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Globehunters Review: Travel With Value

Globehunters Review: Travel With Value



Globehunters are a leading travel agency offering ideal flights to different destinations. It provides cheap flights with holiday packages and accommodation is taken into consideration.

Furthermore, it is in partnership with varying tour agencies and airline companies worldwide. Other services which are offered directly from the website include visas and itineraries. This travel agency provides some great services, with a lot of useful expert advice found.

Role Played By The Website In The Travel Industry

In the blog post, Uses Of Internet In Our Daily Life, “Travel” was featured as an important part of online activity.

The travel industry has benefited nicely from the Internet, both to clients and businesses alike.

Obviously, many customers who seek the best vacation deals rely on the Internet.  So it’s no surprise Globehunters plays a role in this market.

A travel website is vital for the provision of an intermediary service between the Globehunters travel agency and the clients. It promotes proper planning of business travels as well as leisure travel arrangements.

With an elegant design, an outstanding appearance and navigation,  flight booking is a simple process. The website plays an essential role in the travel industry.

Website Features 
No travel booking website should be complete without offering potential clients the best in  information and user experience. And this company does just that, allowing booking different classes as well as information .

In summary these include:

  • Business Class  – This is a class which enables one to enjoy ultimate comfort and luxury as you explore the world. It incurs more costs compared to other types.
  • Economy Class – This is the class that has a lower comfort level, but one still enjoys the flight. It is relatively cheaper than business class.
  • Hotel – Clients are able to book accommodations combined or separate from flight bookings.
  • Special Offers – They pride themselves on searching the best deals and listing them on their Offers page.
  • Website Blog – Stay up to date on travel tips. Their blog section is updated with content regularly.


Globehunters Banner Ad


Pros Of Globehunters

  • Cheap – Globehunters tickets are offered at low prices which people of different classes can afford.
  • One way tickets – Buying tickets in segments is possible which makes it relatively cheaper when one requires a one-way ticket only. It saves you the burden of incurring extra costs for such flights.
  • Comfortable Aircrafts – Globehunters usually link you to airlines with pleasant flight experience. This way you can enjoy your flight all the time.
  • Saves time – With an online platform, the booking process does not require a lot of time. This is because one does not need to travel to the airline to purchase a ticket. It can be quickly done via the company website.
  • Courteous customer service – Many members who have used their service speak of the helpfulness and professionalism to customers.



Cons Of Globehunters

The rapid growth in the internet sector has seen more developments happen in the travel industry. This is present in flight booking. A lot of websites have been developed as a way of simplifying this process. One specific web page is that of the Globehunters Company.

Though it has an online platform for flight booking, there are still cons which are associated with the company. Some of the disadvantages which are experienced include:

  • Real Time – Mostly, agents aren’t offering real-time booking. For instance, if the flight you are booking is on short notice, receiving confirmation information through the phone is much simpler than from the company.
  • Limited choice of itineraries – Low costs and numerous discounts are accompanied by a lot of conditions. For example, when booking a flight and accommodation, you will be limited to a specific hotel. The experience for long-haul flights will not be to your expectations.
  • Security – Booking from the Globehunters online platform requires you to clear the whole flight amount for your ticket to be processed. For this reason, you put yourself at the risk of losing your money or even getting your credit card stolen.
  • Insufficient firsthand information – Booking from the online platform enables you to speak to someone with relevant expertise in the field about the booking services. A lot of time is spent in consultations, getting advice and finally checking out on the processing of your e-ticket. However, the information provided in the websites is never enough. Furthermore, trusting the information given from the site as well as from their adverts is hard.
  • Poor response at times – Sometimes, the customer care’s answer to the customers’ problems is not fast enough. This has aroused complains among these customers for they are dissatisfied with the services.
TrustPilot Customer Reviews

Following its satisfactory and outstanding services offered to the customers, Globe hunters have received positive feedback from clients.

Problems encountered by clients is a matter which is taken seriously and solved as soon as possible. Over a short period, some of the feedback received from several customers who were happy with services and got positive travel experience regarding their destinations.

You’re able to read many of the customer reviews from

Wherever you wish to travel, Globehunters may just be the option for you!
Why Sign Up?
  • Experience faster booking – As a member, your booking process is quicker and more straightforward.
  • Track your traveling history – The moment you’re in, your previous travel information is possible can be easily retrieved.
  • Receive recommendations – Furthermoreinformation and recommendations are sent to your email which can only happen once enlisted.

