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In all areas of activity, this section gives a detailed look at some influential and emerging websites that make our lives easier using the Internet and latest technologies.

Rich Men Dating Website

Rich Men Dating Website

Rich Men Dating Website

Creating a rich men dating website proves the point I made regarding daily Internet activity. Seeking a partner online is arguably very popular among  browsers.

There once was a time singles could join an agency to find a match. Additionally, any bachelor could place ads in a local paper. Then, obviously, the Internet and mobile apps changed the game. I even posted an entry previously about a polygamous dating platform.

Sugar Daddy banner1
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Yes, it’s not that there’s a big deal about using your device for matchmaking. In fact, this post isn’t even about the pros and cons.

What is interesting however is the categories of websites used to specify the type of suitable mate.

Sugar Daddy Meets

Rich Men Dating Website2

One example of such are rich men dating sites. These are platforms that give women an opportunity to seek an encounter with men of means.

That’s why I decided to give an overview on Sugar Daddy Meet.

[Click here to visit their home page]

This company, according to their About Us page, has been around since 2001. Apparently, they have years of experience.


Features and User Experience

Member are free to join and have free access to browse website.

Posting profiles, search browsing and sending “Winks” are at no cost in Standard.

However, they must upgrade to a premium (Gold) subscription to enjoy extra benefits, such as initiating contacts.

There’s also a separate section for members to discuss tips and dating ideas.

Ad banner for Sugar Daddy Meets. Users can join and earn extra cash by promoting website.

Preferably, male membership consists of, but not exclusive to:

  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Investors
  • Corporate Professionals

Men are also required to have verified photos and income. Obviously, this helps to weeds out time wasters.

One feature of Sugar Daddy Meet that caught my eye was the “First Date Gift”.

Male members are given an opportunity of sending a gift to someone they’re interested in. The Sugar Baby has the option of accepting or rejecting the offer.

Profile Searching

Performance of their basic and advanced search function seems simple. One can browse a variety of profiles from broad to as narrow as they wish, such as:

  • Ethnicity
  • Body Type
  • Educational Background
Sugar Daddy App

Sugar Daddy Meet offers an app for mobile devices. Much like Tinder, members can swipe left or right depending on their preferences. Matches are then notified of mutual interests.

Overall, there’s a lot of device users who are satisfied with this application.

Reviews from Google Play reveals many are most happy with:

  • Easy Navigation
  • Convenient and Discreet Matches
  • User Assistance
  • Regular Updates

App For Apple

App For Android

Costumer Reviews

Some members have written reviews based on their experiences.

Evidently, there are members who’ve had different experiences.

One such, according to SiteJabber, characterized the service as “just alright”.

While they’ve indicated the website has many gold diggers looking for sugar daddies (dah!), they acknowledge an upgraded account gives users the opportunity to meet a decent amount of matches.

Perhaps, it’s best for potential subscribers to try out the service for a short period.

Most dating sites still run the risk of coming into contact with fakes and scammers. Users should proceed as such.

Sugar Daddy Meet
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Regardless of the platform, rich men dating sites require the same amount of precautions used for any other method of seeking companionship.

The difference is that, while online, one may need to exercise patience. Enjoy the online experience of each encounter without compromising your principles.

And one thing’s for certain, sites like SugarDaddyMeet are giving the average Internet user more options!

[Log on to website and try for yourself]

Life Size Adult Dolls Trending

Life Size Sex Adult Dolls Trending

Adult Dolls

So the topic of sex adult dolls has come across my Twitter and Facebook feed and I decided to talk about adult dolls as an example of opportunities that come from the Internet (in this case, in regards to online daily activity, the e-commerce industry).

Ok, I know. It’s not really a subject I want to focus on too long for obvious reasons. But since it’s getting a lot of attention on social media, I guess I can say I felt compelled to post about it.

adult doll3
Doll Advertisement Banner

Sexy Adult Dolls

I’ve come across discussions online about the trending topic of sex dolls from the various blogs shard on social media. Two in particular that caught my attention were from MediaTakeout.

In fact, some of the topics they’ve published included:

Recommended Websites For Realistic Sex Dolls

Obviously, this industry has been around for a long time. But thanks to the Internet (as always), this has given both costumer and seller alike an opportunity to conduct business easier.

In the past, I imagine customers were only able to order from ads placed in mature magazines or adult catalogs. But now, one can order online with a much broader variety of body shapes.

Which brought my curiosity towards examining some websites that come up for search terms pertaining to adult dolls.

My criteria for judging these three sites are solely on the basis of my own user experience (UX), as well as the overall appearance of the site itself.

Therefore, while there are many, I have chosen the following worth checking out if interested (and you should be of mature age!).

I repeat, if this sort or material doesn’t interest you, you may want to read other blog post like this, this or this. Otherwise, continue on below:

Sexy Sex Doll 

With an attractive layout, this website has an enormous selection of dolls. They also have impressive features as follows:

  • Design a Doll – This company allows users to custom create the doll of their choice online. In addition, users can even upload images of their liking.
  • Accessories – New and returned clients have the option of purchasing additional clothing and items such as wigs, body part add-ons and care kit sets.
  • Question and Answers – Curious consumers are able to ask real time question and can expect a response to their needs.

You can access the website here.

Sexy Real Sex Dolls

As they say, they are “Also known as SRSD”.  And apparently, one of their adult dolls have gone viral across the Internet. Named “Jasmine”,  it become an instant share after the Ryan Davis video:

In addition, this website also has a massive amount of features that stand out amongst the competition:

  • Spin To Win – You’re given the opportunity to enter an e-mail address to win several discounts and even a free doll.
  • Payment Option – Aside from PayPal, Cashier Checks and Bank Transfers, this website, as of the time of this writing,  allows the option to purchase through major cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin).

Visit their homepage to see for yourself.

