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Rich Men Dating Website

Rich Men Dating Website

Rich Men Dating Website

Creating a rich men dating website proves the point I made regarding daily Internet activity. Seeking a partner online is arguably very popular among  browsers.

There once was a time singles could join an agency to find a match. Additionally, any bachelor could place ads in a local paper. Then, obviously, the Internet and mobile apps changed the game. I even posted an entry previously about a polygamous dating platform.

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Yes, it’s not that there’s a big deal about using your device for matchmaking. In fact, this post isn’t even about the pros and cons.

What is interesting however is the categories of websites used to specify the type of suitable mate.

Sugar Daddy Meets

Rich Men Dating Website2

One example of such are rich men dating sites. These are platforms that give women an opportunity to seek an encounter with men of means.

That’s why I decided to give an overview on Sugar Daddy Meet.

[Click here to visit their home page]

This company, according to their About Us page, has been around since 2001. Apparently, they have years of experience.


Features and User Experience

Member are free to join and have free access to browse website.

Posting profiles, search browsing and sending “Winks” are at no cost in Standard.

However, they must upgrade to a premium (Gold) subscription to enjoy extra benefits, such as initiating contacts.

There’s also a separate section for members to discuss tips and dating ideas.

Ad banner for Sugar Daddy Meets. Users can join and earn extra cash by promoting website.

Preferably, male membership consists of, but not exclusive to:

  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Investors
  • Corporate Professionals

Men are also required to have verified photos and income. Obviously, this helps to weeds out time wasters.

One feature of Sugar Daddy Meet that caught my eye was the “First Date Gift”.

Male members are given an opportunity of sending a gift to someone they’re interested in. The Sugar Baby has the option of accepting or rejecting the offer.

Profile Searching

Performance of their basic and advanced search function seems simple. One can browse a variety of profiles from broad to as narrow as they wish, such as:

  • Ethnicity
  • Body Type
  • Educational Background
Sugar Daddy App

Sugar Daddy Meet offers an app for mobile devices. Much like Tinder, members can swipe left or right depending on their preferences. Matches are then notified of mutual interests.

Overall, there’s a lot of device users who are satisfied with this application.

Reviews from Google Play reveals many are most happy with:

  • Easy Navigation
  • Convenient and Discreet Matches
  • User Assistance
  • Regular Updates

App For Apple

App For Android

Costumer Reviews

Some members have written reviews based on their experiences.

Evidently, there are members who’ve had different experiences.

One such, according to SiteJabber, characterized the service as “just alright”.

While they’ve indicated the website has many gold diggers looking for sugar daddies (dah!), they acknowledge an upgraded account gives users the opportunity to meet a decent amount of matches.

Perhaps, it’s best for potential subscribers to try out the service for a short period.

Most dating sites still run the risk of coming into contact with fakes and scammers. Users should proceed as such.

Sugar Daddy Meet
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Regardless of the platform, rich men dating sites require the same amount of precautions used for any other method of seeking companionship.

The difference is that, while online, one may need to exercise patience. Enjoy the online experience of each encounter without compromising your principles.

And one thing’s for certain, sites like SugarDaddyMeet are giving the average Internet user more options!

[Log on to website and try for yourself]

Ayopoligami App Seeks Polygamists 

Ayopoligami App Seeks Polygamists Encounters


Ayopoligami App

I don’t know if it’s good or bad news. Apparently, the Ayopoligami app hopes to connect users seeking polygamist encounters for long term commitments.

The official website for the application isn’t in English, however.

Which pretty much means it’s for Muslim men in Indonesia:


App Launch Controversy

Of course, dating was part of the Internet Daily Life post regarding society’s online activity. And as you may know, the Internet has given a platform for anyone with an idea to reach the masses.

But, I wasn’t expecting to come across this. The Ayopoligami founder ran into a few glitches, however.

Turns out, upon it’s initial launch, a bit of controversy followed. In fact, some of the criticisms of the app include:

In spite of this, Lindu Cipta Pranayama, the founder, hopes to relaunch the app with more features to filter out time wasters.

According to The Jakarta Post, he’s starting from scratch with stricter settings, such as:

  • Proper identification for all users.
  • Marital status disclosure.
  • Letter of permission from first spouse.


The app’s expected to launch in October.

