12 Black Women Blogs Worth Checking Out

 12 Black Women Blogs Worth Checking Out

The Cybersphere is no longer the exclusive domain of men. Today, women of color are making inroads via the Internet. They are getting their voices and perspectives heard by wide audiences. From fashion, gossip, lifestyle, etc., these Black women blogs are making positive changes in the world. For many, reading these blogs represents their first exposures to12 Black Women Blogs Worth Checking Out independent, educated Black women.

Following are 11 black women blogs worth checking out. All are helping spread good impressions of people of color. Every able Black woman should take to the keyboard and follow the example of these articulate and beautiful ladies. Let their blogs serve as inspirations to get involved. This is especially a good opportunity for Black women entrepreneurs to expand their customer bases.

Get To Know These Black Women Bloggers

1) Nicole Walters, also know as Scoprah, is a Johns Hopkins University graduate who blogs from a business perspective. She spent over a decade working in marketing for Fortune 500 companies, and now uses this powerful blog to teach entrepreneurs how to monetize their talents. In fact, Mrs. Walters offers online training on how to turn social media followers into buyers, Amazon Affiliates and setting up an Amazon store for potential customers.  Additionally, students, fans and many of her “Rich Friends” flock to her Periscope page to gain inspiration and knowledge from her videos.

2) The beautiful Nicole Kane founded the XOTRIBE and blog for like-minded individuals to share information. This former gossip blooger, and winner of the 2013 Black Weblog Awards, has transitioned her site into a more general focus with sections set-aside for entertainment, relationships, business and travel. Readers can also submit their personal stories. Overall, the blog is a place for women and millennials to speak and be heard.


3) Karen Civil founded this blog as an entertainment news site in 2008. She does exclusive interviews with rappers, artists and industry moguls. Kane emphasizes civilized talk, providing the reading community with information rather than petty gossip.

4) The Jasmine Brand. This site features the latest in pop culture and celebrity news. The blog never sleeps. Always blogging, Jasmine Brand keeps up with all the hottest stories in the entertainment world.

5) Sandra Rose. Women read this blog to get all the latest news. There are sections on fashion and sports. The medical minute posts help women learn about common health issues, such as low blood sugar.

6) Madame Noire is a blog dedicated to keeping black women in the know. There are fashion tips, health articles and news stories. The MommyNoire section provides mothering tips.

7) Jai Stone. Brand builders love this blog. Jai Stone has a business focus. She believes in an “emotional nudity” lifestyle, which refers to women being open and honest about their feelings. The blog wants to free women from the binds of holding back emotionally. True success in life and business can only come when people decide to be totally honest with themselves and others.

8) Moms N Charge offers tips on raising strong families. Informed mothers can help strengthen the community by passing on positive values to their children. This blog provides the education necessary to begin doing so. Change begins in the home, Moms N Charge believes.

9) Quite simply, Bold and Fearless is a blog focused on empowering its readers. The articles encourage women to make positive contributions to society. There is an emphasis on the African Diaspora, that swath of humanity of color spread across the globe.

10) Lisa Irby is a successful Internet marketer (2CreateAWebsite). Since 1998, she has been making money via her online businesses. Now, this blog teaches others how to join the computer business revolution. Many use the information to find the freedom to leave their 9 to 5 jobs and achieve the dream of self employment. In addition, she describes herself as a “natural hair enthusiast”, creating content for women of color going through their transitioning phase (NapturallyCurly).

11) Founded by Kimberly Foster, For Harriet has been providing a platform in the digital space for women of African descent since 2010. She models her blog site around  the philosophy of ensuring that the Black woman’s voice receives an equal place among the community. And in return, the successful blogger generated enough of a following to have honorable mentions from media outlets as big as The New York Times!

[Kimberly Foster: How To Make Your Voice Heard]

12) Nicole S. Cooper is an Internet marketing powerhouse and self described “Queen of Clarity “, Nicole has gained a huge following among entrepreneurs within the virtual community. It’s her commitment to help others grow their brands and businesses through the Internet. Serious students and fans log on to her podcasts and YouTube channel for tips and general insights on a regular basis.

12 Black Women Blogs Worth Checking Out
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12 Black Women Blogs Worth Checking Out
Black women blogs are setting trends by using the Internet to make their voices heard and monetizing their brands in the process. Eleven Black female blogs.