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Best Ad Networks for Publishers


Are you new to blogging and looking for information on the best ad networks for small publishers? Obviously, if you are looking to monetize your blog, you know you need to sign up to an ad network. Joining an ad network is relatively easy.

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You will need to apply to the ad network, and if your application is accepted, you will be given a snippet of code, which you use copy and paste on the web pages where you want the ads to be displayed. Once the ads are in place, you can forget all about them and focus on growing your traffic by producing quality content. The ad network will make money for you for as long as you want it to.

So how much money can you make from an ad network? This depends on the traffic received by your blog. There are bloggers who get millions of page views per month, and they make a six-figure income very easily with an ad network. There are others who hardly get any page views and would be lucky to make a couple of hundred dollars a month from their ad network.

As you can see, there’s a huge disparity in how much money bloggers make from their ad networks, but this has more to do with the quality of their blog and their web traffic than with the ad network itself.

Ad networks pay you on a Pay Per Click (PPC) basis or Cost Per Thousand. PPC means you will get paid every time visitors to your website, click on your ads. Cost Per Thousand or CPM means you will get paid a certain amount for every thousand clicks received by the ad.

Before we tell you about the best ad networks for bloggers – here is something you should know. You should NEVER click on your own ads or ask your friends to do it for you. Ad networks have ways of finding out and when they do, they will not hesitate to ban your account.


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Here are the best ad networks for small publishers…

1. Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the world’s preeminent pay per click ad network. A vast majority of bloggers around the world uses Google Adsense. Adsense offers one of the best CPC (cost per click) rates and shows highly targeted ads that are likely to earn you the highest revenue. The CPC rate on Adsense varies from $0.02 to $15, depending in the location of the visitor and the niche that the blog or website operates in. Google Adsense allows responsive Ads, text ads, display ads, link ads and match content ads. The minimum payout on Google Adsense is $100. Payments are made by check and wired transfer.

Why You May Want to Have a Look at an Alternative to Google Adsense?

While Google Adsense is the perfect ad network, it is not easy for new bloggers, especially from countries such as India or China to join Adsense. Google expects your blog to be at least 6 months old if you are from these countries before you are allowed to join. Also, Google has strict rules over the content – you are not allowed to post anything sexually graphic or controversial on your blog if you want to remain on Adsense. That’s why many new bloggers from emerging countries look for Adsense alternatives. We look at 3 of the best Google Adsense alternatives out there.

2. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is actually the oldest pay per click site, even older than Google Adsense. It is considered to be one of the top alternatives to Adsense because it is much easier to apply for and doesn’t really care too much about the nature of your content. Bidvertiser’s CPC rates vary from approx 0.02 to $10. It has a low minimum payout of $10 and pays via PayPal. The ad formats served by Bidvertiser include banner ads, domain parking, In-text ads, XML Feed ads and contextual ads.

3. RevenueHits

RevenueHits is a popular PPC ad network for bloggers who hope to generate more revenue with contextual and geo targeted ads. It is very easy to join RevenueHits, in fact, the processing of applications is automatic. The ad formats on this network include display ads, pop ups and text ads. The minimum payout is low, just $50. RevenueHits is a popular AdWords alternative as there no restrictions on bloggers of any sort, as long as they follow certain basic rules, such as not clicking on their own ads.

4. Chitika Ads

Chitika is perhaps the most popular alternative to Google Adsense. Chitika rewards clicks gained from organic search traffic only – which is a drawback – but offers very good CPC rates. Chitika serves search targeted ads, mobile ads and local search ads. However, you will need a minimum traffic on your blog in order to get accepted into Chitika’s network. Chitika also has an excellent referral program which allows you to make money by referring the ad network to your friends. The minimum payout on Chitika is $10 by PayPal and $50 by check.

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Best Ad Networks for Publishers
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