Best Affiliate Marketing Business Opportunities

Best Affiliate Marketing Business Opportunities
Affiliate Marketing Business Opportunities





What are the best affiliate marketing business opportunities in 2016?

Affiliate marketing never remains the same; it changes every year in one way or another. 2015 saw several developments in the world of affiliate marketing and 2016 has been a great year as well.
Let’s look at some of the latest trends in affiliate marketing in 2016 and how you can make the most of them.

Higher Focus On the Niche

As an affiliate marketer, you can no longer market any product or service you want. Today, marketers have to focus on a narrow niche in order to improve their rankings on Google’s SERPs, get a higher traffic and built trust and credibility with their audience. Marketers have to target niche markets or to subsets of consumers with specific hobbies, interests or goals such as reading or football. Or they have to now target a certain demographic – Millennials. Also, many marketers now target audiences that share a particular value or political ideology – liberal or conservative. So, marketers of today sell products that are specific to the niche being targeted by them.  Websites like Affilorama  and Wealthy Affiliates offer free and upgraded tools to guide users to potential success. Be sure to utilize as much information as possible.

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Mobile Marketing is Bigger than Ever

If you’re an affiliate marketer, you must target the mobile, or rather, optimize your websites for all mobile platforms. The Internet Retailer says that 36 percent of affiliate sales in early 2015 were conducted by mobile. You should take advantage of features such as push notifications, GPS and other features of smartphones that you help you boost your affiliate sales. It would help to have a mobile friendly app as well.

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Facebook is Now Integral to Affiliate Marketing

There’s a lot of money to be made on Facebook if you are an affiliate marketer provided you know how to take advantage of what Facebook has to offer. Indeed, Facebook offers plenty of opportunities for higher profits and it is the biggest and most powerful social media site with over 1.6 billion members.
As a marketer, you should try to make one or two of your posts (with an embedded affiliate link) go viral on Facebook. That is the best advertising you will get anywhere, and it hardly costs anything. Facebook Advertising is powerful and is a critical part of affiliate marketing.

You should use Facebook Ads to expand your reach beyond your current clients. When people on Facebook see their friends give their seal of trust to a product or a service with a “like” button, they are more likely to buy it.


You should galvanize your current clients to run effective affiliate marketing campaigns on Facebook. It is much easier to win your current clients to the cause and to motivate them to spread the word to their friends on the mammoth social network.

Converting Sales through Webinars

Webinars are among the most effective tools for affiliate marketers to grow their business. A webinar is an online presentation that allows you to showcase your affiliate products or services in the most interesting way possible. It is also a great way to increase your client base and drive more sales.

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Webinars allow marketers to engage with a live audience and give potential customers the chance to ask questions, get their doubts cleared and to see live demos of what the product or service can do for them. You can also record your webinars and use the recorded webinars to target more customers and get more sales.

Leveraging an E-mail List

Email marketing is one of the most powerful affiliate marketing techniques and still a great way to drive sales. Most affiliate marketers are in a rush to outdo the other and end up spending more than what they really should on advertising.

Best Affiliate Marketing Business Opportunities

Email marketing on the other hand, is the most cost-effective marketing technique that offers the most impressive ROI to marketers. The trick is to build an e-mail list and then to leverage your email marketing channel to drive more sales.
Most affiliate networks report experiencing a surge in traffic every time their affiliates send out emails about a product or service to their subscribers.

According to marketing research firm ExactTarget, every $1 USD spent on email marketing gives you a return of $44. Also, email marketing converts 3 times as much as social media marketing. It is 40 times as effective as Facebook or Twitter at getting new customers and improves conversion by 17%.

Email marketing allows marketers to introduce new clients to a product or service in the most unobtrusive and yet effective manner possible and is a technique that never fails.

Although affiliate marketing has become a challenge, it does not necessarily mean it has to be, Be sure to take advantage of the opportunities free and paid to overcome there obstacles.

5 Step Formula
Best Affiliate Marketing Business Opportunities
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Best Affiliate Marketing Business Opportunities
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