The Popularity of YouTube in India

The Popularity of YouTube in India


The popularity of YouTube in India

The most popular YouTube videos in India get hundreds of thousands of views every week, attesting to the popularity of the video sharing service in India. Like in the Hollywood-dominated West the popular YouTube videos in India are the latest trailers of new Bollywood releases or the hottest songs from Indian rock stars or musicians.

Tamil actor/singer Dhanush’s “Why this Kolaveri” was perhaps one of the most popular YouTube videos in India and had an impact similar to the one created by the incredibly famous and record breaking YouTube sensation, Gangnam Style by South Korean pop start PSY.

Browsing through YouTube, along with Facebook, is what a majority of Indians do on their mobile phones. India is the fastest growing smartphone market in the world, and most Indian buyers use their ultra-cheap smartphones to watch videos on YouTube.

The Importance of Mobile

Indeed, mobile is the most important part of YouTube’s India strategy, as the company owned by Google focuses on non-PC devices in countries with relatively lower PC and internet penetration such as India. Worldwide, mobile accounts for 25% of YouTube’s daily views, 1 billion in all, and this percentage is much higher in lower income countries such as India, or for that matter, in Africa.

Udemy- Online Courses

India is one of YouTube’s top five markets in the world and hence quite significant. YouTube’s primary focus is to keep growing alongside, as the penetration of smartphones, internet and “smart” DTH television grows in India. The primary focus, as discussed earlier, is on mobile penetration. YouTube plans to take advantage of the rising popularity of YouTube videos in India by integrating YouTube videos with direct-to-home (DTH) television subscriptions provided by Indian companies such as with Airtel, Tata Sky and Dish TV.

Not Just A Bollywood Thing

While the most popular YouTube videos in India have related to Bollywood, it is not necessarily the case that all top content providers in India for YouTube have links to movies to India’s “City of Dreams”.

Harsh Agrawal, of ShoutMeLoud, offers SEO lesson:

There are a plenty of content providers for YouTube in the country who have done remarkably well with their educational videos – such as, “how to change your hard drive”, product review videos – “New Google Nexus 6 Review” or “iPhone 6 Review” or some thrilling videos such as the video of stuntmen in Mumbai performing dangerous acrobatics on a moving train, which became viral, and eventually created a huge political storm, leading to stricter monitoring of Indian trains.

Point is, there is a great hunger in India for new and original videos, interesting videos, and they may have nothing whatsoever to do with Bollywood.

Video Tutorial in Hindi:

YouTube Popularity For Politics

Even politicians in India have taken to YouTube in a big way for their campaigning, none more so than India’s popular prime minister, Narendra Modi. Mr. Modi made YouTube and other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook the corner stones of his campaigning in the recently concluded election, which he won by a landslide victory. Mr. Modi has been a pioneer in Indian politics and very good with technology – which makes him very popular among India’s young voters. Any YouTube video of the new Indian prime minister’s speeches, was likely to get hundreds of thousands of views. Indeed, fans of the Indian prime minister have a dedicated YouTube channel where his speeches were broadcasted. Hence, it’s not outlandish to suggest that YouTube could claim a small but significant role in Mr. Modi being the prime minister of India today!

YouTube-India Partnerships

Some of the most popular YouTube videos in India have been partnerships. YouTube has had highly successful partnerships with content creators such as the India Comedy Week a few years back, during which over 400 hours of comedy content were hosted by YouTube that featured originals and some all-time favorite TV comedy shows such as Mamman Bhai, Dilli Ki Billi and Shit People Say.

YouTube’s Diverse Language Options

Another important thing done by YouTube is not to cater to India’s most popular languages – Hindi and English – alone. YouTube has made a concerted effort to target speakers of other major Indian languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada, Bengali, Malyalam, Gujarati, Punjabi as well as various dialects of Hindi such as Bhojpuri and Rajasthani.

Moving Forward

While doing business in India, YouTube has been smarter than many other multinational companies. The big reason for YouTube’s great success in India is how well the US based company has “Indianized” itself and adapted to Indian tastes and sensibilities. And the best part is that, we have seen nothing yet – YouTube will only get stronger and more popular in India over the next few years.

12 Cool Ways to Make Money Online

12 Cool Ways to Make Money Online

Ways to Make Money


So you’ve decided that you want to create an additional stream of income to fund that exotic trip on your bucket list, and you’re determined to use the internet to supplement your earnings. You will want to find an online niche that is unique, useful to potential users, and can generate enough revenue to help make that bucket list a bit shorter. Beyond fulfilling bucket list items, you dream of success so great that you can fire your boss and strike out on your own to make your fortune.