Silicone Wives

I found the layout for this website just as impressive. They’ve also given customers an option to purchase via cryptocurrency and PayPal.

Testimonies from their review page shows there are satisfied buyers.

Customers will also find a wide range of adult dolls with different body types:

  • Japanese
  • Blonde
  • Curvey
  • Black (more on this below)

Log on to website for more information.

Black Sex Doll 

adult doll2

In the process of doing further digging, I’ve noticed an interest by customers searching for Ebony adult dolls.

Each of the above mentioned websites offer this selection. However, Silicon Wives has Black TPE  dolls who almost look real , such as “Destiny”.

For Sexy Sex Doll, upon typing in “black”, their search engine function will take visitors to dark skinned figures ranging from slim to curvy (Aliyah and Jayde).

Lastly, a Sexy Real Sex Dolls came up with an impressive list of their own. It’s my personal opinion that “Nava” has a more realistic look, although they have her listed as African American when the face strikes me as a woman from Nigeria.

Overall, any of the mentioned companies will provide potential buyers with what they are looking for.


The Internet provides an immense amount of opportunities for buyers, investors and entrepreneurs alike.

These dolls, like other merchandise, are easily accessible with a click of a mouse, laptop or mobile device.

I truly believe the three sites mentioned went above and beyond to ensure visitors get the best value when browsing each of their pages.

It’s also an opportunity for online entrepreneurs, as all offer an affiliate program of their own.

Whichever side one’s on, buyer, seller or affiliate partner, the possibility for what’s over the virtual space remains endless!

Firewood For Sale Online

Firewood For Sale Online

Firewood For Sale

Interested in online firewood for sale? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

As always with this blog, I attempt to identify many angles of the Internet to discover how it benefits us in our daily lives.

Firewood is the most versatile raw material the globe has known for years. People have relied on it for their needs because it is renewable, has a low utility cost, and it is locally available. Technology has completely changed the firewood industry leaving it accessible to everybody who is in need of firewood services.

The advantages of buying firewood online 
The Internet has simplified the process of purchasing wood. It has brought so many benefits and advantages where more and more people can be able to buy firewood online. Some of the advantages of shopping for wood online include;

With the help of the Internet, you can purchase firewood from the comfort of your seat at home or in the office. While buying the fuel online, you do not have to make any queue, and you don’t have to wait for any shop attendant to assist you. Also, you have an opportunity to purchase your firewood anytime of the day or the night because online shopping is 24/7.

 Good prices
When purchasing any firewood for sale online, you will get better deals and affordable prices because the wood is directly from the manufacturer. Also, there are no intermediaries involved.

Another advantage of online purchase is that the vendor will offer you some discounts when you buy in bulk.

firewood for sale 2

More variety
When procuring firewood online, you will have more options to choose from. You can quickly get several types from various dealers all in one place.

Apart from this, you can shop from different retailers from multiple localities without any limitations from geography. Additionally, at your disposal, you’ll find different sizes and weight measures.

You can quickly send firewood to relatives and friends
With the internet and online buying; you can easily buy and send it to your friends and family wherever they are.

Price comparisons
The internet enables firewood buyers to compare different vendors prices, and choose what’s most affordable. Moreover, you as the buyer can share your views and information with other purchasers who have firsthand experience with firewood.

No crowds
Firewood is mostly bought during the festive seasons and in the cold seasons.

At such times, the buying grounds are more congested. Online buying will help you avoid the crowds while purchasing. You can easily buy it online and have it delivered to your doorstep. Going for firewood shopping with your car or truck may cost you a lot.

You will have to look for parking, and pay for it. Online purchasing of firewood for sale will save you from all these hustles.

Firewood Delivery

The best thing about firewood delivery is that when you make your order the vendor will gather the firewood that you want and you will have it delivered to your doorstep.

With the help of the Internet, firewood vendors have come up with strategies that have capitalized the growing desire for accessible firewood in only a few mouse clicks. The internet has made firewood deliveries convenient in the following ways;

Direct to supplier delivery
Firewood buyers can purchase firewood from vendors. They are delivered to their homes immediately rather than having to wait for three to four days deliveries. The newest tread the firewood vendors are using is direct to home delivery.

Personalized billing and shipping info
With the help of the Internet, firewood deliveries have become more convenient because the vendor will not only be able to trace the customers billing information but also the shipping and destination information.

When the same customer is buying firewood from the same vendor, the vendor will not ask for the delivery destination because they already have it in their records.

Prior consumer knowledge
Once the customer has purchased firewood, they will know when exactly to expect their deliveries because the vendor communicates immediately.

With the Internet, the vendor can easily trace the buyer’s delivery point if they are not so familiar with the location. Also, the purchaser will be able to prepare storage for the wood before its delivery.

When purchasing firewood online, you can consider procuring the following products from Amazon.

Firewood Brands

Fatwood Firestarter
Fatwood is 100 percent natural wood, with loaded fast fire starting resins. Also, it is a regular fatwood, and when ignited, it starts immediately and burns at a very high heat.

With Fatwood, you do not need newspapers or chemicals to start the fire. Fatwood is affordable and can be purchased easily from Amazon.

The cost could run from $10, $29 dollars or more. Depending on box size, the delivery is free.

Lightning Nuggets
This type of firewood is environment-friendly because it is nontoxic.

The chunks comprise of food grade paraffin wax combined with pitch wood sawdust, and these ingredients ensure there is no residue left behind.

When lighting the fire, you only need one stick. No newspapers are required to light the fire. From Amazon, the products are readily available, and it is affordable.

Western Pinon Mini-Logs
Readily available and affordable from the popular online buying site, this brand of firewood is perfect for burning inside your chimney or campfire. It is six to eight inches long familiar.

Also, they are natural to insect repellent.                                                                                              

Pine Mountain
This product burns for three long hours; it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s the best choice for campfires, can light quickly, efficiently, and it heats evenly.

