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Naked Zebra Breaths Life Into Fashion

Naked Zebra Breaths Life Into Fashion

Naked Zebra

This blog site has spent a lot of time focusing on how the internet has been of great benefit to the financial industry. Just take the previous post Social Trading  for example. But make no mistakes, the virtual frontier exists in the world of fashion as well. And that’s why this entry will review Naked Zebra.



It seems almost every day in the news, another major fashion retailer has gone bankrupt or is on the precipice of tottering into oblivion – just look at the fall from grace Macy’s Inc has taken. Known to many as the iconic centerpiece of “Miracle on 34th Street,” shares have dropped by 50 percent in the last few years.

With the emergence of Amazon, eBay, and many more retailers selling high fashion for a fraction of the price online, brick and mortar businesses have struggled to keep up with the shift in consumers.

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Now, beautiful, elegant fashion can be bought (both wholesale and retail) online without ever leaving your couch. Retailers like Naked Zebra feature everything from flattering blouses to trendy tanks and beautiful dresses, all from the comfort of your own home.

From the comfort of your couch (and in some cozy sweatpants) you can purchase and shop online for some of the trendiest pieces available.

While the price may discourage some – taxes and shipping vary by county, city, and state tax codes – for many, the ability to shop from any kind of data-connected device is worth the cost. Why go to a physical department store, when you can shop from your phone?

As stated by Lyst,

“Tops by Naked Zebra are cut to a relaxed fit, and that’s what makes the range a winner in this (sic) eyes. T-shirts, blouses, camisoles and tank tops are perfect for relaxing in, but can also be dressed up too. That’s thanks to the use of crepe alongside the vibrant colors, pleats, twists and cut-outs. Just throw on a pair of skinny pants and go.”

Naked Zebra launched it’s unique brand in 2009. Located in the thriving heart of the Los Angeles fashion scene, Naked Zebra is determined and devoted to creating the kind of closet staples that will make your coworkers green with envy.

They design and produce high fashion with a focus on timeless design and superior quality. Naked Zebra brings a game changing twist on the modern classic closet essential, with a large variety of pieces that are accessible and easy-to-wear, yet always fashionable. Need a flattering blouse to elevate your suit pants? They have you covered. Trendy tanks to layer under a boring suit jacket?

The options span the spectrum. You need a bright, colorful piece to brighten your mood and bring your outfit to the next level? Naked Zebra has colors not even the rainbow can rival.

Whether it’s a colorful dress or a “flowy” skirt or an ensemble to rock the boardroom, Naked Zebra’s simple, offbeat details in fabulous, touchable fabrics will enable you to express the wonderfully individual caveats to your classy personality and make an instant fashion statement – your way.

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Website Features

The Naked Zebra collection consists of a covetable range of clothing that is accessible, easy-to- wear yet always fashion-forward, putting a modern twist on classic closet essentials. Naked Zebra’s collection features everything from flattering blouses to trendy tanks and beautiful dresses in a rainbow of vibrant colors.

The simple offbeat details in our high quality, fabulous touch fabrics will allow you to express your true classy personality and make an instant fashion statement.

Naked Zebra takes pride in sourcing and producing their own fabrics, which means that their line is truly unique – you won’t find amazing pieces like these in any ol’ department store. If you’re all about touch and feel, then you’ll swoon over the variety of fabrics that make up these on-point fashionable pieces. Looking this good has never felt this good!

For those of you who love handbags as much as we do, you’ll love the variety of looks and colors available in Naked Zebra’s handbag line. Purses and handbags that range from small and sleek to large and bold to mid-size bags that will really create a statement. Obsessed with fringe?

Want the cutest purse backpack? Satchel, cross body, pocketbook-esque, saddlebag? Check, check, and more check! Almost every type under the sun is represented, along with a vast array of colors and designs.

Top to bottom (literally! With tops, rompers, trousers, dresses, jackets, and everything in between,) all summer long you’ll be able to stay cool, look hot, and create the vibe that complements your personality.

And good news! Sign up for the newsletter, and you’ll get exclusive promotions, first-look at new lines, and possibly receive discounts on your first order!

Website Pros:

  • Huge sales
  • FREE shipping (for a limited time)
  • Current, trendy items for sale
  • A fraction of the cost of high-end retailers
  • Sells retail and wholesale
  • Excellent customer service
  • Ability to chat via website
  • Sign up for the newsletter and get 20% off
  • Sourced and produced to bring you the highest quality fabrics for a fraction of the price
  • Pieces that are great for layering and mix-and-matching
  • Trendy pieces for every season
  • Partnered with Love Number One, an organization that helps feed children in need

Website Cons:

  • You can’t try something on in person until after you’ve ordered it (but hey, this blog still champions the cause of the internet).
  • You have to wait for things to be shipped to you.
Take the Leap:

With so many other options out there, Naked Zebra has the most elegant, trendy styles for young, contemporary women. Look professional in the boardroom and out with your friends, for a fraction of the cost. (Who DOESN’T want to rock it at work, and then turn around and be ready for drinks with your friends? Hello, happy hour!)

Plus, isn’t shopping in your sweatpants while you binge on your favorite TV show better than going to a physical store? Save your time, save your gas, enjoy your clothing more with Naked Zebra.

1000 Crocker St, Los Angeles, CA 90021

(213) 749-8004

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Naked Zebra Breaths Life Into Fashion
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Naked Zebra Breaths Life Into Fashion
Naked Zebra review of Los Angeles' emerging brand and retail collection. We look at their website from A to Z to discuss why they're unique. Read on.