Of course, everybody who regularly flies has a knowhow of how much of a hassle it can be. This is however different with this company. Globehunters has professional travel agents with relevant expertise in this industry.

They are understanding and always long to serve you to the best level. Having familiarized with the different routes, be assured to get helpful information for your flight.

The popularity of the lost flight cost has been on the rise when one books a ticket via Globehunters over the years. This has led to the affordability of air travel for most people across the globe. Cheap flights save you a massive sum of money. Serving you on your favorite destinations, travelers have a wide variety of places to choose to navigate.


020 8944 4688                                                                                                                       E-mail:


Carmel Limo Professional Service

Carmel Limo: Professional Service at Affordable Price

Carmel Limo


It’s no secret the Internet and technology has also made a huge impact on the travel industry. And  obviously, the travel industry has benefited from daily online activity in ways helpful to those on the go.

For example, the limousine service Carmel Limo has harnessed the power of the World Wide Web to make life easier for their customers.

Suppose you work for a Japanese multinational company in Tokyo. Suddenly, your office asks you to go to New York in order to attend a workshop or seminar. You have never been to New York in your life and you’re unfamiliar with anyone there.

Moreover, your staying place is 45 km. away from the airport and, all of a sudden, you might be wondering how you would reach that place along with three pieces of luggage you’re planning to bring  along.

The scenario just described is all too common and a lot of you might already have gone through such situations for at least once in your life.

You may visit their website here, or read on to learn more….

Carmel Limo2
There’s nothing wrong with luxury traveling, even on business. Just as long as it’s convenient.








Ever been in panic and tried to solve this mess all on your own, or ask for help from others? Well, it’s understandable that it would be a bit much to ask to stay calm in situations like this. Rather, most people have asked for help from professionals and get things sorted.

Carmel Limo is one such professional service. Whether you need a ride from the airport to your hotel or a car to ride around the city with your friends and family – Carmel Limo has you covered. With over 700 cars within the fleet, Carmel Limousine is one of the largest limo service companies in New York, and certainly a top rated one.


Company Features

The company has one of the largest fleets under its belt. In fact, it is not just about the big numbers, their cars are of latest models and up to industry standards. Hence, whether you opt for a limousine or a minivan – you can expect a world-class service from them.

The company can boast of 600 latest model Lincoln town cars along with 20 stretch limousines, 3 SUV super stretch limos, and lastly 40 mini vans. A large number of cars means they are practically never out of stock. Whether you ask for their services in the middle of the night or on a holiday – they’ll always be there to take care of your transportation needs.

Company Locations

The company is headquartered in New York. But surprisingly and to their credit, the company offers limousine transportation services in 300 major cities around the world. That is like covering one-third of the world!

Carmel Car & Limo
Typical website banner. Click to visit.


Hence, as you’re already able to guess, Carmel Limousine is considered the largest limousine services in the world. You don’t necessarily have to reside in New York to avail their services. Paris, Rome, London. Sydney – you name a city and they might already have ongoing operations there.

You might be a busy businessman/woman  and need to reach your destination within a short period of time. As often seen with international passengers, their luggage gets delayed by few minutes to a good few hours.

For Carmel Limo, your time is precious. Hence, they have formed a partnership with Luggage Bellhop. Now you can ride your car as soon as exiting the airport without bothering about your luggage. You know, Carmel will take care of that. All you need to do is to relax and concentrate on your own tasks.

Apart from airport transport services, Carmel provides limousine services on a whole host of other occasions. You might be tensed with your wedding preparations and wondering which car services to hire for a pleasant experience.

Or, you might be looking for a car service to take your children to prom and at the same time make sure no alcohol enters the car. Well, with over 25 years of experience and glowing customer reviews, Carmel might be the perfect choice for your special occasion.

A Choice Over Competitors

You might be thinking, what sets Carmel apart from other industry competitors; or, why should someone choose Carmel over another service provider. Well, there are a lot of reasons that would explain exactly why Carmel deserves your appreciation, but not others.

While taking Carmel services you will not have to worry about exorbitant fees and charges and still can enjoy world class services. Surveys proved that, among all the companies, Carmel is certainly not the most expensive. In fact, when considering a number of fees charged compared to the services provided, it is one of the most affordable limousine service providers in the world.

Who does not love promotional services and concessions? We all do. Carmel values their customers and appreciates their commitment towards the company. Hence, with each ride, you can get some concession towards the total amount.

No matter whether you are hiring for an airport pickup service or a long distance trip – Carmel will reimburse you for any amount ranging from $3 to $5.  Moreover, you can save some extra bucks by partaking in their promotional services. It is a win-win situation for all the customers.