BRC Premium Firewood
This type of wood is non- explosive, and has 20 starter sticks that are used to light grills. Also, the fuel does not have chemical fumes. It burns in the moderate wind as well as in light rain.

Wilson Enterprises
Proudly manufactured in Michigan, each wood has a diameter of 9-11CM and has a thickness of one CM. You can easily purchase the wood from Amazon, and most of the delivery cost comes free.

Enviro-Log Firewood  

This type of firewood burns cleaner than any other wood. It does not melt, and it is 100 percent recyclable. It works best for outdoor cooking.

This type of firewood burns with brighter and bigger flames. It burns for approximately 3 hours, and it burns clean.

Things To Consider

The following factors should be considered when purchasing firewood for sale online:

Type of wood
When purchasing firewood online, ensure that you have obtained the correct fuel. It is important to note that firewood from hardwood is denser than that from the softwood and it will give you much more heat.

Get what you pay for
Ensure that you get what you have paid for after purchasing your firewood online. In most cases, it is measured in weights, standard cords, or infractions.

Standard cord is usually one hundred and twenty-eight cubic feet of wood complied together.

Make sure that you specify the length of the wood that you need to ensure it fits in your firebox. Avoid purchasing firewood measured regarding a track load because the law prohibits it.

Buy local firewood
When purchasing locally, first ask your online seller if it is available locally. If buying locally environment-friendly wood, you will not only avoid the shipping fee but will also be preventing the spread of insects and diseases that destroy and damage trees. Also, you will be supporting your local economy as well.

Buy seasoned wood
When purchasing firewood online, ensure that it is dry. This is because burning it when freshly cut or unseasoned is dangerous. Half of the wet wood is water, and it must be heated to drive of the steam so that it can reach the combustion temperatures. As a result, you will get firewood that is hard to start the fire, it will also be hard to keep, and finally, it will produce unusable heat for your home.

For information on burning fresh cut wood, or Green Wood, you may read more from this webpage.

Wrap up

Again, when seeking firewood for sale, especially online, there’s the convenience of purchasing directly from manufactures. You’re also able to compare prices and identify the best brand that fits your needs.

And thanks to the Internet, we have the ability to purchase items of all types much more easily!

Essential Bling Watches Like No Other

Essential Bling Watches Like No OtherBling Watches


Many of todays successful Hip Hop artist love their bling watches.

Bling is alluring as well as the fashionable bling accessories. Just a piece of bling watch or trendy bling jewelry will uplift the look of your outfit.

Thanks To The Internet…

You may have witnessed rising stars in the Hip Hop industry floss their accessories on Instagram or YouTube. And most often they’ve been purchased from a storefront dealer:

However, with options like Hip Hop Bling, a popular online bling jewelry and accessory seller, now you can always buy your favorite bling accessories whenever you wish.  (We’ve already gone into detail on the benefits of eCommerce thanks in part to the Internet).

Hip Hop Bling offers an extensive selection of jewelry and watches, including those newest and fashionable iced out watches for men and women.

Within their huge selection of jewelries and accessories, you will find bling chains of a variety of designs and sizes, unique gold grillz, beautiful mini pendants, custom bling jewelry, and stainless steel jewelries.

Whether you want a matching gem pendant for your loved one or quality prong set for your spouse, Hip Hop jewelry and bling has it all.

Banner ad of their Website

In case you don’t find what you’re looking for, then Hip Hop Bling brings an opportunity to find your desired accessories from the custom jewelry selections. Plus, their team’s always ready to answer to any questions and assist whenever necessary.

Based on various web reviews and customer opinions, the reviews for Hip Hop Bling are mixed.

While some had excellent shopping experience with Hip Hop Bling, some did not actually find the exact type of pieces they were looking for.

Website Features has a user-friendly website. The homepage gives a detailed overview on the types of jewelry and accessories they sell. Some of the categories on the main page includes featured products, top sellers and current deal or ongoing promotional offers.

Under each subpage, viewers will find an individual section for specific accessories that include everything from diamonds to pendant sections, iced out watches and jewelries on clearance.

Customers will find detailed shipping information, return information, payment details and guarantee information on their website. Just visit the returns/guarantee page to learn more.

Bling Watches3
Another banner ad leading towards website.

In addition, the site also runs a reward program for its customers. If you have some reward points, you can use it towards your purchase on their website.

To help customers and assist them in a better way, the website has a customer care number listed on the top left of their homepage. Guests  can always call on the listed number if they have any questions.

Also, the website also has a section where guests can read helpful and informational articles. You can learn the history of this fashion and jewelry, celebrity hip hop jewelry and more about this company from their popular articles section.

And, you can always stay tuned and get new offers and promo codes via email by signing up for their newsletter.

Men’s Bling Watches

Buyers looking for a classic bling watch or any of those modern touch-screen watches with bling details will be happy to know that HHB jewelry offers it all!

The website has a special page where you can find a list of all men’s bling watches including those contemporary rubber and stainless steel watches, gold and silver finish classy ones and those unique iced out watches with a touch of bling details.

The G-Shock Bling watch is one of their newest offerings. You can find a variety of choices available there. Select from the latest collection of watches and pendants to chains each available at an affordable price.

Buyers looking for black and white and classic ice out watches will be excited to find a variety of traditional and custom watches including many choices of digital sports watch. Some of their latest bling watches include touch screen LED watches and smart watches for men.

Find your favorite smart watches in a desirable and custom design with tones of rose gold, silver, ice out metal finish and a variety of modern colors. The LED watches are also available in custom-made chunky gold finish with bling details, and metal bands.