Then perhaps you’ve been looking for some ways to make money.
Before you give the boss his or her walking papers, consider that finding a money making online niche and turning it into reality requires a lot of time, hard work and research. Information gathering is crucial, and not just any information, but the right information. Unfortunately, there are far too many “get rich on autopilot” scams, with empty or ambiguous promises of “being up and running in a few weeks”. This information, in the form of a “system” (at a special price) may actually be:

⦁ The Wrong Information
⦁ Outdated Information
⦁ Information That One Realizes Could Have Been Obtained for Free

Buying one of these “get rich” systems is tempting for sure, but chances are very high that the only person making any money will be the one selling the system to you! Hard work, persistence and tons of free information available in cyberspace and elsewhere will help you achieve financial success and independence. And therefore, behold, the (free) suggested list for what’s creating an online revenue stream.

Top 15 Money Making List


1 – Author a Blog 

Reading, contributing to, or commenting on blogs has become an everyday routine for many internet users. Expertise, commitment and business savvy are all important to success.

Blogging has created a fantastic conduit for encouraging diversity and advocating for minorities, with the likes of Necole Kane  (hellonecole.comxonecole.com), Fred Mwangaguhunga of MediaTakeout.com, Zoe Griffin, Andy Torres of Style Scrapbook, David Badash’s The New Civil Rights Movement, or Viviana Hurtado and The Wise Latina Club, just to name a few . These sites and many other top blogs enjoy huge amounts of traffic and a large following on social media.

[How to Start a Food Blog and Make Money]

Create your own successful blog and you’ll have advertisers begging to pay you for ad space (Read Advertising)!

Read this previous blog post which goes further in detail on blogging.

2 – Utilize Affiliate Marketing/Programs

You can become an affiliate marketer (free!) through your website, blog, review site, e-mail list (see below), newsletter or other online presence. Links, or ads, placed on your site produce income when a visitor clicks on the link and makes a purchase at the advertiser’s site, rewarding you a commission. Clickbank, JVZoo, CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission Junction) and Amazon Affiliates are examples of companies that can assist you in becoming a successful affiliate marketer.


Max Bounty Review

[Best Affiliate Marketing Business Opportunities]

Other affiliate websites worth joining:


A word of caution: while there are many sites offering courses promising one to become a super affiliate, it’s recommended to take advantage of free resources to assist in proper guidance. The popular Warriors’ Forum has an enormous amount of recent and up to date discussion posts from seasoned Internet Marketers. Additionally, Affilorama offers both free and premium membership services.

3 – Wall Street Laptop – Online Investing & Trading

Your rent or mortgage payment is just out of reach, or that fabulous vacation you wanted to take isn’t going to be possible for another year. Why deny yourself what you want when you can use the internet to generate income?  Consider trading in the financial markets as a way to make money that not many know about.

[Wall Street Laptop: The Future For Investing Online]

These aren’t “get rich quick schemes,” you need to study and work at it for it to work for you. Be assured, with knowledge and effort, you can take these strategies and make them into money-making opportunities.

They are as follows:

  • Day Trading By day trading, we are talking about buying and selling stocks quickly during the course of a day.Sometimes you will hang onto to a stock for just a few hours, sometimes minutes. When you want to make money as a day trader, you would scout companies with high betas. This means looking for businesses which are more volatile than the overall market.You’ll find the most volatile stocks in the market are often what’s called penny stocks. These stocks trade for $5 or less per share. For example, if a stock has a beta of 2.1, the stock could climb or drop 2.1 times as fast as the market, if the market’s value begins to climb or drop. Day traders look for these potentials because fast gains can be had as they ride each volatile stock for only a short while. See this post to read more details on Jason Bond and swing trading.
  • FOREX Trading In the forex market, you buy or sell currencies.To do this, you place a trade in the foreign exchange (FOREX) market. The mechanics of a trade are very much the same as you would find in the stock market. If you have any experience in trading, you should be able to to do this fairly easily.The object of forex trading is to exchange one currency for another in the expectation that the price will change, so that the currency you bought will increase in value compared to the one you sold.  Potential investors can discover more by reading a previous post, social trading, as it relates to both forex and penny stocks.
  • Binary Options You can make money in binary option trading if you follow a system. The key is to control risk.  A trader can never lose too much money on any particular trade.

