Facebook Bitcoin Ban On Advertisement

Facebook Bitcoin Ban On Advertisement


Thinking of Facebook bitcoin advertising? Might want to put those plans on hold.

As another blow to the cryptocurrency community, Facebook has announced they’re no longer accepting advertisements of any content promoting the digital cash.

This is an effort by the social media powerhouse to forbid campaigns deemed “misleading or deceptive”.

Details on this subject was reported Tuesday January 30, 2018 on MSNBC.

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It’s another challenge for those with faith in cryptocurrency.

While many still have hope, previous concerns have been:

Wins and Loses

Whatever the issues are concerning cryptocurrency, it’s clear Bitcoin Facebook advertising remains off limits.

Smart Internet entrepreneurs should consider diversifying their niche and stay well informed.

Previously, I’ve written about a number of ways to earn an income online. There’s also a post on the basics of affiliate marketing for beginners.  Or, read the entry on the emergence of Social Trading.

Don’t let the Facebook bitcoin ban discourage you from achieving financial success you rightfully deserve!

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Facebook Bitcoin Ban On Advertisement
There's recent news that there's a Facebook bitcoin ban on it's adverting platform. Read on to find some updated sources on some challenges facing the cryptocurrency community.