Website Pros

Based on customer reviews and testimonials, some of the pros are listed here:

  • Hip Hop Bling offers products at very good prices.
  • The website has a great selection of watches.
  • The website is user-friendly. Therefore, you can easily navigate the website.
  • They have a transparent shipping policy. Customers will find the details of flat rate shipping for USA and worldwide on their website.
  • They can always order 24/7 by calling their number.
  • The website offers a variety of payment methods to choose from. Guest can make payment through, VISA or Mastercard, US Cash, check and money order, international money order and cashier’s check.
  • Hip Hop Bling offers products at competitive prices when compared to their top competitors in the market. Similar products on other sellers’ websites are priced higher.
Website Cons
  • Shipping sometimes gets delayed for international orders.
  • Customer service is not up-to-the-mark.
  • Some terms of return policies are tricky. Customers need original packaging, price tag and the bill to make a return at the store.

In closing, Hip Hop Bling has given a new direction to the modern jewelry trend by bringing forward the hip hop jewelry phenomenon.

This new form of jewelry styling is taking the fashion and accessory world by storm. Those who love bold design will find a great variety of choices of watches and accessories on their site.

Even those classy and minimalist jewelry lovers will find breathtaking designer jewelry and watches at an affordable price.

Though the emergence of such fashion jewelry was in the 80s, it has become a form of fashion statement in the recent days.

In the modern day and age, everyone wants to try something new and hence, consumers don’t hesitate to try bold jewelry and accessories with their everyday outfits.

Because hip hop jewelry fashion is emerging in the fashion industry, it is difficult to find quality pieces in the stores. While some stores offer affordable hip hop jewelries, many sell some of those fashionable over the top designs at an exuberant price tag.

At HHB jewelry, you’ll find unlimited varieties of designs, bling jewelry and accessories in gold, platinum and diamonds with quality CZ diamonds, gem stones and metal finish.

Additionally, you will find everything from custom hip hop bling chains in various designs, genuine cubic zirconia studded rings, watches and accessories, bling chains, rings and bracelets, and a variety of bling grillz.

For women, the store has a wide variety of ear rings, bracelets, pendants and chains apart from an extensive range of watches, fashion accessories and jewelries.

Next time when you are looking for fashionable bling jewelry or watches, check Hip Hop bling jewelry store and explore their huge choices of bling accessories and fashionable bling watches available for men and women.

Bling Watches3
Log on and browse unique jewelry selection.

Globehunters Review: Travel With Value

Globehunters Review: Travel With Value



Globehunters are a leading travel agency offering ideal flights to different destinations. It provides cheap flights with holiday packages and accommodation is taken into consideration.

Furthermore, it is in partnership with varying tour agencies and airline companies worldwide. Other services which are offered directly from the website include visas and itineraries. This travel agency provides some great services, with a lot of useful expert advice found.

Role Played By The Website In The Travel Industry

In the blog post, Uses Of Internet In Our Daily Life, “Travel” was featured as an important part of online activity.

The travel industry has benefited nicely from the Internet, both to clients and businesses alike.

Obviously, many customers who seek the best vacation deals rely on the Internet.  So it’s no surprise Globehunters plays a role in this market.

A travel website is vital for the provision of an intermediary service between the Globehunters travel agency and the clients. It promotes proper planning of business travels as well as leisure travel arrangements.

With an elegant design, an outstanding appearance and navigation,  flight booking is a simple process. The website plays an essential role in the travel industry.

Website Features 
No travel booking website should be complete without offering potential clients the best in  information and user experience. And this company does just that, allowing booking different classes as well as information .

In summary these include:

  • Business Class  – This is a class which enables one to enjoy ultimate comfort and luxury as you explore the world. It incurs more costs compared to other types.
  • Economy Class – This is the class that has a lower comfort level, but one still enjoys the flight. It is relatively cheaper than business class.
  • Hotel – Clients are able to book accommodations combined or separate from flight bookings.
  • Special Offers – They pride themselves on searching the best deals and listing them on their Offers page.
  • Website Blog – Stay up to date on travel tips. Their blog section is updated with content regularly.


Globehunters Banner Ad


Pros Of Globehunters

  • Cheap – Globehunters tickets are offered at low prices which people of different classes can afford.
  • One way tickets – Buying tickets in segments is possible which makes it relatively cheaper when one requires a one-way ticket only. It saves you the burden of incurring extra costs for such flights.
  • Comfortable Aircrafts – Globehunters usually link you to airlines with pleasant flight experience. This way you can enjoy your flight all the time.
  • Saves time – With an online platform, the booking process does not require a lot of time. This is because one does not need to travel to the airline to purchase a ticket. It can be quickly done via the company website.
  • Courteous customer service – Many members who have used their service speak of the helpfulness and professionalism to customers.



Cons Of Globehunters

The rapid growth in the internet sector has seen more developments happen in the travel industry. This is present in flight booking. A lot of websites have been developed as a way of simplifying this process. One specific web page is that of the Globehunters Company.

Though it has an online platform for flight booking, there are still cons which are associated with the company. Some of the disadvantages which are experienced include:

  • Real Time – Mostly, agents aren’t offering real-time booking. For instance, if the flight you are booking is on short notice, receiving confirmation information through the phone is much simpler than from the company.
  • Limited choice of itineraries – Low costs and numerous discounts are accompanied by a lot of conditions. For example, when booking a flight and accommodation, you will be limited to a specific hotel. The experience for long-haul flights will not be to your expectations.
  • Security – Booking from the Globehunters online platform requires you to clear the whole flight amount for your ticket to be processed. For this reason, you put yourself at the risk of losing your money or even getting your credit card stolen.
  • Insufficient firsthand information – Booking from the online platform enables you to speak to someone with relevant expertise in the field about the booking services. A lot of time is spent in consultations, getting advice and finally checking out on the processing of your e-ticket. However, the information provided in the websites is never enough. Furthermore, trusting the information given from the site as well as from their adverts is hard.
  • Poor response at times – Sometimes, the customer care’s answer to the customers’ problems is not fast enough. This has aroused complains among these customers for they are dissatisfied with the services.
TrustPilot Customer Reviews

Following its satisfactory and outstanding services offered to the customers, Globe hunters have received positive feedback from clients.