A put option is an contract giving the owner the right, but not the obligation, to sell an underlying security, like stocks or bonds, at a specific price within a preset time. This is the opposite of a call option, which gives the contract holder the right to buy shares.

A call option is an agreement that gives an investor the right to exercise the option to buy an underlying security at a specific price within a preset time period.

In theory, you have a 50% chance of being correct on any trade whether you buy a call or a put option. To make money, you only need to be correct on about 60% of the trades you take. When you are making money in binary options, the outcome of a trade can be influenced by the other people participating and the outside environment. The outcome of a binary options trade can be anticipated by the current environment when the trade is executed. You don’t have to be right by much to be on the money making side.

  • Contract for Difference Trading Making money from CFD trading (Contracts For Difference) involves taking advantage of rising prices (long positions), or dropping prices (short positions) on stocks or bonds. The CFD is a contract between two parties, a buyer and a seller, to exchange the difference between the opening price and the closing price of a contract. When this difference is a negative amount, then the buyer pays that amount to the seller.

To make money, you need to:

  1. Understand past patterns, so you can better predict future movements
  2.  Forecast momentum, so you can “ride the wave”
  3. Swing trading by looking for stocks currently trading either above or below their normal range
  4. Taking out two positions in the same industry – one goes long while the other goes short

4 – Ad Networks

Selling advertising directly on your site can provide a steady cash flow. Using a tool such as Google AdSense can make the process easy and effective, providing access to a large existing pool of advertisers. Advertising networks love websites that attract a lot of traffic, so it’s important to work on generating unique and regular visitors each month, using this as leverage for placed ads to attract large audiences.

5 – Data Entry Online Jobs /Utilize Virtual Assistant Services

Fiverr, UpWork, and Time-etc are all examples of companies that specialize in providing virtual assistance in all kinds of business endeavors. You can freelance through these companies to use your skills and talents to make money doing what you love to do, and in many cases at your own hours! These services may include, but not exclusive to: Billing Clerk, Ghost Blogger, Business Card Designer, eNewsletter Publisher, Security Monitoring or Online Course Developers and Language Programming. Imagine taking advantage of freelance data entry jobs for hire on vacation in Thailand, Brazil or Belize!

See the previous posts regarding extra income from Udemy courses and data entry.

6 – Use Ecommerce Sites

Amazon and eBay are two well-known ecommerce sites that you can use to make money. Both provide platforms that allow you to sell products in different ways to hundreds of millions of potential buyers. Alternatively, you can set up your own site with the help of specialists, or give it a go on your own. As the saying goes, “If you build it they will come”. As an example, you could create the next best virtual flea market to bring potential sellers together in exchange for a percentage of each sale with dropshipping. Or, perhaps you have an idea of a product of your own? Either way, with the right amount of research and effort, the possibilities are endless.

 7 – Apps Development

Come up with an app that people decide they can’t live without, and watch the money roll in. Consider Chad Mureta of AppEmpire, now worth millions, who created his first app, a bestseller called Fingerprint Security Pro, with no prior experience. In-app purchasing can generate additional revenue, and in-app advertising is another potential money maker. Small business owners are realizing the impact that mobile apps can have on their bottom line, and the demand for those with the skills to create such apps is huge.

Many apps are bought and sold on Flippa.

8 – Freelance Writing

If writing is your thing, you can become a freelance writer for SEO content companies such as FiverrWriter Access,  BKA Content, or freelance exclusively for a company or a select blog or blogs. As online and social media presence becomes more and more important for a company’s survival, a gifted writer can use their talents to create some respectable income.

9 – Domain & Website Flipping

Flippa.com, NameJet.com and other auction sites facilitate the buying and selling of domain names that have expired for a variety of reasons. With some skill and tenaciousness, flipping domains and websites can be one of the simplest methods to make money online, in many cases for a considerable profit. Website flipping involves the buying of a site, improving it, and then reselling it at a higher price. A low initial investment and the chance to make money off the site even while improvements are being made can make this process lucrative as well.

Read previous entries for more: selling domains and social match phrases.