Being a world leader in its sector Carmel has connections with other industry leaders. For the past 25 years, Carmel customers have been enjoying exclusive offers provided by company partners. For example, Carmel has deals with several top class airlines that will award you by converting your Carmel dollars to airlines mileage.

Means, the more you spend with Carmel on the ground, the more benefits you will receive from your airlines. Hence, you will not only be served on the ground, Carmel will be there with you on your air trip too.

Experienced Staff

World class companies should have the most skilled and experienced staffs in their roaster. Carmel is no exception to that. The company can boast about drivers and other personnel who are well trained, are attentive to their customers’ needs and can go the extra mile to satisfy the customers.

Once you hire their services their staffs will take care of all your concerns. They will arrange all your luggage and make sure the journey is a safe and comfortable one.

Have you any concern regarding the service provided by the company? Do you want to rearrange your travel schedule? Or, do you want to report for a lost item that you left behind in their cars?

The company has a dedicated set of customer care executives who will provide solutions to all your queries all through day and night. Moreover, they are amicable towards all your positive inputs and suggestion regarding Carmel.

Online User Experience

It is not always easy to strike a balance between online and offline activities. Most of the companies in this sector operate through a website. But that does not necessarily equate to excellent services by all of them. At Carmel Limo, they have 25 years experience of operating ground services. Their staff knows the ins and outs of this business.

Hence, with the introduction of web-based hiring services, it was easier for Carmel hierarchy to carry out their offline expertise to online. Now you can expect a seamless experience, from booking your ride to actually riding the car to your location. You will not feel a thing!

Online bookings and hiring system at Carmel means that you won’t have to physically deal with the company or call staff. Instead, you can book your ride well in advance of your journey date along with other details such as the number of passengers or luggage from their website.

In that way, you will not have to carry hard cash, neither you would have to ask for separate arrangements for other co-passengers. It’s all contained within their website and can be availed with just a few clicks from your mobile devices or laptops.

Furthermore, the company has Android and iOS apps available for their customers. Simply download the app on your Android or Apple device and do things like booking your car or discharging payments. Too easy! Is it not?

To the initiated, companies like Carmel will not require a second introduction. Once you hire Carmel for once, you will hire for the umpteenth time too.

By now, people who still aren’t familiar with Carmel and their services should already have some insights on their services and their “modus operandi”.

Still, if you have any doubt or want to have further information before confirming bookings, you can visit their website or talk to previous customers.

Either way, you’ll have a good understanding about this industry leader, and once you’re dead sure about their credentials, you can always sign up for their services from the website or mobile apps. You will not regret it!

Click to visit. Give Carmel Limo a go!

Considering Moving Abroad Like Thailand or Brazil? Then Follow This Plan

Considering Moving Abroad Like Thailand or Brazil? Then Follow This Plan


Considering Moving Abroad

There are many individuals who have succeeded in leaving their native country in pursuit of another destination, and there are those who have attempted and failed. If you are seriously considering moving abroad, especially to the exotic country like Brazil, you are going to need a game plan.

Apart from getting your visa sorted out and purchasing airline tickets, a significant amount of preplanning is required to get you started with your new life in one of the most vibrant places in the world.

Don’t lose yourself in the excitement, and remember to adhere to the guidelines we are going to discuss below.

Save, Save and Save!

If you’ve made a move before, whether it is to another neighborhood or another city, it will take cash. Now that you’re considering moving to another country altogether, it’s going to take a lot more.

Think about it for a second and consider the many unique costs you’re likely to incur. Visa, legal clearances, shipping personal possessions, bit ticket purchases. These expenses are the ones you will incur before you even get there. Now let’s come to the living expenses when the wheels touchdown in the Promised Land.

If you are planning to start from scratch, then having at least about 5 to 8 months of living expenses is highly recommended. If you run out of money in a country where you don’t know the language or customs, it can be scary. Ensure that the financial aspect is covered before you even consider anything else.

Cost to Live A Comfortable Lifestyle in Thailand – According to Scott Mallon 

Do you have a support group in your desired destination? While some solo expatriates have been able to establish themselves own their own, consider the option of seeking out a support system or group of global entrepreneurs who may assist in the process.

These groups may be found on traveler forums or through the social networks. During years of reading the experience of many expatriates, most will advise to first spend a few months in your target before making any final decision.

Tips about Brazil – According to Room In The Moon

And take into account, if such online group does not exist, you may need to use Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to start one of your own.