Problems encountered by clients is a matter which is taken seriously and solved as soon as possible. Over a short period, some of the feedback received from several customers who were happy with services and got positive travel experience regarding their destinations.

You’re able to read many of the customer reviews from

Wherever you wish to travel, Globehunters may just be the option for you!
Why Sign Up?
  • Experience faster booking – As a member, your booking process is quicker and more straightforward.
  • Track your traveling history – The moment you’re in, your previous travel information is possible can be easily retrieved.
  • Receive recommendations – Furthermoreinformation and recommendations are sent to your email which can only happen once enlisted.

Of course, everybody who regularly flies has a knowhow of how much of a hassle it can be. This is however different with this company. Globehunters has professional travel agents with relevant expertise in this industry.

They are understanding and always long to serve you to the best level. Having familiarized with the different routes, be assured to get helpful information for your flight.

The popularity of the lost flight cost has been on the rise when one books a ticket via Globehunters over the years. This has led to the affordability of air travel for most people across the globe. Cheap flights save you a massive sum of money. Serving you on your favorite destinations, travelers have a wide variety of places to choose to navigate.


020 8944 4688                                                                                                                       E-mail:


Naked Zebra Breaths Life Into Fashion

Naked Zebra Breaths Life Into Fashion

Naked Zebra

This blog site has spent a lot of time focusing on how the internet has been of great benefit to the financial industry. Just take the previous post Social Trading  for example. But make no mistakes, the virtual frontier exists in the world of fashion as well. And that’s why this entry will review Naked Zebra.



It seems almost every day in the news, another major fashion retailer has gone bankrupt or is on the precipice of tottering into oblivion – just look at the fall from grace Macy’s Inc has taken. Known to many as the iconic centerpiece of “Miracle on 34th Street,” shares have dropped by 50 percent in the last few years.

With the emergence of Amazon, eBay, and many more retailers selling high fashion for a fraction of the price online, brick and mortar businesses have struggled to keep up with the shift in consumers.

Naked Zebra2
Fancy banner. Click image to visit website.


Now, beautiful, elegant fashion can be bought (both wholesale and retail) online without ever leaving your couch. Retailers like Naked Zebra feature everything from flattering blouses to trendy tanks and beautiful dresses, all from the comfort of your own home.

From the comfort of your couch (and in some cozy sweatpants) you can purchase and shop online for some of the trendiest pieces available.

While the price may discourage some – taxes and shipping vary by county, city, and state tax codes – for many, the ability to shop from any kind of data-connected device is worth the cost. Why go to a physical department store, when you can shop from your phone?

As stated by Lyst,

“Tops by Naked Zebra are cut to a relaxed fit, and that’s what makes the range a winner in this (sic) eyes. T-shirts, blouses, camisoles and tank tops are perfect for relaxing in, but can also be dressed up too. That’s thanks to the use of crepe alongside the vibrant colors, pleats, twists and cut-outs. Just throw on a pair of skinny pants and go.”

Naked Zebra launched it’s unique brand in 2009. Located in the thriving heart of the Los Angeles fashion scene, Naked Zebra is determined and devoted to creating the kind of closet staples that will make your coworkers green with envy.

They design and produce high fashion with a focus on timeless design and superior quality. Naked Zebra brings a game changing twist on the modern classic closet essential, with a large variety of pieces that are accessible and easy-to-wear, yet always fashionable. Need a flattering blouse to elevate your suit pants? They have you covered. Trendy tanks to layer under a boring suit jacket?

The options span the spectrum. You need a bright, colorful piece to brighten your mood and bring your outfit to the next level? Naked Zebra has colors not even the rainbow can rival.

Whether it’s a colorful dress or a “flowy” skirt or an ensemble to rock the boardroom, Naked Zebra’s simple, offbeat details in fabulous, touchable fabrics will enable you to express the wonderfully individual caveats to your classy personality and make an instant fashion statement – your way.

Naked Zebra2
Zebra’s image banner. Click to visit.

Website Features

The Naked Zebra collection consists of a covetable range of clothing that is accessible, easy-to- wear yet always fashion-forward, putting a modern twist on classic closet essentials. Naked Zebra’s collection features everything from flattering blouses to trendy tanks and beautiful dresses in a rainbow of vibrant colors.

The simple offbeat details in our high quality, fabulous touch fabrics will allow you to express your true classy personality and make an instant fashion statement.

Naked Zebra takes pride in sourcing and producing their own fabrics, which means that their line is truly unique – you won’t find amazing pieces like these in any ol’ department store. If you’re all about touch and feel, then you’ll swoon over the variety of fabrics that make up these on-point fashionable pieces. Looking this good has never felt this good!

For those of you who love handbags as much as we do, you’ll love the variety of looks and colors available in Naked Zebra’s handbag line. Purses and handbags that range from small and sleek to large and bold to mid-size bags that will really create a statement. Obsessed with fringe?

Want the cutest purse backpack? Satchel, cross body, pocketbook-esque, saddlebag? Check, check, and more check! Almost every type under the sun is represented, along with a vast array of colors and designs.

Top to bottom (literally! With tops, rompers, trousers, dresses, jackets, and everything in between,) all summer long you’ll be able to stay cool, look hot, and create the vibe that complements your personality.

And good news! Sign up for the newsletter, and you’ll get exclusive promotions, first-look at new lines, and possibly receive discounts on your first order!