10 – E-mail List Building

Combined with a blog site following or strong social media base, successful marketers know the power of generating huge prospects, which serves as a rewarding source of passive income. In exchange for submitting an e-mail via an opt-in form, subscribers receive updates, free ebooks or discount deals (to name a few). The next step comes from sending an “e-mail blast” (MailChimp, Constant Contact and SendGrid are just a few of the top electronic marketing services used to reach potential leads) with products or services, such as those from affiliate programs. Whether you choose to build an email list with or without a website, it’s important to note that numbers are everything, giving marketers enough opportunities to monetize their website traffic or Facebook fans.

 11  – Write an E-book

With the advent of self-publishing, anyone can write and publish an e-book, with the potential to be read by millions all over the world. Whether it be fiction or non-fiction such as a how-to or a self-help book, the possibilities are limitless and the income potential great.

Brief demonstration from Stefan Pylarinos of K Money Mastery:

12 – Utilize YouTube

Creating original content on your own YouTube channel is a great way to generate revenue. The key is to create fun, engaging content that is not only appealing to many users, but to advertisers as well. Quality content submitted on a regular basis creates and nurtures advertising relationships that will last and create income over the long term. If interested, you may learn more here.

In Conclusion

Although there is no easy path to making lots of money online, there are so many opportunities available that there should be something for everyone. These 15 methods only scratch the surface of what is possible through hard work, determination, skill, lots of research, and a little luck. Choose something that appeals to you and go for it – you could be the next internet millionaire!

InstaForex Review

On Mobile Usage in India – All the Facts

On Mobile Usage in India – All the Facts

Mobile Usage in India

What is not so well known about the long running war between iPhone and Android is that India is where the battle between Apple, Google and Samsung is being played out, with frantic intensity. India is the world’s fastest growing smartphone market, according to Gartner, with smartphone sales growing by 166.8% this year and accounting for 53.6% of the new mobile devices sold this year.

Mobile Usage Challenges

India may have been slow at providing basic amenities for its people – still a large number of households in India, especially in rural Indian and in urban slums, do not have access to drinking water or proper toilets. Still, a significant percentage of Indian children suffer from malnutrition and in many ways, the country is still technologically backward, suffering from a creaking infrastructure. But if there is one area in which India shines, and shines really brightly, it is in the national mobile device usage.

There are 1.25 billion people in India and according to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), India’s premier telecom regulator, there are as many as 933 million mobile phone connections in the country. Which means that the mobile device usage in India is particularly high for what is still a very poor country.

Udemy- Online Courses

But that is not the full picture about the mobile device usage in India. The caveat here is that the number of unique mobile phone subscribers in India is actually less than half of the estimated number of 933 million total subscriptions. This is because Indian mobile phone users have an average of 2.5 sims registered in their names. While the sim penetration in India has reached almost 75% of the population, the mobile penetration has only reached 35%. There are more mobile phone subscriptions than mobile phone devices.

Promising Outlook For Mobile Usage

The anomaly is because the telecom market is highly competitive in the country, with half a dozen well established telecom companies battling it out for the attention of a vast population that grows richer and less poorer every year, and has more disposable income to spend, year after year. There is no question that many Indians are poor, but things are changing fast, and there is now no doubt that the country is on the right track. The fast growing mobile device usage in India is one of the biggest signs of a new wave of prosperity.

So to cater to the growing demands of a vast market, the big telecom companies in India, such as Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Reliance and Tata DoCoMo and to survive the tough competition try trick in the trade to attract new customers, offering freebies and great deals for subscribing to their connections. This, coupled with the really cheap smartphones available in the country has spurred the mobile phone usage in India like nowhere else in the world.

The smartphone market in India is another huge success story. While there were 113 smartphones sold in the country by 2013, and proceeding year – in 2014 – the smartphone sales have been estimated to have increased by 166.8% – a truly remarkable growth. While iPhones are getting increasingly popular in India, the real battle for the attention of the Indian consumer is being played out by the various makers of Android phones. While Samsung still lords over the smartphone sales in India, it is facing great competition – not from Apple, Nokia or Lenovo – but from Indian manufacturers such as Micromax, Lava and Karbonn. Micromax has been a great local success story and its great success against Samsung has been widely covered in business publications in the country.

Also interesting is the fact that more people in India use internet on their mobile phones than on their desktop. The internet penetration in the country (for desktop usage) is still quite low, which is being made up by increasing smartphone sales.

