About Mobilei95 In The Age Of Access


Mobilei95 Hopes To Show How Technology and the Internet Have Made Things Easier for Everyone

Mobile: Able to move or be moved freely

Mobilei95 was created to explore the movers and shakers in the Age Of Access. Technology and the Internet have indeed made things easier for everyone, especially for the “Average Joe” or the “common man”. Look around, and you’ll see just how wired we are – anything desired will be delivered to your doorstep in a couple of days.

You are looking for information about a friend last seen back in high school – just use Google – you will find out where they are and what they are doing right now, and get in touch with them through Facebook.
Are you worried that there might be a registered sex offender in your neighborhood? There are a plenty of online resources that will look up this information for you, so that you can keep your children safe.

Do you have a passion for trading? You no longer have to depend on a broker like before to buy or sell stocks for you – just join an online trading service, where you can buy or sell stocks for a small brokerage fee.

Technology and the internet have changed a lot of things indeed. For example, let’s look at how it changed the way we travel.

How Technology and the Internet have Changed Global Travel

In the days past, planning a holiday abroad involved visiting a local travel agent, and relying on the experience or word-of-mouth recommendations of friends or family while setting up travel plans. Today, most people book flight, train or bus tickets or hotel rooms online on popular travel sites such as Expedia or TripAdvisor.
The Internet has made the travel industry very competitive, especially on price. We have a number of low-cost carriers today which, for example, allow you to fly from London to Athens for under $80!

Hotel rooms are too expensive for you? You can find someone willing to lend you a room in their home for a much lower price on online services such as Airbnb. And no matter where you are, you will always stay connected to your friends and family with high speed internet and your smartphone, as well as through multiple social media platforms and messaging apps.

How Technology and the Internet have Changed the Way We Do Business

A lot has changed about the way we do business. Collaboration is a big thing in business today, and technology has made it possible for the authorized members of a team to communicate, coordinate and work simultaneously on the same project no matter where they are in the world.

Because of new cloud-based services, you no longer need to invest in expensive IT infrastructure for your business – just sign up to a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider and get access to the latest software and IT infrastructure through the internet. You don’t have to buy any expensive software upgrades either – everything is taken care of by the cloud computing company.

Because of technology, we no longer need to remain tied to the cubicle, and can work where we please, and have what is called as an “anytime, anywhere” access to the workplace.

India’s Technology Growth

In India, the pace of technological growth has been just incredible. A large section of India’s population does not have access to toilets as yet, and yet, a vast majority of Indians, even rag pickers and beggars that you see on the street, can be seen carrying mobile phones and even smartphones!

India is also the fastest growth area for social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. – Twitter, in particular, influences public discourse in India. India has hundreds of news channels that bring the latest news 24/7. A lot of Indians today have stopped reading magazines and newspapers entirely and get all their news either from the TV or from the internet.

The Internet and smartphones have changed how Indians shop as well – many have simply given up going to the market or to malls and order what they want – from electronics to clothes, furniture to books – on online stores such as Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc. And yes, Indians also find love online – online matchmaking services such as Shaadi.com, BharatMatrimony.com have been responsible for hundreds of thousands of marriages across the country. While the country of India isn’t the primary focus of this site, it’s definitely a country not for over looking!

In all areas of activity, technology has indeed changed a lot about how people live their lives today. Mobilei95.com was created in hopes of informing and benefiting the common man or the Average Joe or Plane Jane of today, who desires to live a far more luxurious lifestyle than the kings and queens of old, when you think of it!