Website Pros:

  • Huge sales
  • FREE shipping (for a limited time)
  • Current, trendy items for sale
  • A fraction of the cost of high-end retailers
  • Sells retail and wholesale
  • Excellent customer service
  • Ability to chat via website
  • Sign up for the newsletter and get 20% off
  • Sourced and produced to bring you the highest quality fabrics for a fraction of the price
  • Pieces that are great for layering and mix-and-matching
  • Trendy pieces for every season
  • Partnered with Love Number One, an organization that helps feed children in need

Website Cons:

  • You can’t try something on in person until after you’ve ordered it (but hey, this blog still champions the cause of the internet).
  • You have to wait for things to be shipped to you.
Take the Leap:

With so many other options out there, Naked Zebra has the most elegant, trendy styles for young, contemporary women. Look professional in the boardroom and out with your friends, for a fraction of the cost. (Who DOESN’T want to rock it at work, and then turn around and be ready for drinks with your friends? Hello, happy hour!)

Plus, isn’t shopping in your sweatpants while you binge on your favorite TV show better than going to a physical store? Save your time, save your gas, enjoy your clothing more with Naked Zebra.

1000 Crocker St, Los Angeles, CA 90021

(213) 749-8004

Naked Zebra 4
Give Naked Zebra a try!

Adzuna: Haven for Job Seekers and Employers

Adzuna: Haven for Job Seekers and Employers

Job Sites in uk

There once was a time Job Seekers browsed through newspapers in the Wanted section to inquire about employment. However, because of the Internet, the process has changed significantly. Just ask the creators of Adzuna.

Although job sites aren’t perfect (suppose one doesn’t have access to the Internet), they’re certainly a step up from the “old fashion” way of hiring.

There are millions of job search agencies in the UK, but few are as reputable as Adzuna.

Adzuna is one of the leading job search agencies not only in the UK but also in the world. It is the ideal portal for many job seekers, and employers also rely on it to get the best people for their vacancies.

However, many people do not know of Adzuna, and some may have the wrong impression of the agency. Here is a comprehensive review of Adzuna to get you started.

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The Job Search Powerhouse

Since 2005, Adzuna has been working to improve its job search engine platform and, consequently, the users’ experience. To this end, it is one of the most advanced jobs search engines. Some of its features include:

·         Data Analysis.

Adzuna has developed a sophisticated data analysis system designed to give a better understanding of the job market. This system takes into consideration factors such as the number of job vacancies and their categories, the number of job seekers, wages, and demand against supply, among others.

This analysis has proven useful for employers and economic analysts. In fact, Adzuna’s reports have been used by the UK government in the past to aid in economic planning.

·         Resume Database.

Adzuna lists not only job vacancies but also CVs and resumes of job seekers. This database benefits job seekers by increasing their chances of finding employment as thousands of employers browse the database in search of reliable employees.

·         Privacy and Security.

Many job search engines are untrustworthy because of their poor security standards and lack of privacy. Job seekers often post sensitive information about themselves, and they expect this information to be available only to the relevant people. However, some search engines use this information for other purposes, including selling it to marketers.

Adzuna, however, has placed stringent security and privacy measures to safeguard its users’ information.

·         Search Filters.

The jobs posted on Adzuna scope thousands of industries and occupations. Nevertheless, it is possible to narrow your search to a particular job type through Adzuna’s filters. You can specify the exact job you are looking for by zeroing down on factors such as location, company, and title, among others.


Adzuna for Job Seekers.

Adzuna’s creators were inspired by the challenges faced by job seekers in the UK and the world all over. To this end, every aspect of the search engine is designed for the job seeker’s benefit.

For starters, Adzuna brings all job vacancies in one place, so you do not have to browse through hundreds of job agencies; this saves job seekers a lot of time and effort.

Additionally, the platform emphasizes on legitimacy when posting its job vacancies, making a majority of the posts credible enough to pursue.

Adzuna has accumulated a lot of knowledge and experience since it was launched. It has used this knowledge to not only better itself but also enlighten job seekers on the secrets of securing employment. The platform offers free guidelines and learning resources to job seekers.

These learning resources teach factors such as creating credible CVs, presenting yourself in interviews, and tips on staying ahead of the competition.

View video of  CEO, Raife Watson, discuss the sites unique feature, ValueMyCV:

The greatest benefit of using Adzuna is its popularity with employees. The search engine has maintained a good reputation since it was launched, and its marketing efforts have paid off well thus far.

These and other factors have made it popular with employers looking to fill vacancies. To this end, the search engine posts vacancies from all over the UK and internationally. As such, job seekers are guaranteed to get leads in their jobs of liking in formal and informal sectors.

Banner for their website. Click to visit.


Adzuna for Employers.

Employers also face challenges when looking for people to fill their vacancies. To this end, many employers seek to use leading job search engines such as Adzuna to find the best people for their jobs.

Adzuna offers employers free space to post their job vacancies and promises them thousands of leads from the thousands of job seekers visiting the site. What’s more, employers are assured that a majority of the job seekers who apply for their jobs are qualified; Adzuna’s reputation makes it popular with credible users on both sides. Employers can also hand-pick job seekers by reviewing their profiles and CVs on the site’s database; essentially, it presents the best of job seekers to you to make your pick easy.

Job vacancies posted on Adzuna receive responses almost immediately. As such, employers get to fill their positions quickly to improve their businesses’ performance.

Pros of Website

Adzuna has numerous benefits not only for employers and job seekers but also outside parties. They include:

·         Easy to use.

Despite holding tons of data, Adzuna is incredibly easy to use thanks to its efficient web design. For starters, the interface is neat, and pages are categorized well to make the site easy to navigate. Additionally, the site features search filters that narrow down searches to save users time. What’s more, Adzuna has a dedicated team of customer care agents who are always available to aid users.

·         Popular

Adzuna is the job search engine of choice for a majority of employers and job seekers in the UK. For job seekers, this means more leads to credible jobs as most employers choose the site to post their vacancies. For employers, on the other hand, this means getting more candidates looking to fill the vacancies.

·         Credible

The Internet is full of scammers trying to lure people for their selfish needs through job vacancies postings. Adzuna knows this too well, and it goes to great lengths to keep spammers out of its platform. As such, a majority of the vacancies posted on the site are credible, and job seekers do not have to worry about dead leads.