Mobile Usage For Social Media

Facebook and YouTube are hugely popular in India and account for bulk of the internet usage on mobile devices. Facebook claims to have 100 million users in the country, of which 84 million are said to use it only through their mobile phones.

Another interesting fact which suggests just why mobile phone usage in India is so critical is that over 90% of Indian mobile phone users claim to do research on a particular product on their mobile devices before placing an order for it online.

Lastly, an overwhelming majority of mobile phone subscriptions in the country are pre-paid connections (93%). Not just poor or middle class Indians, even the rich prefer to have pre-paid connections because of the mistrust associated with postpaid subscriptions, where the telecom companies are known to make frequent mistakes with the billing.

5 iPad Tricks and Tips for Your Home Stereo

DIY iPad Tricks and Tips for Integrating into Your Home Stereo System


If you are a DIY home stereo fanatic, here are some great tips to try in your home stereo environment to bring your iPad into the mix with your current equipment. Some tips are just basic ideas to incorporate your iPad, and others include the use of internet radio and other applications to enhance your DIY home stereo experience. Enjoy!iPad Tricks and Tips




Optimize Your Sound Experience

1) Connect your iPad into your home stereo receiver to include it in the mix. Moreover, it’s a simple idea, and it’s a cool way to enjoy “big sound” with your iPad, rather than just listen from the tablet. Simply connect your iPad’s sound out port (3.5mm earphone outlet) via a 3.5mm to RCA adapter/cord to your theater sound or receiver and bring it into your surround sound system with the appropriate external input. Test it out by playing a song from your iPad. You should hear the over your entire system for “big” iPad sound!

2) Download the “Pandora” app for internet radio and “broadcast” the sound into your stereo system as well. This will allow you to include the cool technology of internet radio and music feeds from your iPad into your big system for big stereo sound.

3) Use a wireless transmitter for short wave broadcasting! You can purchase a wireless FM transmitter which will allow you to “broadcast your sound” over your stereo with no wires! Simply find a “non-existent” FM frequency, such as 88.1 on your FM radio, plug in the wireless transmitter to your iPad and hear the sound over your radio too. This even works in the car! Warning! As you pass other motorists, they may actually be able to pick up your broadcast if they happen to be on the same frequency, so make it some good music, OK?!

4) Create a “surround sound” environment. You can purchase extra speakers and a receiver (if you don’t already have one) to broadcast your iPad music throughout your house. Place small speakers on your walls, larger speakers in the back, and speaker pods throughout other areas where you want music to come through. Some people even enjoy putting them around their pool or outside furniture to enjoy sound anywhere.

5) Integrate other external equipment, such as karaoke machines or mp3 players so you can hear them all in “big sound” through your entire sound system. For a complete DIY home stereo experience, use the following ideas to pull it all together. Your iPad can be more than just a tablet that’s mobile which you take with you. It can be like a mechanical DJ that entertains you in 100% surround sound both at home and “on-the-go!”

Finally, in addition to the above tips, go to the Apple Store and download one of the virtual DJ apps. This will add even more functionality with your iPad for a full home stereo experience.

The Top Computer Programming Languages Used Today

List of the The Top Computer Programming Languages Used Today

As a programmer, you will need to know more than just one programming language. In fact, ideally, you should be knowledgeable about at least 3 or 4 programming languages and specialize iProgramming Languages Used Todayn one or two of them.








Also, programming languages evolve and improve over time, so it is important that you should keep up with the changes and learn new programming languages every now and then.
So, which are the top computer programming languages used today? We have drawn up a list for you. Let’s have a look.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the most in-demand programming languages


1) Java
Java is the world’s most popular programming language by far. Java is used to create server-side applications that that used in mobile apps and games. Indeed, the introduction of Android smartphones and the subsequent boom in the Android apps market has led to a resurgence in the use of Java. Java is the core foundation for Android app development. Java is portable and runs on multiple software platforms. A vast majority of programmers today specialize in Java.

2) Python
Python is not far behind Java in popularity and is, in fact, the most widely taught programming languages in colleges and universities in the U.S. Python is probably the easiest programming language to learn. The python framework can be used for a number of applications, whether it is it design web apps or to conduct data analysis. Did you know that Instagram and Pinterest have
been built entirely with Python? That’s impressive!

3) Ruby on Rails
Ruby on Rails is a popular computer programming language which is very easy to learn, and yet is powerful, efficient and fast. Ruby on Rails is used to develop web apps and is in huge demand today because it is essentially a very modern programming language.