Check and Then Double Check Your Paperwork

When you’re in the process of preparing for your departure, you will be filling out a bunch of paperwork for both, the countries, the one you reside in and the one you intend to visit. Remember to make copies of every document that has your signature on it and every other legal and policy document that is signed to your name.

Considering Moving Abroad2
City lights of Thailand







Because pretty soon, you will be jumping through hoops for international money transfers, filling out tax information, obtaining health clearances, and if you are bringing along a family member, the relevant paper for them as well.

Long story short, do not get on the plane before you confirm, multiple times, that everything you need is there with you, along with backups should you lose the said documents.

Address Any And All Health Needs

Whenever one travels to another country, there is a slew of medical verifications you must go through before you become eligible for a visa. In the case of Brazil, being an exotic vacation destination, there are certain vaccinations and in some cases boosters you must be inoculated with before you become eligible. For that you will be requiring proof, so get the relevant paperwork from the lab or your doctor.


Create a Steady Stream of Online Income

Let’s be honest, moving abroad requires money.  And when traveling overseas, the importance of having a sustained online business cannot be overlooked or over stated. Since you are going to need a lot of money to reach Brazil (or wherever) and get settled there, before you start earning again, if you have an online business it can help you stay liquid for the foreseeable future.

Such are the perks of being an online entrepreneur, even while traveling you can take your livelihood with you.  We compiled an extensive list of ways to make money from the internet which one can read at this blog post.

Some forms of online income could be, but not excluded to:

Obviously, it should be noted that generating any amount of income, online or offline, varies per person, and dreams of becoming rich over night (if at all) should be left as just that- dreams.

Additionally, as with all areas of money making, it’s the hard work and effort one must put in before reaping anything significant. The idea of waking up to log on to your virtual work station (Laptop) at the comfort of your desired location is certainly a goal worth reaching.

However, it may require an enormous amount of “elbow grease” depending on your niche.

Love him or hate him, Fred Mwangaguhunga of MediaTakeOut (cringe) has stressed the narrative of hard work. In an online interview, he states,

“as far as I’m concerned, I work 365 days in a year. So I’m working Christmas, morning, when people are sleeping, I’m up and I’m working….. I get up probably around 3:30-4:00 in the morning. And on a regular day, weekday, typical workday, I get up around 2:00 in the morning. And my days are usually somewhere around 12 to 15 hour days”.

Now in terms of finding work overseas, such as Brazil, it’s important to spend a few weeks or months on land to gather as much information as . Thus, once you’ve finally landed a job in Brazil, you will be pleased to find out that the local government regulations state that companies are required to pay their employees an extra month of salary at the year end. Imagine all you can do once you make the life you’ve been dreaming of.


Small Scale Business Ideas in Mumbai

Small Scale Business Ideas in MumbaiSmall Scale Business Ideas in Mumbai


Are you interested in the best small scale business ideas in Mumbai? Yes, Mumbai is the most expensive city in India and life for many in Mumbai is a struggle to survive. Jobs are not easy to get as the competition for them is intense.

That’s why you should look beyond the traditional employment opportunities and consider starting a small scale business in Mumbai. There are a number of excellent small business opportunities in Mumbai; you just have to identify the ones that fit in well with your unique talent and skills.

We discuss some of the best the small scale business ideas in Mumbai; see if there are any you like. None of the small business opportunities listed here will require much of an investment. Let’s find out more about them.

[List of Online Business Ideas in India]

Some Business Ideas To Consider


Idea #1: Open an Ayurveda SpaAyurveda tourism is a major business in India. There’s a lot of demand for qualified Ayurveda practitioners in the country, especially as Western medicine has been found to be inadequate at dealing with so many health issues that people face. If you have a background in Ayurveda, you should consider starting a small Ayurveda spa. This will require a certain investment to be made, but it’s a very profitable business in the long run.  Click here for more information.

Idea #2: Start a Childcare Service – Childcare or babysitting is one of the easiest businesses you can start, especially for women. In Mumbai, there are many households where both parents work and so there’s a lot of demand for quality childcare and babysitting facilities. The only issue with starting a childcare facility is to find a suitable location for it, which in an expensive city like Mumbai, won’t be easy to find.

[Top 5 Alternative Sites like Udemy]

Idea #3: Start a Private Home Care Agency – There are a lot of families in Mumbai with older people. It is difficult for many to look after their aging parents or grandparents, when they have so many other responsibilities. Many older people stay alone while their children are settled abroad. So there is a huge demand for quality home care professionals. Home care agencies connect young home care professionals to the people who require their services and earn a commission for this noble task. Do you think you can start a home care agency? There’s a lot of opportunity for good money to be made in this business.