[ActionFraud: Recruitment Scams]

·         Cost effective

Employers no longer have to pay to post job vacancies thanks to Adzuna’s free platform. What’s more, job seekers do not have to spend money on tracking job boards and buying newspapers to view open vacancies as Adzuna brings all vacancies in one place at your fingertips.

·         Educative

Job seekers who visit Adzuna leave wiser than they came thanks to its educative resources. The site offers books and guidelines on tips for success in landing employment, and this goes a long way in helping job seekers escape unemployment.

Cons of Website

Adzuna also comes with few shortcomings that include:

·         Competition

Adzuna witnesses a lot of competition among job seekers seeking to fill limited vacancies thanks to its popularity. In fact, only a small proportion of people who respond to vacancies get a chance to interview, let alone fill the position.

·         Spam

A majority of job vacancies posted on Adzuna are credible, but some spammers still manage to pass the stringent security measures. As such, job seekers sometimes deal with dead leads that waste their time, energy, and money.


Thanks in part to the Internet and modern technology, the ability to fill vacancies has become easier.

If you are a job seeker, then you need to be privy to job vacancies immediately they come up. Employers, on the other hand, are always appreciative of qualified and driven candidates fighting to fill their vacancies. Adzuna has proven to guarantee both focus and offer many more benefits, and it is free to use.

As such, there is no reason why you should not sign up on Adzuna to escape unemployment or get the next star employee.

Whether Job Seeker or Seeking  Employer, give them a chance and visit their website now.

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Success Of The Shade Room


Success Of The Shade Room


The Shade Room


On my Facebook timeline, I ran across this interview of Angie Nwandu, owner of the gossip blog, The Shade Room.

Although I’m not a fan of celebrity gossip, it was worth watching. After all, I love stories from people who’ve been successful in earning an income from the Internet:

As you may know, I’m a strong advocated of blogging. It’s a powerful tool used to attracted large audiences of every niche. There’s also monetization benefits too!

I’m also a proponent of social media. Working towards growing a dedicated following on popular social platforms may prove to pay off.

For many new comers attempting to drive traffic to their websites, they may face the challenge of competing against more established sites with high Domain Authority.

With social media, this gives users a chance to build an audience.

By the way, check out my cool tips on coming up with brand-able names from hashtags.

Things To Consider

Some things I got from The Shade Room interview:

  • She went with celebrity blogging in spite of the naysayers. Several  opportunities for bloggers are becoming competitive. Find creative ways to stand out.
  • Angie harnessed the power of Instagram.  Incidentally,  HappyGreyLucky gives advice on organically growing Instagram followers.
  • The founder posted content regularly. Post frequency matters.
  • She valued her first 3,500 followers and engaged with them as a way to connect with them.
  • She leveraged her following base by selling advertising space on her website.
  • Her audience were more interested in what THEY wanted as opposed to her blogging opinions. Give the people what they want.
  • Diversify topics as the audience grows


While I’m not a fan of gossip blogs, it’s always nice to hear of their success stories. The Shade Room offers another example of how the Internet is a benefit to hard work and a great idea.

Hip Hop Radio Online Suggestions

Hip Hop Radio Online Suggestions

Hip Hop Radio Online

Because of the Internet, Hip Hop radio online has changed the way we tune in and hear the latest tracks.

This includes up and coming, mainstream and underground artists.

Gone are the days of recording your favorite jams every Friday or Saturday night with the 90 minute cassette tape.

Additionally, we’re no longer obligated to listen to commercial radio’s cookie cutter playlist. With streaming, terrestrial radio has found itself facing competition now that music lovers have more of a say in what we listen to (provided one’s connected to a service).

In fact, previously, online radio was included in the Internet Daily Life blog post.

Anyway, here’s a list of Hip Hop radio shows worth checking out:

TuneIn vs. Everybody

Of course, a Hip Hop radio online list wouldn’t be complete without (Apple, Android) .

My recommendations are:

Hip Hop Radio Online 2
Hip Hop has gone digital

Speaking Of London….

The Rap Show With Charlie Sloth – known for the Fire In The Booth freestyle sessions, Charlie Sloth has made a name for himself playing exclusive and up and coming artists from the UK and North America.

DJ Semtex – another top choice show for Hip Hop anywhere in the world (my opinion). A mix of mainstream, up and comers as well as exclusive interviews from US and UK artists.

Tim Westwood – veteran DJ with a lengthy resume. Variety of genres including mainstream.

Other Recommendations

  • Cosmic Kev – Philadelphia’s veteran DJ. Mainstream, up and comers and exclusive tracks. Weeknights, 7:00 pm-Midnight.
  • 997 Hip Hop – mixture of mainstream and up and comers.
  • Amsterdam’s Most Wanted – some underground artists. A lot of exclusive tracks from well known acts as well.
  • Party Vibe Radio – top recommendation for up and comers, 90’s flavor, mainstream and the trap sound.
  • Murder Master Music Show – not a 24/7 streaming site. Consists of downloadable episodes of music and interviews. Hosted by Scott “Prezident” Bejda.

InterServer VPS Get More, Pay Less

InterServer VPS : Get More, Pay Less


InterServer VPS

Do you need a web hosting service for your online businesses or personal blog? Well, if you search Google for hosting services you will receive tons of suggestions, literally! Many of them offer a money back guarantees and offer you 100% uptime, and charge you a premium in exchange. But do they come close to the value of InterServer VPS offered on their site?

If you have taken some of their services you might already know that all that glitters is not gold. In fact, most of them provide customers with sub par web-hosting services and claim to be the best in the business.

So, how does one sort out the real ones among those thousand providers? It’s best to say, check their customer reviews, market history, and product plans. If the company ticks all the right boxes, whoa! You have just found your dream VPS provider. Or, if you ask my personal opinion, I would suggest  checking out InterServer VPS and their offerings.


