InstaForex Review New Copy Trading Opportunity

InstaForex Review – New Copy Trading Opportunity

InstaForex InstaForex Review


With the state of the world’s economy, it is vital that you have control of your financial future. But it is not just a decision that can enhance, it can be as exciting as Twitter! Global business and politics are changing the opportunities that individuals have to improve their finances. Likewise, technology has changed the way to take advantage of the dynamic changes in the markets. Utilizing the strength and global presence of social media, social trading is the opportunity of today, with copy trading becoming one of its best strategic tools.

Becoming familiar with social trading is as accessible as your computer. Over the past 10 years, there has been growth in the presence of online foreign exchange trading sites. In an age of 144-character attention spans, it can be difficult to know where to start to take advantage of social trading. The first step is to find a website with a technologically sound platform, tools to help educate and guide the novice investor, information that support even the most seasoned investor or trader, and user friendly navigation. Whether a beginner or experienced with trading firms, it is time to look at InstaForex. InstaForex is intuitive, information, and in demand.

First, What is Copy Trading?

Copy Trading most simply explained is the ability to benefit from experienced investors transactions to create an investment portfolio using a social trading network. Much like social media, social trading networks provide its members with the ability to interact, exchange information, and broaden their worldview. Within that network, copy trading gives users the ability to identify an investor and copy their trades. This is guided approach to entering the Forex market while reducing the risk. Some of the advantages of using Social Trading include:

Access to Trader’s Information: In the image of Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites, traders’ portfolios are open for others in the network to see. Users in the network can review the investments, track records, and length of experience of traders to make informed decisions.

Access to Multiple Traders: The network capability allows users to ‘Follow’ multiple investors. This provides an opportunity for investors to become familiar with the strategies and successes of a variety of traders.

Access to Training and Support: The best Forex trading sites for copy trading will provide its clients with documentation and training so they may learn the basics about the foreign exchange market. It will also walk them through the investment process and make it easy to follow traders. When planning for which network to use, ease of use should be a driving factor.

Four Things To Consider

Copy trading will allow you to look at the activity of other traders and “copy” their activity. You can choose an amount to assign to that trader and your investment will follow their activity. Most sites allow an investor to copy several investors, and others offer automated copy. When utilizing copy trading techniques in a Social Trading site there a few tips that you should follow to help increase your success.

1) Do your homework is always the first cardinal rule. An investor can focus on one high performing trader to follow or spread the investment across multiple traders. Spreading the investment may allow the added advantage for an investor to take advantage of the expertise of several investors. With either approach, research the traders track record, longevity, and risk score before investing.

2) Start with investments that will not negatively affect your life if you do not make a profit. Make a decision on the amount of time that you are prepared to hold the investments and commit to the timeline. You have an opportunity to conduct trade activity through most sites throughout the day, or hold for months or more.

3) Don’t just copy and follow. Stay informed on the latest news about the currency or company, and seek out the logic behind the transactions for the traders that are being followed or have the potential to follow.

4) All investing has risks. The advantage of a Social Trading site that you have the advantage of experienced brokers and feedback on success and challenges from other investors at your level of experience.

InstaForex Lamborghini
InstaForex often has offered a chance for members to win a Lamborghini. Click image to visit home page.

InstaForex Copy Trading Services

From the moment that you log on to you see their commitment to your success. ForexCopy, the InstaForex system for copy trading, provides an easy to follow process to allow investors to identify and follow successful registered traders. The system provides access to high end financial services and all the tools needed to get begin investing. The ForexCopy system allows copying orders of successful traders, provides instant execution of copied orders, and enables adjusting a ratio of copying. Investors can monitor statistics on the trading process and strategy on the ForexCopy system monitoring page.

Video Example of the ForexCopy System:

Access to live customer service provides an additional level of assurance of success. InstaForex also offers investment incentives for account transactions including deposits and closing trades. Beyond Copy Trading, the InstaForex system provides access or a wide array of additional investment services and 107 currency pairs.


Pros and Cons of Copy Trading

There are pros and cons to investment. It is no different with Copy Trading.


  • Copy Trading can be an easy way for beginner to enter the trade market. While less effort researching a broker, an investor can take advantage of the wealth of experience.
  • The social dialogue can increase your investment knowledge.
  • The visibility of tracking your portfolio provides an investor the opportunity to manage risks. The monitoring systems provides real-time visibility to the investors’ portfolio, while at the same time allowing the investor to compare results to the performance of other traders. The investor can copy some different easily.
  • With InstaForex, you can start with a lower investment than almost any other site. As you gain experience and confidence the investment level can be increased.


  • One of the looming concerns is in the UK where the Financial Conduct Authority has contacted companies where they have concerns regarding the effective regulation of copy trading investment managers.
  • Honestly, it’s gambling. Never invest more than you can afford to lose. Following the most experienced trader is still a risk and the investment can be lost.
  • While you will possibly make some money, it can be a very slow growing investment.

InstaForex Site Features

As a part of the InstaForex community, an investor will experience a support variety of services on the website including:

  • Customer support via Chat or call back
  • Community and InstaForex blogs to provide users with information and a dialogue exchange to enhance the trading experience.
  • The ability to trade in Bitcoins.
  • A support system to perform copy trades the gives easy insight to experienced traders.
  • A test account with virtual money, as well as educational video to help train users about the site as the process.
InstaForex Bitcoin
The ability to trade in Bitcoin currency. Click on image for further information.
Consider InstaForex  As An Option

InstaForex provides the systems, support, and technical expertise to welcome everyone to take advantage of a growing area of investing. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of a new and profitable view of the world.

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InstaForex Review - New Copy Trading Opportunity
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InstaForex Review - New Copy Trading Opportunity
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