Life Size Adult Dolls Trending

Life Size Sex Adult Dolls Trending

Adult Dolls

So the topic of sex adult dolls has come across my Twitter and Facebook feed and I decided to talk about adult dolls as an example of opportunities that come from the Internet (in this case, in regards to online daily activity, the e-commerce industry).

Ok, I know. It’s not really a subject I want to focus on too long for obvious reasons. But since it’s getting a lot of attention on social media, I guess I can say I felt compelled to post about it.

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Sexy Adult Dolls

I’ve come across discussions online about the trending topic of sex dolls from the various blogs shard on social media. Two in particular that caught my attention were from MediaTakeout.

In fact, some of the topics they’ve published included:

Recommended Websites For Realistic Sex Dolls

Obviously, this industry has been around for a long time. But thanks to the Internet (as always), this has given both costumer and seller alike an opportunity to conduct business easier.

In the past, I imagine customers were only able to order from ads placed in mature magazines or adult catalogs. But now, one can order online with a much broader variety of body shapes.

Which brought my curiosity towards examining some websites that come up for search terms pertaining to adult dolls.

My criteria for judging these three sites are solely on the basis of my own user experience (UX), as well as the overall appearance of the site itself.

Therefore, while there are many, I have chosen the following worth checking out if interested (and you should be of mature age!).

I repeat, if this sort or material doesn’t interest you, you may want to read other blog post like this, this or this. Otherwise, continue on below:

Sexy Sex Doll 

With an attractive layout, this website has an enormous selection of dolls. They also have impressive features as follows:

  • Design a Doll – This company allows users to custom create the doll of their choice online. In addition, users can even upload images of their liking.
  • Accessories – New and returned clients have the option of purchasing additional clothing and items such as wigs, body part add-ons and care kit sets.
  • Question and Answers – Curious consumers are able to ask real time question and can expect a response to their needs.

You can access the website here.

Sexy Real Sex Dolls

As they say, they are “Also known as SRSD”.  And apparently, one of their adult dolls have gone viral across the Internet. Named “Jasmine”,  it become an instant share after the Ryan Davis video:

In addition, this website also has a massive amount of features that stand out amongst the competition:

  • Spin To Win – You’re given the opportunity to enter an e-mail address to win several discounts and even a free doll.
  • Payment Option – Aside from PayPal, Cashier Checks and Bank Transfers, this website, as of the time of this writing,  allows the option to purchase through major cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin).

Visit their homepage to see for yourself.

Silicone Wives

I found the layout for this website just as impressive. They’ve also given customers an option to purchase via cryptocurrency and PayPal.

Testimonies from their review page shows there are satisfied buyers.

Customers will also find a wide range of adult dolls with different body types:

  • Japanese
  • Blonde
  • Curvey
  • Black (more on this below)

Log on to website for more information.

Black Sex Doll 

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In the process of doing further digging, I’ve noticed an interest by customers searching for Ebony adult dolls.

Each of the above mentioned websites offer this selection. However, Silicon Wives has Black TPE  dolls who almost look real , such as “Destiny”.

For Sexy Sex Doll, upon typing in “black”, their search engine function will take visitors to dark skinned figures ranging from slim to curvy (Aliyah and Jayde).

Lastly, a Sexy Real Sex Dolls came up with an impressive list of their own. It’s my personal opinion that “Nava” has a more realistic look, although they have her listed as African American when the face strikes me as a woman from Nigeria.

Overall, any of the mentioned companies will provide potential buyers with what they are looking for.


The Internet provides an immense amount of opportunities for buyers, investors and entrepreneurs alike.

These dolls, like other merchandise, are easily accessible with a click of a mouse, laptop or mobile device.

I truly believe the three sites mentioned went above and beyond to ensure visitors get the best value when browsing each of their pages.

It’s also an opportunity for online entrepreneurs, as all offer an affiliate program of their own.

Whichever side one’s on, buyer, seller or affiliate partner, the possibility for what’s over the virtual space remains endless!

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Life Size Adult Dolls Trending
Online companies offering Adult dolls are taking advantage of the buzz created by popular blogs and social media. This blog post analyzes and goes into three recommended websites responsible for providing great value to their new and potential customers.