Company Overview

InterServer started out as a small scale web hosting solution provider in 1999. But quickly the company rose to prominence and became a household name largely due to their excellent services, customer oriented business model, and innovative packages.

During the next 18 years, the company solidified its position as one of the industry leaders and started providing various other services including quick servers, shared hosting, cloud hosting and colocation services.  InterServer VPS Also offers a Bread Basket.

The company boasts a wide range of clients including Fortune-500 companies. They also have multiple offices around the US and provides 24/7 customer services to its honorable clients.

Why VPS (virtual private servers)?

InterServer VPS provides all the hosting solution namely; shared, dedicated servers, VPS and managed hosting. While shared hosting is best suited for small scale businesses or personal blogs, serious businesses should seek other options.

Typical ad banner. Offer may or may not reflect current plans. Click to view for accuracy.


But choosing between a VPS and a dedicated server might prove to be a stretch at times since there is only a thin line separating both web-hosting solutions.

While the dedicated servers might be the most powerful and efficient one, top level VPS hosting might give them a run for their money. Furthermore, VPS solutions are far cheaper than dedicated web-hosting and, rather deservedly, an attractive proposition. Like most other companies, InterServer also provides VPS solutions to its customers at a juicy rate. While some might differ on choices, VPS solutions should be the preferred choice for most users.


InterServer VPS Offerings and Pros

  • Multiple operating systems – InterServer VPS provides solution for multiple operating systems including Linux and Windows. So, basically you can choose from any Linux based VPS such as Centos VPS, Ubuntu VPS, or if you want windows based one, you can have it too. There are really a lot of options to choose from.
  • Instant setup – Unlike many other web-hosting solution providers, InterServer provides instant setup for clients. Once you have paid the required amounts, you can setup your VPS with just a click from your keyboard. Literally, it takes only 15 minutes to prepare your server, and get it up and running. Most others would take several hours or even days.
  • Monthly pricing – The company employs an attractive pricing policy. While many other would trick clients by offering a money back guarantee while selling their over valued products, InterServer stays loyal to its customer base. They will not offer your ridiculous offers, but you can expect world class services from them at an affordable price. Moreover, the prices are charged per month. Hence, if you are not satisfied with their services, you can always choose to cancel your subscription anytime and you will not be charged a single dollar after that.
  • Full control – You will have full access and control over every single thing. Many web-hosting solutions do not provide customers with full admin or root control support, but with InterServer, you can expect to have control over your server, and you can patch up things on your own if you deem it necessary.
  • Cost effective – If you are price conscious then InterServer VPS might be your go to guy. Just compare the listed prices with other reputed hosting solution providers. You will notice the difference. InterServer charges a ridiculously low fee compared to other companies, with Linux based VPS starting from $6/month and Windows based VPS at  $10/month. You will also be showered with a variety of packages to choose from based on your financial capabilities and requirements. There is an option for everyone including that online blogger and large scale businesses.
  • The easy control panel – InterServer control panel allows users to easily add multiple servers to it and manage from there. Suppose you started out with the most basic plan but, as times wore on, your business grew proportionally. Now you require more storage and more RAM options. No worries. From within your control panel, you can scale your virtual server any way you like.
  • Fully customizable software options – From within the control panel you can install or delete software packages in order to modify your web-hosting experiences. The company also allows users to install more than 381 software with just a single click. I guess it is more than what most people would need.
  • High-performance storage – How about receiving a hard drive with 20 times more speed than normal SATA disk drivers. I know it is hard to resist. You will receive an SSD hard drive with a capacity ranging from 30 GB to 240 GB. No matter what your requirements are, with such capacities on offer, InterServer has you covered.
  • Unrivaled uptime – You would not like it if your site remains down for most of the day. In fact, this is the commonest problem faced by web-hosting solutions customers. No matter how big the providers are, you will face uptime difficulties from time to time. But InterServer assures you of a 99.9% uptime guarantee. They went beyond that and offered a money back to customers experiencing uptime difficulties. Glowing reviews from thousands of satisfied customers are a testament to such bold claims from the company hierarchies.
  • Multiple language support – You might think, what about customers who would like to experience software other than PHP, Perl or Python? Does InterServer provide support for multiple languages? In fact, they do. Besides this common software, you will have the luxury to install any Linux based software or server component.
  • Free migration services – Need to migrate your website from another service provider to InterServer? Well, they do it for free. You just need to make sure your InterServer account does not contain any data. They will take care of the rest.
  • 24/7 customer service – It is normal for any user to face issues with their server or account from time to time. InterServer has a dedicated team of customer care service providers under its belt who strive hard to make sure you receive the best service from them, even at midnight.
    InterServer VPS Cons
    • No one is perfect. Not even InterServer VPS. Despite all these positive aspects and wonderful customer reviews, the company should not rest on its laurels. They must improve their uptime even further, and try to reach that magical 100% mark.
    • Besides, currently, the company does not provide a control panel option for Windows VPS, which might be a thing of concern for some people. The company should look to add a control panel for Windows VPS customers as soon as possible

To sum up things – InterServer is one of the most reputed and well-adorned web-hosting solution providers around the world. They offer a variety of other products in addition to standard web-hosting and VPS services.

The purpose of this little piece was to introduce enthusiasts and potential customers with their services along with pros and cons. Hope readers might have gotten a glimpse of the services to receive when they sign up with the provider.

If you are still undecided or if you want to sign up with them, just visit their website, see their offer details, compare with other service providers, and make an informed decision.

Moreover, prior to sign-up you can go through reviews posted on numerous online reviewing sites or talk to their customer service providers. They will offer you further insight on the company and you will surely find your reasons to sign-up with them. No matter what your purposes and expectations are, InterServer will probably meet them and will even beyond that.

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