4) JavaScript
JavaScript, first of all, is not Java. It is an independent programming language in its own right. It allows developers to add interactive elements to their websites. In fact, a lot of the World Wide Web has been created using JavaScript. JavaScript libraries such as JQuery are also very popular.

5) C#
C#, which is pronounced as C-sharp, is the primary programming language used to Windows apps. C# is syntactically similar to Java. Anyone who’s good at Java shouldn’t find it difficult to switch to C#. There’s a major demand for C# programmers, and those who master C# will have wonderful opportunities in the job market.

6) PHP
PHP is a powerful internet programming language that is used to create dynamic websites and mobile apps. Indeed, some of the biggest sites and applications out there, such as Facebook and WordPress have been created with PHP. PHP is an open source language, which means you will have access to millions of free built-up modules which you can use and modify as you like. Learning PHP is a must for web developers.

7) Objective-C
Objective-C is one of the most popular programming languages today and the reason for this is that it used to create iOS apps. While a new programming language Swift is fast rising in the ranks, Objective-C is still the #1 choice of most iOS app developers.

8) SQL
SQL or Structured Query Language is the most popular database query language out there and allows you to work with huge databases. There is a great demand for programmers who can work with SQL especially with increasing use of Big Data by many organizations around the world, for marketing, research and other purposes. SQL server consultants are among the best paid IT professionals.

9) C
C is one of the oldest (think Windows Operating system) programming languages and is still very much in demand as it is the programming language of choice for working with embedded systems such as the operating system of an aircraft or the firmware of your automatic washing machine. C is the first computer language that most computer science students learn in school.

So these are the top computer programming languages used today. If you are a computer science student, you should master at least 3 or 4 of them.


5 Travel Apps Recommended For Tourists


5 Cool Travel Apps That Will Change The Way You Get Around


Being a tourist today means choosing useful travel apps that help guide us throughout our journeys. These groundbreaking tools have changed the way we get around, and that’s why we offer our recommended list to help your travels less burdensome.

5 Travel Apps Recommended For Tourists

Introducing the 5 Travel Apps….


1) Dufl How would you like to travel without hauling around any clothes? With Dufl, you can send in your clothes and they will inventory and store them for you. When you’re ready to go on vacation or a business trip, just select the clothes you want from your inventory and specify your destination. Your clothes will meet you there! When you’re done, just schedule a pickup and they’ll ship back to your inventory. They’ll even clean your clothes for you so they’re ready for your next trip!

2) Airbnb Need a place to stay, but want to avoid hotels? Airbnb allows anyone to rent out space to travelers. Enter your destination to find all the rooms for rent in the area. All hosts and guests can be reviewed, so you can get an idea of what type of people your hosts are. Some hosts prefer to become familiar with their guests before allowing them to stay in their home, while others will allow you to book a room very quickly without any hassle. There are destinations in over 190 countries across the world.

3) Field Trip If you’re interested in finding new things to do in unfamiliar areas, Field Trip is the app for you! Field Trip monitors your current location and will send you notifications when there are areas of interest near you. You can subscribe to various feeds, such as “Historic Places and Events,” “Lifestyle,” “Food, Drinks, and Fun,” “Cool and Unique” and more. Just start exploring, and the app will let you know when you’re approaching something interesting.

4) Flush Toilet Finder When you’re in a place you’ve never been before, finding a public toilet can take a while. Not only will Flush Toilet Finder tell you where there are public restrooms in your area, it will tell you if they have disabled access, require a key or if there is a usage fee. Don’t leave yourself in a situation where you really have to go, but you don’t know where to go! There are over 190,000 toilets all over the world in the database.

5) Rome2Rio (Android or iTunes) Do you want to travel from Point A to Point B, but don’t want to work out all the details? Rome2Rio will allow you to specify any two points in the world and it will build an itinerary for every step of the way. Get on a bus here and take it there. Then take the subway to the other place. Take a flight over there and take a taxi downtown. The app will give you the travel duration between each point and provide a cost estimate. It will even show you nearby hotels and the price to stay there.

These are just a few apps that could be of some assistance in your journey as a tourist. Try them as well as other travel applications to discover which serves best for you.  After all,  mobile devices are a major part of our lives, so put them to use for that next destination!