aside from social media, blogging has been the  rave. There are thousands of unique blogs on the internet. By doing a quick search, you would easily find blogger websites on a broad range of topics, including recipe tips, beauty and fashion ideas, parenting advice and everything about games. There is always a topic for people to write about, especially for those who have a hobby or are passionate about something.

Many of the people who have started blogging are now making good money. Some of them may have gotten started simply because it was something they wanted to do in their spare time for fun without the expectation of earning anything. However, others may have gotten their start because they heard about how profitable it could be and decided they wanted a slice of the pie too.

What To Consider Before Starting a Blog

If you have put some thought into whether or not this is something you should do, ask yourself a few questions. Is writing something that you enjoy doing or would it feel more like a chore to complete your posts? Do you have a lot of different things to say and topics to discuss? Do you feel like people would be able to relate to you and learn something based on whatever it is that you have written? If so, it may be a good decision to get started.

Blogging is not something you should get involved with if you are just looking to make quick money and have no real interest in it. Those who are motivated and passionate are the ones who tend to  be the best in the industry because they overcome different obstacles and stick with it, even if they do not have a large following in the beginning. It is not something that turns into a major profit in just a few days, but that does not mean it would not be profitable in the future.

It’s What You Own And Control

The benefits of owning a blog are tremendous. Can you imagine reaching out to a huge audience of random people who live in different states and even different countries? The writing that you do on your own website could open up the doors for all kinds of opportunities in the future. Other bloggers may even want to get in contact with you and request to have you write out a guest post that would be featured on their website.

Time To Monetize 

Write a blog

If you’ve been able to generate a large following as well as n increase in traffic, now, it’s at this point scale your blog and earn money. Along with getting a lot more recognition for your writing, there’s a chance to earn a decent income without having to work a traditional office job. How amazing would it be to quit the job that you currently hate because you were earning enough to live comfortably? There are plenty of people who are doing it, and you can eventually make it happen too.

5 Ways to Monetize Your Blog

First, depending on your niche, there are thousands of affiliate programs to join and promote. Keep in mind, many authority blog site owners who review products and services know the importance of keyword research, on-page SEO and Schema Markup. This methods helps in getting content discovered by Google and Bing. But don’t just rely on the search engines! Consider maximizing the social media platforms to generate additional traffic.

[How To Do SEO Research]

Second, creating a Google AdSense account and having advertisements featured on your website is another way to make good money. Instead of adding too many advertisements in one spot, you could simply choose to place them on the left and right side of each webpage. Some bloggers use link advertisements that blend in with the colors that they use on their website so that visitors are more likely to click on them.

You could start earning money for each click of an advertisement a person makes while they’re on your website. When you start to receive a lot of traffic because the number of followers you have is beginning to increase, different business owners may start to contact you to ask about purchasing an advertisement space on your site, especially if your blog has something in common with their niche.

Thirdly, many successful bloggers  have monetized their blogs from selling ad space. When those business owners attempt to contact you, the power is in your hands because you get to decide which advertisements you will feature and which ones you do not want to bother using. You may even set a specific price that you would charge those business owners for renting out an advertisement space on your site for a certain number of days. For easier convenience, there are a number of ad networks used to choose from.

FTC Disclosure

Make sure to include an FTC disclosure on your website so as to stay on the safe side. Your readers have a right to know you may earn income from affiliate links and banner ads. Access the Federal Trade Commission’s Endorsement Guidelines for more details.

Work Rate Consideration

If you would like to do well as a blogger, it’s going to require consistent work on your behalf. Do not give up if you do not gain a bunch of followers in the first few weeks of getting started. With so much information on the Internet, and lots of competition, it does take a bit of time to start getting people to notice you. In the meantime, stay committed to creating posts that you feel people will be most interested in reading when they have the extra time to do so.

When people are searching for information on topics that relate to your niche, they could end up finding your website on the search engine. However, the best way to gain favor from the search engines is to always post high-quality content and stick with it. Additionally, consider working on including a social media presence for your site. Good content encourages sharing, which Google takes note of. Your goal first and foremost is to provide value to your audience and site visitors.

If you only happen to write two or three posts and then give up on it for a whole month before you start writing another one, the whole blogging thing may not work in your favor.

Always Plan Ahead

If you know that you are going to be busy for a few days, try writing several of your posts out ahead of time. Add each of your articles to the site and schedule them instead of posting them all at once. Once you schedule them, they will come out on that exact date at the specific time you requested. It will look like you are posting regularly even though you know that you wrote a few of those posts in one sitting.

Is it possible to make money while blogging? Absolutely! However, it requires dedication and consistency. As long as you are willing to stick with it, there may come a time where you are able to quit your day job and do it for a living.