Idea #4: School and Office Supplies – One of the most profitable business ideas in Mumbai is to set up a stationary shop that supplies school and office supplies in some of the city’s busiest areas. This is a recession proof business as there will always be a huge demand for notebooks, pens, pencils and other stationary items from students and office goers.

Idea #5: Sell Photographs on Stock Photo Sites – If you have a camera and are blessed with excellent photography skills, you can earn good money by taking quality photographs of Mumbai city and its people and selling them on stock photo sites such as Getty Images and There’s a lot of demand in the West for quality, artistic photographs of India and its people, perhaps you will be the one to take advantage of it.

Idea #6: Sell Customized Jewelry – If you come from a jewelry making background or have been trained in jewelry design, you should invest in jewelry-making equipment and create custom-made necklaces, earrings and bracelets and sell them online. There’s a lot of demand for unique pieces of Indian jewelry, both from within India and abroad, and if you are a creative person, there’s a lot of money to be made here.

Idea #7: Start a Financial Advisory Business – People in Mumbai make a lot of money, but don’t have the time to manage their financial assets. If you have extensive training in finance and have worked for many years for financial institutions, you should consider starting a business as a financial advisor. This is a very profitable business; a talented and trustworthy financial advisor will go far in Mumbai.

Idea #8: Start a Fast Food Business – Mumbai has a population of 22 million, which means there will always be a demand for quality food. You only need a small space to start a fast food business. The ingredients can be purchased easily; the menus don’t have to be too complicated. Fast food businesses do well regardless of the state of the economy, as food is the most basic human necessity. There are many enterprising men and women who began with nothing and are today worth hundreds of crores by starting a fast food business in Mumbai.

Hope you liked the small scale business ideas listed here and are inspired by at least some of them.

5 Travel Apps Recommended For Tourists


5 Cool Travel Apps That Will Change The Way You Get Around


Being a tourist today means choosing useful travel apps that help guide us throughout our journeys. These groundbreaking tools have changed the way we get around, and that’s why we offer our recommended list to help your travels less burdensome.

5 Travel Apps Recommended For Tourists

Introducing the 5 Travel Apps….


1) Dufl How would you like to travel without hauling around any clothes? With Dufl, you can send in your clothes and they will inventory and store them for you. When you’re ready to go on vacation or a business trip, just select the clothes you want from your inventory and specify your destination. Your clothes will meet you there! When you’re done, just schedule a pickup and they’ll ship back to your inventory. They’ll even clean your clothes for you so they’re ready for your next trip!

2) Airbnb Need a place to stay, but want to avoid hotels? Airbnb allows anyone to rent out space to travelers. Enter your destination to find all the rooms for rent in the area. All hosts and guests can be reviewed, so you can get an idea of what type of people your hosts are. Some hosts prefer to become familiar with their guests before allowing them to stay in their home, while others will allow you to book a room very quickly without any hassle. There are destinations in over 190 countries across the world.

3) Field Trip If you’re interested in finding new things to do in unfamiliar areas, Field Trip is the app for you! Field Trip monitors your current location and will send you notifications when there are areas of interest near you. You can subscribe to various feeds, such as “Historic Places and Events,” “Lifestyle,” “Food, Drinks, and Fun,” “Cool and Unique” and more. Just start exploring, and the app will let you know when you’re approaching something interesting.

4) Flush Toilet Finder When you’re in a place you’ve never been before, finding a public toilet can take a while. Not only will Flush Toilet Finder tell you where there are public restrooms in your area, it will tell you if they have disabled access, require a key or if there is a usage fee. Don’t leave yourself in a situation where you really have to go, but you don’t know where to go! There are over 190,000 toilets all over the world in the database.

5) Rome2Rio (Android or iTunes) Do you want to travel from Point A to Point B, but don’t want to work out all the details? Rome2Rio will allow you to specify any two points in the world and it will build an itinerary for every step of the way. Get on a bus here and take it there. Then take the subway to the other place. Take a flight over there and take a taxi downtown. The app will give you the travel duration between each point and provide a cost estimate. It will even show you nearby hotels and the price to stay there.

These are just a few apps that could be of some assistance in your journey as a tourist. Try them as well as other travel applications to discover which serves best for you.  After all,  mobile devices are a major part of our lives, so put them to use for that next destination!